Casey Harshbarger


Casey Harshbarger has been playing guitar for over 30 years. He is a multi-genre guitarist with
skills both on stage & in the studio. He has released 3 albums of classic rock music with his band
the Warrior Kings & recorded both acoustic & electric instrumental solo music as well. He was also
selected to perform as one of ten finalists in Guitar Player magazine’s 2007 Guitar Hero contest in
San Francisco. Casey played his original instrumental “Seasons” in front of judges Joe Satriani,
Nuno Bettencourt, Steve Lukather, Greg Howe, & Elliot Easton (Cars).

Casey has been a guitar teacher for 20 years & loves giving lessons to students from all walks of
life & all ages. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in music composition & guitar from Kent State
University. His teaching philosophy is to bring all the experience of a performing & composing life
to his students to help them learn and prosper on the guitar – not only to learn technique &
proficiency but also how to write a song!!

Casey loves playing & engaging with his students to help encourage them along. He is a lifelong
learner & brings the joy of discovery into each lesson. He is eager to share everything he has
learned with his students to help them forge their musical identity.