Jennifer Santos

Miami Dolphin

From a very young age, Jennifer has always been drawn to music. She was accepted at the Ernesto Lecuona Elemental Music School where she specialized in clarinet and piano, and she continued her education at the Samuel Feijoó Professional Art School in Villa Clara, Cuba, where, in 2007, she debuted as a solo clarinetist in the distinguished theater La Caridad, playing a rigorous program with music from Mozart, Brahms, Camille Saint-Saëns, and many more. Jennifer graduated as an Instrumentation Soloist and Teacher of Clarinet and Piano. She gained experience as a teacher on both instruments, teaching elementary and middle school students in several conservatories in Cuba while performing in a local Symphony Orchestra. Jennifer was also a member of a prestigious septet of traditional Cuban music for seven years. In this septet, she performed as clarinetist, vocalist and musical arranger, performing an extensive tour in 2010. Upon her return to Cuba, she became a staple of the popular International music festival known as the Festival de la Trova Pepe Sánchez for several years. Now in Miami, Jennifer aims to continue excelling as a musician and looks forward to sharing her musical knowledge with her students.