Friends of Sam Ash

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting me the Rickenbacker Fire-Glo 360-12 'George Harrison' model. The guitar sounds and feels great, and was in my hands just in time for my gig with Britishmania. Your help and professional assistance was paramount to this gig being a success for me.

But, the great news is, that this gig, which was really an 'audition' for me , resulted in me now being the 'Go-to" George Harrison lead player for all of Britishmania's Northeast shows! Quite frankly, this wouldn't have happened without the guitar, which wouldn't have happened without YOU!

Britishmania is one of the World's leading Beatle Tribute bands and I'm very fortunate to have this gig. Thank you again, and by all means, if you'd like show this e-mail to your boss, please do- and tell him he can contact me anytime. I would explain to him in no uncertain terms that the reason Ruthann and I patronize Sam Ash .... is because of YOU, buddy!

Thank you my friend, and a Happy Easter to you and your family..


— Len C.

Dear Sammy,

I just left your Huntington 02 store a very happy and satisfied customer and wanted to write a thank you and to let you know you have an exceptional employee, Brian Varneke, your store's operations manager.

I have been a customer over the years at your store and always believed yours was by far the best music store. Now I believe not only is that true but you have the best employees too.

I had purchased for my daughter Miranda, in 8th grade in the East Meadow School District, a fantastic violinist in her 5th year of playing, a Kaces violin case a little less than a year ago from your store. I went there today to have her violin restrung and to buy NYSSMA violin books. I also showed Brian my daughter's violin case that was defective the lower bow clamp was broken and could not protect the lower bow. Brian could not fix it but checking your computer saw it was still under warranty and said the company would fix or replace it.

My daughter is only with me on weekends as I am divorced and I didn't want to have my daughter's lower bow get damaged in the case or damage the violin. Brian generously offered to give my daughter a new Kaces case and he would deal with returning the defective one. He also restrung her violin and tuned it.

Brian's efforts and generosity are something that I greatly appreciate and make me proud to be your store's customer. As far as I am concerned yours is the ONLY music store for me, my family and friends and anyone I can tell.

Thank you once again.

— Gary N.

Hi Mitch, Just a quick "Thank You" for putting the deal together..Guitar is is my hands in Australia (" In One piece)
The Baggage Handlers Didn't throw a Motorbike on top of it which was my biggest concern... Didn't get checked at Customs either, (Straight Through !)
Guitar is pretty much set up straight out of the box... Sounds Great ! .. Will put some TV Jones Duo Trons is later .
Sounds Great already on the Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins Stuff.. Thanks Once Again Mitch for the Service !

— Bryan W.

Hi, Fred, Michael, Phil, and the team that made this happen!

I just played the Martin 00-15 for about half an hour, and it is exactly as described an expected. Mellow tone with just enough oomph to do what I want it to do It's a perfect companion to the Ramirez (nylon strings, also from Sam Ash with Fred's help) that I use for classical and flamenco music.

Thank you again -- all of you -- for the parts you played in getting this terrific instrument to me.

— Addy


I'll try to make me understood, because my english is not so good.
We live in Brazil and It's not our first time in USA. We travel every year on vacations.
Since my husband is learning sax, we've been visiting your store. First time in Orlando and in last December in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
In Los Angeles I can't remember the name of the guy who helped us with the reed and so. But he had long hair and was very nice.
But in Las Vegas, we spent four or five hours, each visit.
My son is 9 years old, and your employees always left him try to play on pianos, guitars and drums while my husband was about to by a Tenor Sax.
We went three times in Las Vegas store and in our last time my son was playing so nice the drums that we bought a Yamaha for him.
We had no intention to buy drums or any kind of instrument for him, because he already tryed piano, guitar and sax here in Brazil... we didn't even dream of carrying that big pack all the way to Brazil...
It was very unexpect, but your employees were so attentive that he was realy playing something.
So, this message is to praise some of your employees, because tey spent so many hours in our behalf.
It was Christmas week.
Erik Ernandez was the guy who helped my husband with his sax peaces. Very kind, praise and patient.
And Brian Hanks really treated my son as a Rock Star. He teached him some beats, always coming to us and telling us to go see him playing.
But with the incentive of Brian we realized tha my son was so good, on the very first moment.
I would like to thank them and tell you the good job they are doing in your store.
We sure will come back, not only to see them next time, but also to buy new things and have other nice experience there.
This message is for you and, if is possible to give them a feedback, to let them know, throught you, that they are doing a very, very good job.
If you please give me the e-mail of hanks, my son will send him a video playing the drums. If not, and if you let me, I'll soon send it to you and I will be glad if you can send it to him.
Thank you for your time, listening to me

— Rosanna S.

