David Hill


David Hill has 36 years playing experience as a drummer. He began playing at 11 in the school band and was playing professionally by age 12. Notable bands and artists include: The Bill Hayes Trio; Old Timer’s Swing Band; Claude Zircle; Johnny Blackthorn; 4Play; and currently Eth, A Tribute to Rush; and Eth v3.14. David also played in the high school concert band, marching band, jazz band and show band. He also has studio experience as a drummer, engineer and producer. He has run sound professionally and is very knowledgeable about selecting gear, microphone placement, and how to dial in a drum kit.

David has taught drum lessons professionally on and off since entering college. He is comfortable with students and musicians of all ages and skill levels as well as special needs learners. Lessons will focus on technique, time keeping, rudiments, playing the kit, playing in the pocket, and learning material. The curriculum will be customized for each student based on their needs, goals, and skill level and draw from many different sources as well as personal experience. David also plays other instruments, so there is an opportunity for the student to practice leading others. Other topics include: Physiology for the drummer to increase stamina and fluidity of motion; preparing for sessions, performances and auditions; tuning and maintenance of your gear; selecting the gear that’s best for you; ear training; and playing with other musicians.

David has a casual and friendly teaching style to add fun and variety to lessons while maintaining discipline and focus on the task at hand.