Micaela Nielson

Las Vegas

Micaela Nielson, 23, is from Las Vegas and has been playing since she was 11 years old. She is currently studying viola performance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on scholarship.
Micaela was active in regional orchestras throughout her High school days. She is presently the assistant principal violist in the UNLV symphony. In performances, she has worked with artists including Arturo Sandoval, Peter Nero, and Grace Vanderwaal, as well as playing for the renowned Circ Du Soleil. Viola has taken her all around the United States including Carnegie Hall and China. Micaela chose music as a platform to express herself because this is the area that inspires her the most in life. Whenever she takes the center of the stage, she never held back in dishing out her best when it comes to creating a musical mix. Micaela Nielson is multi-talented as she has been seen playing musicals for the Golden Rainbow Theater Company; opera for the UNLV Opera, and playing electric rock music.

To educate and inspire people with and about music and the viola is the driving force behind everything she does.