Dear Lee,

I just got off the phone with Ms. Medici, who quite EXPERTLY handled this transaction. I was very impressed that she has been with Sam Ash for 15 years! Thank YOU again for treating me GREAT! I'll email you when I receive the instrument.

— Ron S.

Dear Sam Ash,

I wanted to just tell you how impressed I am with Sam Ash music, in particular, Jimmy Agnello and more specifically, you!
12 years ago I bought what I thought was a Clapton Signature Fender Strat. I was very happy with the deal. To make a long story short, I had to sell it, but being a part/piece guitar, I was getting offers at $150 or below. I really thought I was stuck with a fake Strat.

I wrote Jimmy Agnello and explained. He promptly called you and I understand that you were very quick to basically say, this guy’s had enough problems, just give him what he paid in store credit. Jimmy, e-mailed me as soon as he found out and arranged a meeting for him and me to get together and resolve the issue. I was hopeful, but still anxious that this meeting could turn into something worse where I would have to fight go to fight for a fair solution or worse, go to court.

Jimmy came out of the back room and greeted me with a handshake and a hearty smile and assured me, things would be worked out fairly. Within minutes, he had informed me that I would be receiving store credit for the total amount that I spent… no questions asked. This kind of service just doesn’t happen, now a days. I so appreciate that you took time out of your busy day to deal with a problem that was 12 years in the past. Anyone else might have argued some “lawyer speak” and shut me down solid. You and Jimmy actually saw me as an individual that truly deserved to be heard and I thank you whole heartedly for that (and I have to give a shout out to my wife who had kept the receipt for 12 years! lol.)

In closing, I just want to say that people like you and Jimmy are far and few in between and you deserve any good will that comes your way. Godbless you guys and I wish you both a long, joy filled life.

Thanks again,

— Mark J.

Some years ago, we bought a gorgeous red Fender Strat for our son from the Sam Ash store in our neighborhood. It was his prize guitar. In 2005, we had a devastating house fire. Practically the only thing was salvaged was the Strat. I cleaned up all of the smoke damage and brought it back to Sam Ash to see if it be restored to life. Believe it or not, it played fine when we plugged it in. My son now has many guitars, but none as treasured as his Sam Ash Stratocaster.

— Stuart M.

Stopped in to the Colonial Orlando store to repair my son's Tenor sax. The repair person (Jeremy) did and outstanding job and while we were waiting had the pleasure to meet Cole Curtis. He was friendly, knowledgeable and a true ASSET to your company. In these day where customer service sometimes gets put to the side, he was amazing in every aspect. He allowed my son to try out a different tenor while we were waiting, and had excellent comments and suggestions about the products he was showing us. When we get into the market to purchase another sax for Coltin, we will definately seek out Cole. As a Manager myself, I just wanted to let you know what a GEM you have in this location.

Respectfully submitted,

— Danny M.


Just wanted to follow up with you guys regarding my purchase of the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-565. It was great having 5 people to help load it into the truck but I could have used you guys to follow me home! We moved it into the small garage and moved it into the house Xmas eve. Have you ever tried to find 3-4 sober guys on Xmas eve? Let's just say it's not possible. We got it in and all set up. He woke up and saw it in the corner with the big red bow. He just about died. Just wanted to thank you and Emily(? I think that's the cool lady in wind section that made this all possible). All he does all day long is just sit down and play. I hooked up that Bluetooth thing but have NO IDEA what the heck it does. I probably need to call customer support and have them talk me through some of the options. I have attached a small video of him playing on Xmas morning. Thanks again!

— Joe S.

Dear Sir,

I have been a customer of yours for quite some time and have always enjoyed shopping at the Raleigh, NC location on Capital Blvd.

My wife and I went to find her a microphone this past Monday, to help her with her rekindled passion for singing.

We knew nothing about microphones but wanted something decent and that was better than the "Target" mic we had.

We were fortunate enough to have Jasmine Battle assist us with our purchase.

Jasmine was awesome!! She was friendly, knowledgeable, patient and passionate about singing and the technology behind the microphones.

She asked us some great qualifying questions and provided my wife with several different mic options that she was able to sing into and hear the differences.

