Sam Ash Music in Huntington, NY offers Long Island musicians expert guitar repair, brass instrument repairs and woodwind instrument repairs.

Our talented Huntington location guitar techs can handle everything from guitar set ups to extensive customization including:

  • Guitar Set Up
  • Intonation Adjustment
  • Truss Rod Adjustment
  • Fret Jobs
  • Electronics Repair
  • Pickup Installation
  • Nut Replacement
  • Tuner Replacement
  • Crack Repair

Our Huntington location brass instrument techs can handle all adjustments on your trumpet, trombone, tuba, etc. including:

  • Cleaning
  • Valve rebuilding and alignment
  • Slide alignment
  • Dent removal

Plek Pro – Available At Sam Ash Huntington
Now available to Long Island musicians, the plek pro has been developed for use in guitar production factories and/or service-repair shops as a tool that not only does precise fret dressing but also helps with quality control and R&D. This computer controlled device scans and dresses a guitar under actual playing conditions, strung and tuned to pitch. This is a major breakthrough since the plek pro identifies precisely what needs to be done for perfect fretwork, executes this rapidly, and delivers perfect results on the instrument when restrung. Plek pro speeds up the production process and raises the quality of instruments to an extremely high and consistent level.

Call or visit for a free estimate
If you are in need of a repair or are looking to restore or customize your instrument, stop by the store or call 631-421-9333 to set up an appointment. Our techs will evaluate your instrument and give you a quote. If during the course of the repair we find any additional issues, they will call you to discuss before performing any additional work. Turn-around depends on the nature of the repair and the volume of instruments currently being serviced. You will receive a call when your instrument is ready to be picked up.

Our Technicians