Kevin Portillo

Kevin Portillo started playing viola when he was 12 years old and violin since he was 16. He has been part of many orchestras, ranging from symphonic down to chamber. Kevin is a Las Vegas local and he is a graduate of Valley High School’s International Baccalaureate. He has taken various classes that helped with his music career, ranging from basic Music Theory to Music History. His love for music further increased when he discovered the world of Arranging and Composition. He started working on arrangements and compositions since he was 15, and he continues to learn more theory to help him hone his creativity. His skills are in ear training, composition, articulation and ornamentation, bow control, sight reading, and basic theory. Kevin will help you learn to your best of your ability so you can either further your love for music or start looking for it. He will also help students reach their goals so they can feel proud about their playing.