We decided on a Sennheiser e835 and are pleased with our purchase.

We were more pleased with the outstanding customer service experience we received from Jasmine. Please pass on our sincere gratitude for her time and knowledge of her craft.

Our only suggestion that would have improved the experience would be for the store to have a dedicated area or sound friendly corner for singers to try out their mics. Jasmine, bless her heart, had a time trying to find a place to plug into. She overcame and adapted and maintained her professionalism with a smile.

We will definitely return to your store for our future musical needs.

Kind Regards,

— John N.


I just wanted to let you all know about an exceptional experience I had today at the Sam Ash in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A guy by the name of Randy Garret gave me red-carpet treatment when I bought a bass today. The action wasn't quite right and I was on the fence about buying it. Not only was he willing to adjust the neck right then and there before I bought it, he caught a buzz in the action because one of the slots in the nut was not cut properly. Then he went and filled the slot and refiled it properly while I waited!

This was a busy Saturday afternoon, and he also handled another buyer and met both our needs seamlessly. The guy is a total professional and impressed me to no end. Also, the bass has excellent action now and I was able to go home a happy customer with it today.

I don't think I've ever been treated so well at a large chain store like I was today at Sam Ash in Charlotte, NC. The sales manager Justin Ware was awesome to deal with, too.

Thank you, Sam Ash!

— Jeff

Dear Mr. Ash,

I wish to offer the highest praise for one of your employees in the Sam Ash Music store
in Glendale, Arizona. About two weeks ago, prior to the end of 2016,
after talking with Nick Staszak
on the phone about an issue of how to properly use the latest version of Garage Band in my Apple laptop computer with my UR 22 audio interface, and was unable to resolve the proper settings issue, I decided to go to the store and bring my laptop computer as well as my Steinberg USB Audio Interface device (UR 22) to get some tech support help.

We set up the UR 22, connected to my Apple MacBook computer and hooked up my lapel mikes to the UR 22 and Nick patiently demonstrated for me how to use the latest version of Garage Band with the proper settings to make a good recording. I had been mystified about the proper settings of this latest version of Garage Band (I had been using an earlier version), and he very clearly showed me the proper use to make a voice recording of an interview from my telephone.

Nick knows the true meaning of customer care and service and you should feel proud and privileged to have someone with his customer care and relation skills as a member of
your Pro Audio Team at Sam Ash Music in Glendale. It's this kind of
tech support care which
builds tremendous good will for your store there in Glendale.


— Pete C.

Hello, how are you? I'm not sure if I'm contacting the right area, if I'm not please forward this message to the proper department. I'm just writing to commend a store, and their employees, particularly Tommy Perrotta the guitar department manager of your Huntington, NY location. I've made several small purchases at this location, and last night I picked up my Ibanez PF acoustic guitar which I ordered directly from your website. I dealt directly with Tommy last night when I went to pick it up. This employee (and the others I've dealt with, I don't recall their names) should be commended, they truly embody the words "Customer service" and "professional". Every employee in this location, whether behind a counter or in passing greet you with a "hello" and are eager to help. It's employees like this that make people want to come back and continue doing business with a particular company/location. Thank you for your time.

— Jonathon W.

Hello Mr. Ash!

My name is Robin and I just bought a Roland TD11 electronic drum set from your Chula Vista location. The drum specialist Keith Best (he just moved out from the Richmond, VA location) helped me compare the sets, thrones, and double pedals. He also sat down and showed me exactly how to use the console on the set. He also helped us move the set into our car in the pouring rain, talked shop about sets, and shared his favorite drummers with me. He was also able to seamlessly transition to helping other customers when I had to take a moment to think about the options, and then back to me for a quick checkout process. He's a keeper!

Thanks for the great selection, and especially for having a wonderful drum specialist in your shop.

All the best,

— Robin V.

Dear Owner,

I recently stopped in to your store located in La Puente, California and I had to write someone and describe my experience. A manager, I believe named Larry, was the last representative I spoke with there.

I originally came in looking for some Bass Guitar strings. I found the guitar tech, Jasmine (sp?) to be a really cool person to talk to and I sincerely appreciated her taking the time to talk details while she was busy attending to a customer's axe.

Long story short, Everyone that I encountered was extremely friendly, helpful, and I could not have had a happier shopping experience. I wanted to express my thanks and know that I will be returning here for several items and services.

— Perri M.


