Kevin Maguire

Orlando Colonial

Kevin Maguire has been playing the violin for 31 years. He studied music in college, majoring in Music Performance at Potsdam College and Houghton College. He later returned to school to broaden his scope and skills, receiving a degree in Digital Media from the University of Central Florida. Kevin has been teaching the violin for 18 years. Although primarily a violinist, he is also an accomplished piano player and vocalist, performing in and aroudn Central Florida for 15 years. Kevin also plays the guitar,bass, drums, and mandolin, and regularly uses these instruments in his arranging and studio experience. Kevin’s 15 years as a private tutor, 9 years as a music director for churches, and 4 years as a school teacher have made Kevin a seasoned teacher. His broad range of musical talent and experience makes him a versatile teacher for a wide variety of students of all ages and personal goals.