Susan McCann

Susan McCann is a professional pianist and vocalist originally from New Zealand and Australia, with over 30 years performing and over 15 years teaching experience. Susan teaches all levels of Piano and Voice from beginners to professional level. Susan has completed the Royal Academy of Music of London Exams, and has performed professionally since she was 10 years old as a soloist, with bands, and has had many television appearances. Susan teaches all styles of vocals including pop, musical theater, soul, blues, jazz and heavy metal. Specializing in power vocal training. With the right vocal exercises and practice you can increase your vocal range and volume.

Paula Canon

Paula Canon has been playing violin for 15 years and teaching for 3 years. She is currently pursuing her bachelors degree in Music Therapy and Music Studies. She has played with several local orchestras, bands, and church groups for the past few years. Paula’s experience is mainly focused on classical music, but has knowledge in music theory, folk music, and fiddle music. As an instructor, she will help you find your own dynamic and develop strong performance skills. Paula’s main priority is for the student to open up their creativity and to find passion and enjoyment through the power of string music.

Tyler Wertman

Tyler Wertman has had the pleasure of helping jazz students develop and grow at University of South Florida, Florida State university, as well as in his private studio. He has found that students progress most when three simple elements are in balance; those basic, but important elements are listening, practicing, and playing with other musicians. To achieve these goals Tyler encourages students to listen to various music types, from its inception to modern styles. Tyler encourages students to practice creatively. He focuses on developing ear training skills while also facilitating a technical understanding of music theory and improvisation. Tyler truly enjoys guiding students towards their greatest potential and seeing them excels as players, students, and professionals

Andrew Kennedy

Andrew Kennedy is originally from Orlando. Andrew is an up and coming saxophonist around the state of Florida, performing a wide range of music primarily based in jazz, but also including classical and gospel styles. Starting at age of 10, he has worked his way into playing with various groups such as the Space Coast Jazz Orchestra, and The Orlando Jazz Orchestra. Andrew has performed with these groups and more all around the Sate of Florida from Jacksonville to Vero Beach and Tampa. Andrew has played alongside accomplished musicians such as Wycliffe Gordon, Frank Wosar, Greg Parnell, Dave Becker, Jarritt Sheel and Scotty Barnhart.

Adam Blackwelder

Adam Blackwelder has over ten years of woodwinds and piano experience. Adam is currently pursuing a degree in saxophone performance at University of South Florida. Adam has a passion for classical music, but is knowledgeable in all genres of music. Adam has an educational philosophy that focuses on mastering the fundamentals of an instrument while showing the students how those techniques are used in their favorite styles of music. This inspires focused practice as the student understands the application of what they are practicing.

Hannah Tobin

Hannah Tobin is a multi-instrumentalist from Central Florida. She has over seven years of experience as a professional music educator, performer, recording musician, and arranger. Beginning her musical settings, from drums corps and orchestra to jazz ensembles and the rock stage. Hannah is proficient with guitars, pianos, drums, and melodic/auxiliary percussion. She is passionate about music and sharing her knowledge with others wanting to grow their musical skills.

Luis Rosado-Bermudez

Luis Rosado-Bermudez is a classical guitarist hailing from Ponce, Puerto Rico. He began experimenting with guitar at the age of 12 and began classical guitar training at 13 when he attended Howard W. Blake: High School of the performing arts. By age 14 he started traveling to competitions and performing for audiences in the Tampa Bay area. At the age of 17, Luis was awarded for being in the top 85 of young arts Competition out of 10,000 applicants. Due to his musical dedication, he was chosen to be a representative from Tampa to go to The White House and meet Michelle Obama for the In The White House Performance: Celebrating Memphis Soul. As of today, Luis is still working on his craft and recently received his Bachelors Degree in Classical Guitar Performance from FSU.

Daniel Melendez

Daniel Melendez earned his Bachelor’s of Music degree from the University of North Florida Music Flagship program under the direction of Charlotte Mabrey. Daniel was a member if the percussion section for the UNF Wind Symphony, Concert Band, and Percussion ensemble. During this time, Daniel collaborated with colleagues, UNF faculty, and world renowned guest artists for concerts and recitals. Daniel proudly serves as the percussion section leader for The Tampa Band Pride Band and Wind Symphony. Daniel offers 10+ years of experience in Concert snare drum, mallet instruments, concert bass drum, timpani, crash cymbals, percussion accessories, drum-set, and Latin percussion.

George Savvas

George Savvas is a Tampa native working musician, and drum set is his main instrument. He has played in singer- songwriters in Tampa Bay, Nortre Dame Catholic school music program, the Florida Collage orchestra, Calvary Worship Centers, and other musical styles include Afro- Cuban and world rhythms, Funk, R n’ B, Rock, and blues. With over 15 years playing experience he is most enthusiastic about learning and education. George will help you achieve your goals using ear training, drum set theory, and a structured practice routine. More specifically by focusing on groove, independence,time, and dynamics. His main objective as an instructor is to promote creativity by teaching the fundamentals that are essential for all levels of drumming and how to express our ideas through the instrument.

Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis has composed a variety of works ranging from electronic music to pieces for large ensemble. Lewis’ involvement in electro- acoustic music has resulted in several works for fixed media and works for live instrument and electronics. Paul currently holds a BM in composition from The University of South Florida where his composition teachers include Paul Reller and Baljinder Sekhon. He was selected as the featured student composer in the USF student showcase concert for the NASM committees visit to USF, and the USF new-music consortium’s new music festival. In addition to his compositional achievements, Lewis is also an active music performer with experience playing contrabass with the USF Symphony Orchestra.

Tyler Cram

Tyler Cram has been playing guitar and ukulele for ten years. His expertise lies in blues, rock, pop, and jazz music. He has been teaching both children and adults for the past year. His curriculum is centered around the fundamental necessities of learning an instrument; learning the names of the strings & chords, how to hold the instrument, etc. His top priority is for the student to have fun and to have freedom to play the things they want! Tyler will structure the content around songs that the student enjoys. His ultimate goal is for the student to leave with the desire to continue, always striving for more!  Music is his passion. He wants everyone to see the immense gratification that playing music can bring

Steve Bahnuk

Steve Bahnuk has been playing drums professionally for over 35 years and teaching for over 10 years. He performed on Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruise Lines for 5 years. He also played with 2 members of the Platters and opened for the rock supergroup Foreigner.

Steve has helped many students reach their drumming goals. His students have become drumline captains, played in school jazz and concert bands, local rock and country bands, and a couple even went on to play Carnegie Hall.

Steve would love to help you reach your drumming goals!