I'm writing to recognize your employee Glenn Jones Jr., Sales Engineer, at the store on 14200 Beach Boulevard, Westminster, CA. I went in looking for a pair of studio monitors and a sub that weren't in stock there. Instead of sending me away to another location, he took care of ordering it for me immediately while matching Amazon Prime 2 day shipping. It's refreshing to go into a store where employees take pride in their work and go out of their way to make sure their customers get what they came in for. He's shifted my opinion of your business from neutral to positive, and I'll definitely buy my future gear at Sam Ash! Great job!

— Colin B.

Hi Ian,

I just want to say that It was nice meeting you yesterday and I thank you very much for your help. You guys are very nice, professional and helpful,
and I am greatly appreciate it. I felt confident leaving my guitar with you. I am sure I will be recommending, buying and visiting your store in the future.

Thanks again

— Moshe T.

Dear Sam Ash,

I am writing to voice my devotion to your King of Prussia, PA store.
I live in Blandon PA which is more than a one hour drive away from your King of Prussia store. It's also located about 15 minutes away from a Guitar Center. That being said, I willingly choose to drive over an hour to get to Sam Ash.

I have been a DJ for 15 years and have a whole lot of equipment shopping. A few years ago I made the switch from CD to digital DJing and went to your store for help. I spent over 4 hours there with your employee Jordan (in the DJ area). He did not rush me, he answered all of my questions, made suggestions, listened to what I was trying to accomplish and helped me in any way he could.

He made me a devoted customer to Sam Ash.

Since that time I have spent over $4500.00 at your store. I always deal with Jordan or Elliot another super employee who just teams up so well with Jordan to make the DJ department tops !!!

I visit your store regularly ... maybe once a month or every two months. Sometimes for something particular and sometimes just becuase I haven't been there in a while and miss it.

I know the retail business can be difficult and many times you hear the bad or the complaints from people and the good tends to get overlooked. I wanted to take the time to let you know that beucase of these guys I will not go anywhere else. Not only will I not go anywhere else but I do not shop on line. If your store doesn't have what I want Jordan or Elliot orders it for me. This way I still get the beneift of talking to them and getting their opinion which has become something I trust and respect.

These two young men are credits to your store and I can assure you they are a large part of the reason for it's success.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to many more years of shopping at your King of Prussia store and many more discussions with Jordan and Elliot.


— Dina C.

Mr. Ash,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated speaking to Roland at the Sam Ash location off McCullough in San Antonio.

I am a novice interested in recording, mixing, etc. my own music.
I had some rather academic questions ​but Roland treated me with respect and without that air of pretention or disdain that is unfortunately common among musicians, people who work in music stores, etc.
In fact, Roland spoke to me like a peer, answered all of my questions, avoided the use of technical jargon, provided his professional opinions only when requested, etc.
In short, Roland was the perfect person for someone like me to talk to for advice in order to for me to move forward confidently in pursuit of my new passion.
Thank you for hiring him and know that his customer service approach is greatly appreciated.

Happy holidays!


— Scott B.

Just a compliment!

I have been taking ukulele lessons at the store located on Lee Road in Orlando. I have had nearly 50 1-hour lessons since January, and I drive almost every week to get there. I live 60 miles away. So if you do the Math, I have spent about $2700 dollars for my lessons themselves and driven (&bought gas for) about 6000 miles & given up about 4 hours for each of those days counting driving time --which is about 200 hours. I work full time, but I don't make a lot of money. I wanted to learn ukulele to be able to play simple kids songs for my job working with kids. No one requires me to do this, it was my own idea. So why in the world am I doing this? Why do I have 4 more lessons scheduled in January?

Very simple--I am getting fabulous lessons and loving every minute of it! My teacher, David, is an amazing teacher. When I started the classes I knew 3 chords and could play some simple children's songs. Now David is teaching me how to read music, learn the notes & rhythms no play melodies. Because of these lessons, I am no longer limiting myself to playing children's songs on the job (although the kids are loving it). Now I am playing for myself, playing Eric Clapton and other classic rock & jazz & other oldies such as "What a Wonderful World", which I am currently working on. I am learning the chords for it and then going back and learning the melody! Anyway, I have Sam Ash in Orlando, my teacher David & a lot of other nice people I've gotten to know there (Nicole, Wally, Chris, Aaron & others) to thank for opening a whole new musical world to someone who has never had much in the way of musical talent or skills.

I just thought you might want to know!

— Susan P.


