Albert Nelson

San Diego

Albert Nelson- is a drummer, music educator, and certified recording engineer through LA recording school. He started playing drums at the age of 5 at church and has been playing ever since. He played for several bands and recording artists growing up, including the Brock Brothers, Dansby Sturdivant, Brent Jones, and many more gospel, R&B, and cover bands. He started reading music and taking jazz lessons at age 11. He started teaching drums himself at age 16 to local students and church members in the area and gained a deeper love and understanding of music and teaching. He played in the jazz ensemble at Victor Valley College. Over the years he has work with many recording artists and producers in the studio, on tour and live performances. He plays and teaches many styles of music including Reggae, Funk, Pop, Jazz, Gopsel and many more. He also teaches on percussion instruments like congas and cajon.