Bill Bullock


Bill Bullock has been playing drums since he was nine years old. He continued pounding the skins throughout junior high and high school in jazz, symphonic and concert band. In 1988 Bill joined Graceland Records band Flock 14/World Theater and toured the Midwest. Five years later, he joined Detroit’s Small Stone Records band Roundhead and opened for national acts such as Filter, Smashing Pumpkins, and Marilyn Manson. After a short stint in Afghan Whigs Soundman Steve Girton’s band Sistern, Bill went joined (in) Camera in 2003, and played the 2005 MidPoint Music Festival (MPMF) with the band. In April 2010 he formed Soapland with local veterans from Viva La Foxx, Roundhead and The Wolverton Brothers. In September 2010 Soapland played MPMF. In April 2011, Bill recorded with Soapland on the group’s album tilted “The Inflatable Real”.

In 2013 Bill joined the local veteran band Tonefarmer which also features members of Sleep Theatre, Mara, Nathan Holscher, and The Underwoods.