Tobe Donohue


Born Tobias, “Tobe” Donohue studied audio and video production, theatre production, lighting and acting at CCM, and graduated with a Fine Arts degree in electronic media in 2000. He was awarded for his pioneering efforts in founding Bearcast radio, nominated as Top Student and hired as a head audio engineer/producer/assistant video editor for Hammond Communications Group.

Tobe performed as “Casual T”, pushing the edge of technology, through skratching, sampling, vocoders and synths/drum machines, and blurring the lines between rock, hip-hop and modern music. His band, LazyRocket, recorded with Robbie Novemberevel in L.A. He joined The Animal Crackers, (music-recycling), placing 2nd in the Technics DMC U.S. Competition in 2004, 1st in 2006 and 4th out of 8 countries in the World Chanpionship in London. Tobe has been involved not only in pro-level engineering and world-class production, but also artist development, with names like DJ Hi-Tek, Def-Jam, Aftermath and Piakhan.

Tobe started Manimal records and worked with the legendatry Bootsy Collins, in Pro Tools, and as head engineer, producer and Dj for Bootsy and Bootzilla Productions on the rookie year Nike commercial for LeBron James and video games like GT4, ATV2 and NBA Jams.

Tobe did his first pilot episode for a tv show “Klowns on Tour”, featuring Bootsy and friends, also recording the album “Christmas is Forever”. With Bootsy, he co-wrote Bengals (NFL) songs, was a co-member of “Science Faxtion”, and provided music for Don Kings “Prize Fighter” video game. Tobe was crew chief and stage manager for Bootsy and the Hardest Working Band’s James Brown Tribute Tour, running a show with two bands and a crew of 28, across europe and Japan.

Tobe mixed, produced and co-wrote “Junk Yard Waltz”, the newest release from funk bass blaster Freekbass, and, in 2009, worked with Samuel L. Jackson on a Gatorade project for Tiger Woods, produced by Bootsy Collins. He later teamed back up with Freekbass for the Athletic Department theme song for Notre Dame, “We Are ND”.