I was at the above mentioned Sam Ash store last night with my 15 year old son. He wanted a Launch Pad for his Christmas present.

We were helped by a very nice young man named Phillip Walker. He took the time to really explain the capabilities of the Launch Pad, how it works, and even plugged it into the system they have in the store and showed him the steps.

I was going to buy the mini, but ended up purchasing the larger one. Not because of Phil's "sales pitch" but because he really cared about my son's interest in music, and what he wanted to accomplish with the purchase. He stayed with us through this whole process from taking it out of the case, to the actual purchase at the register. He even explained the very large sound boards that are for sale when my son asked how you know what each of the knobs does, explaining the difference between those boards and how a lot of people are going to digital.

It was a most pleasent experience shopping this close to Christmas, finding exactly what my son wanted, and the big smile on his face all the way home with it in his lap.

My son has had a rough year. Our family dynamic has changed drastically, so I like to call out positive male role models when I see them. I don't know Phil personally, but as an employee, you've got a great one in your store here in Richmond, Virginia.

I would highly recommend Sam Ash to anyone.

Thank you for your time,

— Donna M.

Dear Mr. Tancredi,

My name is Steven S. and I wanted to take a moment to write to you regarding a recent order I placed with Sam Ash. More specifically, I wanted to communicate to you the outstanding experience that I had working with Mr. Matthew Stone.

I called for assistance in ordering a beginner drum set for my eight year old son Jonathan. Matthew patiently explained my options, made insightful recommendations, and helped me decide on a beautiful Tama set which I will deliver as a Christmas surprise. Lucky kid.

I thought that would be the end of our interactions, but soon after I placed the order Matthew emailed me to follow up on a question I had about the set. If that weren't enough, he provided me with a follow up email a few days later to let me know that the back ordered set was in stock and ready for delivery. I could relax, the set would be delivered shortly, and Christmas would be saved.

I received the set a few days ago. It's beautiful and I know my son will cherish it for years to come. Today I emailed Matthew to let him know that I received the kit, express my gratitude, and ask a question about a silly promo cymbal offer that I thought we might be entitled to. To my surprise Matthew again jumped into action and had one coming our way. I can't remember the last time I received such individual attention and great customer service. Matthew is a credit Sam Ash and I wanted to let someone know. To be clear, I would still be writing this email if Matthew wasn't able to help me with the promotional offer. I'm fortunate enough not to have to worry about a $100 cymbal.

Many years ago, my father and I were frequent customers of the Sam Ash store in Huntington, NY. I played guitar, and whenever I scrapped enough money together to purchase some equipment, my father would drive me from Ronkonkoma to Huntington so that I could spend some time looking at all of the instruments and pick up some used equipment to fool around with.

We started shopping at the old store that was in a strip mall and eventually followed the Sam Ash crew to the new stand alone store a little further down route 110. I still remember fondly Charley Propper who recognized us by name each time we visited the stores. Some twenty years ago. I also still have every piece of equipment I bought there.

My father is no longer with me, but working with Matthew reminded me of him, the laughs we had on our way to your stores, and why we always went back to Sam Ash. You care and you take the time to get to know your customers.

I'm sorry for the long email and getting nostalgic, but I wanted to let you know that you have great employees and that I plan on teaching my son that Sam Ash should be his first stop for all his musical needs. I will certainly be calling Matthew any time my son needs equipment and will not be shy about recommending him to others.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

— Steven S.

Dear Mr. Ash,

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying this beautiful weather.
I am writing to share about my experiences with customer service at Sam Ash in Manhattan/34th Street.
My daughter, Lucia, is 13. She loves playing and learning the sax. She really wants to attend one of the high schools specializing in the arts. Laguardia or Frank Sinatra. However, the sax she had was not good. Used and very old. I bought it from a friend. Anyway, she needed a new one for these auditions that are coming up soon. We went to Sam Ash last month and had the good fortune to meet Zach Levenson and Ellen Goodman. Zach sold us a beautiful refurbished cannon ball alto sax. Ellen was instrumental in supporting us. As a single mom I knew I needed to be mindful of the cost. We left elated. Kind helpful people introduced us to a new instrument. The entire transaction was uplifting.
Last week Lucia stated that the sax 'broke'. I had several communications with Zach. We decided to bring it back. I was preparing myself to have to fight for a 'fair deal'. However, when I arrived at the store Ellen recognized me right away. She was empathic and very helpful.
She introduced me to Brandon Wilkins. He was awesome. He Listened and Expressed concern. And then offered solutions. We ended up buying a brand new cannon ball. Everyone is pleased and I had an efficient and kind customer service experience. A beautiful experience in this unusual national climate.
So thank you.
I will go back again and again.
I hope all three of them can be acknowledged in some way. They were amazing. Ellen shared that Sam Ash is a family owned business that values connection with its customers. So lovely.


