Sofia Yanez-Malik

Sofia Yanez- Malik is a versatile bilingual Ecuadorian-American Soprano who sang throughout childhood for the now Saint Pope John Paul II in 1983. She won the First Prize for the Lyric Television Competition on Sabado Gigante, an International program on the Univision TV Channel in 2002. She has performed as a Chorister and other secondary roles for several opera companies; Florida Grand Opera, Miami Lyric Opera, Sociedad Gratelli, Amicci dell Arte amongst others in South Florida, and in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She has sung in Spanish, English, German, Latin, Italian, French, and Quechua. Yanez Malik holds degrees in Music Education, Voice and Piano Performance, and Early Childhood from Ecuador y USA where she graduated with honors from Miami Dade College, and from the National Conservatory of Music” Antonio Neumane”. She also earned a Graduate Certificate in Pedagogy and Thinking Development with the Santa Maria Chilean University in 2011. She has been the Cantor for different catholic and episcopalian churches including the Ancient Spanish Monastery, Holy Cross, and the Trinity Cathedral in Miami, Florida. She has experience developing and conducting Children’s Sunday Choirs and Community Choirs. She has performed as a Soprano in at least 1,000 weddings and private events during her lifetime and has worked for different Conservatories and Performing Arts Academies in Miami and Guayaquil where she has taught Piano, Keyboard, Voice, Theory, Solffegio, Choir, Recorder, Kindermusik, and Music Education. Her experience in teaching includes Musical Theater, Gospel, Opera, Zarzuela, Pop, Rock,and Contemporary, and Christian music. Her versatility includes studies in business, law, and marketing since her time in Ecuador, and now in USA.
Sofia is currently pursuing an MBA complementing with her activities in the past as an event producer, and currently in her development as a marketing manager for the arts.She received an internship last year for the “White House” at the “Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center” in the heart of the Little Havana in Miami, where her skills were also refined.She is very knowledgeable about the methods used for teaching music for any age, including those with special needs, and particularly with those with motor skills and speech delays.She has more than twenty years of experience teaching music since her adulthood, and now she is sharing her passion for teaching singing, piano, and keyboard at Sam Ash Music.