Travon Williams


Travon Williams is a percussionist and music educator. From the age of 4 he had been mentored by great minds within the world of drums and music. Through his training he has acquired skills of 4 snare drum marching techniques, bongo/hand drum accompaniment, drum set, jazz and concert percussion. During his high school years he served as the Tenor Section Leader of the Highland Springs High School Band, 2009-2013. Here is where he learned diversified skills in the world of drumming as the house drummer for all school events home and away (theater, drama club, jazz and pep band).

Travon has performed nationally with recording artists whose genres range from jazz, gospel, and concert percussion. Since graduating, Travon’s career has led him to become a part of a successful rock wedding band, The Commonwealth RVA, that has been fortunate enough to tour the East Coast since 2010. In 2014, Travon had the opportunity to accompany world renowned recording artist Plunky and the Band, and Earnest Pugh on a separate occasion during their summer tours, traveling throughout North America. He is well versed in studio session work and he has the privilege of studying many different drumming and music styles as well as technical and conceptual theories.

Aside from drums and percussion, Travon also play upright bass and is currently mastering the piano. He strives to be the best teacher he can be, which means he is also still learning and finding new ways to apply all that he learns to his lessons. Over the last 8 years Travon has been teaching students of all ages, from 3 year old beginners, to young adults in search of a hobby or aspiring professional musicians, to adults in search of a creative outlet. Travon customizes his lessons to the individual and will help you reach your goals!