Azhane Hereford

Las Vegas

Azhane Hereford, age 19, was born and raised in Las Vegas. She began playing piano when she was 6 with a few lessons before ultimately studying as a self taught pianist. Music was always something that interested her, throughout middle school she worked to teach herself what she could in music theory. In high school she accompanied her school’s choir and played for the orchestral pit, and jazz and concert band. Currently she studies Music Composition with piano as her instrumental focus, studying piano with Professor Timothy Hoft and accompanying for students across the valley. She also assists teaching group keyboard classes at Bozarth.

Studying with Azhane students will focus on technique, precision, and artistry. However the number one priority will always be enjoyment and fun. She is of the belief that a musician who enjoys what they do will make music, while one who does not will only make noise.

“I look forward to meeting you all, let’s make some music together.”