Alyssa Koval

San Diego

Alyssa Koval- is a pianist, cellist, oboist, and saxophonist from Tustin, California. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Music Education at San Diego State University, specializing in Oboe. Alyssa started piano at the age of five in 2005 and has been teaching for four years. Her piano career consists of both a classical and jazz background with collegiate study in both. She can teach beginning to upper intermediate piano, saxophone, and oboe. In addition, Alyssa can teach beginning to intermediate cello.
Alyssa’s wind studies began in 2014 with oboe and tenor saxophone. She has performed in jazz combos on both saxophone and piano while also being the Principal Oboist of Irvine Valley College’s Symphony Orchestra in 2017. Through San Diego State University, Alyssa studies Music Theory and participates in the Symphonic Band as well as the Marching Band. Her goal is to help educate children and adults with both knowledge and a love of music.