Erik Jon Barrett


Erik is a product of the ’80s Northern California metal guitar scene. He often jokes that if his rock and roll story were ever told, it would have to be called “Almost”. He’s been playing guitar for 41 years and songwriting for more than 36 years. He specializes in blues, rock and metal.

What you’ll get out of spending time with Erik is part philosophy, soloing & finding your guitar voice, how to play with feel, how to develop your timing, and finding that killer tone.

Erick is all about “learning what you love”. You’ll walk away, day one, playing something that you didn’t think you could. From learning your favorite rock riff or lick, to learning a song or taking it and making it “all yours”. He’s also ready to work on your original material or strengthening your soloing & speed, or taking the deep dive into music theory. All in all, Erik is committed to keeping lessons focused and fun.