Marie Manuel

Marie A. Manuel is a cellist with more than 25 years as an orchestral strings specialist. She holds an Associates Degree in Pre-Music Education from Broward Community College, further studies in Music Education from Florida Atlantic University, and a Bachelor’s in Business from Broward College. She teaches beginning – intermediate violin, viola and cello. She currently serves as an Adjudicator providing Music Performance Assessments for the Florida Orchestra Association and the Florida Federated Music Clubs.

Chris Beumer

Chris Beumer has been performing in South Florida for 41 Years. He
is currently in 3 band projects and is also a sponsored musician.

He has worked for Norwegian Cruise Line for 4 years and has opened for a variety of “A” list bands. Chris attends NAMM and other guitar/amp shows to keep up with the current products to help his students make the right choices for their musical needs.

Chris teaches various styles of music and has a love for helping students
achieve their individual goals.

Arthur Granquist

Arthur Granguist began his musical journey at the age of 5 with piano lessons. At an early age, Arthur was able to read and write music and began to explore other instruments. By the age of 15 he had already taught himself to play drums, bass, violin, guitar, and also sing. Arthur holds a Associates Degree in recording from Full Sail an audio production school where he graduated top of his class.

Arthur has been working in many various projects from session player, engineer, producer, and writer. He teaches and records various genres of music and styles, as music is always changing.

Carlos Galavis

Carlos Galavis is a singer, musician, artist, producer,DJ and engineer. He has has great success under his moniker Kriya, a seasoned producer with heavy hitting discography to prove it.

A self taught multi-musician, Carlos’s success has been noted with his work with some of the most famous mainstream artists in the industry which include production and remixes for the likes of Neo, Timbaland, Patty Labelle, Christina Millian, Wales, Destiny’s Child, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

Kailii Richardson

Kailii was born and raised in Miami Gardens, FL., and for as long as she can remember, she has always been involved in music. When she was 5 years old she started piano lessons and has continued with her love of music to move on to learning Viola and then Violin. She has been in the Norland Middle School’s String Orchestra and Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School’s Lightning Orchestra. During high school, she also was a part of the Miami-Dade County Superintendent’s All County Honors Music Festival in 2005 and 2006. Kailii graduated from FAU with Honors (Magna Cum Laude) BA of Music degree in Commercial Music with an emphasis in Technology. She believes that a student should enjoy what they are learning and should never feel like they “can’t” do something.

Fred Pereira

Fred Pereira is a professional drummer, well known within the international community, and he is an incredible musician who has worked with bands and groups all over the country.

He has recorded, toured, and performed as drummer with Protocol Jazz Band, Mix Brazil Samba, Paulo Gualano Brazilian Carnaval, to name a few.

Fred’s initial formal training began in Brazil with Pascoal Meireles, then he went on to study at the Musician’s Institute MI in Los Angles, California under the direction of the legendary drum instructor Joe Procaro. Fred is very passionate about his art and can teach anything from rock to jazz.

Melissa Mejia

Melisa Mejia’s musical career began as young as 12 yrs old when she started attending ‘Crescendo Arte’, a music academy in Bogota, Colombia where she was introduced to the violin, piano, vocal technique and music theory.

There she was also exposed to the guitar, bass, drums and trumpet as part of the academy’s program for musical development.
At the age of 14 she moved to the U.S and continued learning with private lessons. She played for Taravella High School’s orchestra and Florida Youth Orchestra where she was introduced to the viola. Melisa also performed at J.F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
While attending the Florida Atlantic University she was invited to perform a piano classical piece for the WXEL classical radio station of West Palm Beach, FL.

Jiana D. Wessel

Jiana D. Wessel has studied voice at MDC Kendall, New World School of the Arts, FAU and MDC North and Kendall. She has studied voice with Marjorie Gordon, Elaine Duffy Brown, Susan Dorchin, Dean Peterson and is currently studying voice with Carol Ann Steel at the MDC North Campus.

 Jiana teaches classical voice, opera, musical theater, and contemporary voice. She believes that in order to sing any genre beautifully, one must first achieve vocal freedom and technique.

She enjoys singing classical, operatic, musical theater and contemporary music. She is also a choral scholar at The Pink Presbyterian Church and will routinely sing solos as well.

Leana Strouse

Leana Strouse was born in Moscow and received a Bachelor of Music Degree in Violin and Piano from the Belgrade Music College. She also has a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Performing from the Kiev State

Leana teaches all styles of music but concentrates more on the lesson for the individual student and what their needs are.

Leana was the conductor of the Kiev Youth Orchestra. She also was on the faculty of Bortnjansky Music College and Head of the String Department at Kiev’s Central Music School.

Ron Tillman

Ron Tillman has been playing guitar for over 40 years and has been teaching guitar almost as long. Ron’s musical education in college included studying classical guitar with Ken Keaton, jazz guitar with Mike Kaplan, and piano with Dennis Pitasi. Ron has also studied violin, music theory, percussion, voice and sight singing.

Literally hundreds of students have either gotten their start with Ron or advanced their playing under his tutelage. He teaches anything from Rock, Jazz, Country, and Pop.

Ron is a working musician in South Florida area and currently playing in two bands, “Magic Bus”, a three piece British Invasion/Classic Rock band and “The Funky Biscuit All Stars”, a blues rock group.

Mike Sena

Mike Sena has a Bachelors in Music Education and an Master in music performance (classical).

His experience in teaching instrumental music in elementary school through college. Mike taught at Nova Middle School and currently is the Band
Instructor at Deerfield Beach Middle School.

Mike has performed and headlined in Las Vegas and throughout the country with a comedy show band, and owns/operates “Just Us Orchestras, Inc. which has been in business since 1978.

Max Green

Max Green studied guitar with Danny Kalb of the Blues Project before earning his Degree in Music Education from Five Towns College in Long Island, New York.

He was once part of the Greenwich Village singer/songwriter scene. His teaching styles include blues, contemporary, singer/songwriter and country.

He was once part of the Greenwich Village singer/songwriter scene. Max has many years of teaching experience and currently performs at
various venues in the South Florida scene.