Christopher Vivas

Las Vegas

Christopher Vivas is a Las Vegas born and raised violist. He has practiced viola for 11 years and
is completing his Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance at the University of Nevada Las
Vegas with fully payed tuition. Christopher’s previous education include the Las Vegas Academy
of the Arts and the Interlochen College of Creative Arts.
Christopher has been commended for his technique, musicality, and even received awards for his
excellency in leadership and artistry.
He has from Chicago, to a tour in Hawaii, and even studied abroad and performed throughout
different cities and conservatories in Italy.
Christopher has studied with notable musicians as Leanoard Schranze, Michael Ouzounian,
Jason Bonham and currently studies with Kate Hamilton.
Christopher teaches all levels of viola and beginning piano.
“I love to teach… and I have the intent with every lesson to have my student walk out with a
smile having honed their practice or learned something new.”