Jason Kincy


Jason Kincy is a woodwind doubler on Clarinet and Saxophone originally from a small island in Washington state, who has found himself in the midst of Richmond’s thriving music scene. His incredibly diverse musical background has afforded him the opportunities to perform in a litany of performance scenarios, both as a freelancer, and as a part of a band he co-founded, Simple Minded Symphony. These performances include classical chamber and full-size ensembles, musical theatre, local religious organizations, small jazz ensembles, big bands, rock bands, and many more. The settings of these performances are as varied as the music itself, ranging from nightclubs and venues to music festivals and performance halls.

Jason is currently finishing up his Bachelor’s in Classical Performance at Virginia Commonwealth University, while also pursuing jazz and audio production avenues. His close work with VCU’s world-class faculty has armed him with a diverse and well-rounded understanding of classical and jazz performance, as well as education. His work as a freelancer and band member/leader has also given him a wealth of knowledge on the business side of music, and how to market yourself in the ever-changing, hyper-competitive profession that is the music industry.

Jason believes that with proper guidance, anyone can hone the musicality that we all intrinsically possess. He’s comfortable working with students both young and old, experienced or beginner. His hope is that each student walks away with a clear understanding of their strengths and limitations, and how to exceed and improve on them.