Cynthia Roque

Las Vegas

Cynthia Roque, was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is both a Music Education and Music Performance major with an emphasis in violin under the instruction of Dr. Ambroise Aubrun at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Cynthia began playing violin at the age of 10 as a CCSD mariachi student and has had the opportunity to learn both privately and in conferences from professional groups such as Mariachi Vargas and Mariachi Sol de Mexico. She continues her mariachi career to this day as a member of local community group, Mariachi Alma del Sol. With plans to join the select group of CCSD music educators after earning her degrees, Cynthia loves being a part of a student’s musical learning process and enjoys watching them improve with each lesson. She understands that learning any instrument takes time and is sometimes difficult but her patience allows her to find different ways of teaching students to understand the task at hand. Cynthia has learned that making mistakes is perfectly normal and she highly encourages them since they usually always end up as your best lessons in music!