— Nikki A.

Hi I was searching on the site for somewhere to leave feedback, and I couldn't find a link so hopefully this can get forwarded to the appropriate department. I wanted to compliment Travis Downing from the College Ave store. My 2 year old daughter and I visited the store for the first time and met Travis. He was extremely helpful, and showed us pretty much the entire store. I came to look at equipment and he made me want to come back. It was one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. He is doing an amazing job.

— Tim and Sati

Dear Sam,

I have been a customer of Sam Ash Music since 1963 when I purchased my first guitar at the Hempstead, N.Y. store. I have purchased 16 guitars from Sam Ash over the years, ranging from a Martin 0-18T Tenor guitar (like the Kingston Trio used) to my most recent 2015 Les Paul, with everything in between including 2 Marshall amps, an acoustic bass, and even an original Fuzzz Boxxx. (I wonder if I should cc this email to Carlo Robelli himself?)
I came into the Hollywood store yesterday in search of a Rickenbacker 360/12C63. There was one across the street at Guitar Center for $2300. and I thought I would check to see if you might have one in one of your many stores. I spoke directly with Joe Bailey, the guitar department manager.
Joe was most helpful, and actually found one in Virginia (Store #55). Coincidently, the guitar’s owner was actually there at the time when Joe was asking about the condition and availability of the guitar. Joe asked me how much I would offer to pay for it, and I told him $2300. (same as Guitar Center’s). He was in direct contact with the manager at the Virginia store and told me that they wanted $2400. I accepted that price since buying it in Virginia would obviate the need of paying California sales tax, and thus be the best deal,
I asked how this would work, and Joe said that he would arrange it, get me some pictures of the guitar, and call me back as soon all arrangements were complete. I was very impressed with this level of service. Not having heard from him today, I called the store to see what had been done and verify that this was “in the works”. I was told that Joe was off today and tomorrow and was referred to Bill, the store manager.
Bill was not sure what was happening in regards to this purchase, so I told him to call Joe who would verify what I had just told him in my detailed recap of the arrangements. This he did but when I called him back to see what was going on, he said that the transfer of a used instrument had to be cleared though you.
I called him back 2 hours later and he told me that the transfer was approved pending my complete payment, but, by the way, the price had gone up to $2500.
This is not right. There was offer by Joe and acceptance by me. The price had already been agreed upon. It should not be changed retroactively.
I would like to continue as a Sam Ash customer. After all these years I expect to be treated honorably and with the consistent high quality of service and consideration that has brought me to your store all along.

— Ira G.

Dear Mr. Cottone,

Last Thursday I visited your store for the first time. I was there to rent a Clarinet for my daughter for band this year. Justine who assisted me was exceptional. She explained my options for renting or purchasing a new Clarinet and I decided to purchase one. Your store turned out to be out of stock, she called a store who had 4 available. While she was on the phone I noticed how thorough she was. She wrote a note as she was talking and jotted down who she spoke to and the Sam Ash store number. I was also impressed with how pleasant and articulate she was and her knowledge of the instruments. I had asked if she could give my daughter a quick lesson how to assemble and care for her new instrument when we come back to pick it up. Justine was quick to say " Of course , bring her in".
The next day the Clarinet came in and we returned for the lesson and pick up. Justine did give her a quick lesson and did so happily and was very kind to my daughter. Congratulations to you for hiring such a Jem! It's the little things sometimes that have the biggest impact. She clearly enjoys her job and seems like a leader to me.this is rare to find in someone so young. I hope that you value her worth with the company and hopefully share this letter with corporate.

Ps. I called yesterday to speak to you and the employee who answered suggested I write an email instead. She too was extremely pleasant and professional and gave me your email address.

— Lisa M.

Hi Jim,

This is Jeff, the guy from New Hartford who bought the Composite Acoustic guitar over Labor Day weekend.

I wanted to thank you for your sales assistance & for what I consider to be top shelf salesmanship on your part by not really being a salesman at all.

To put it simply, I’m really digging Sam Ash over the others for this reason: I had a great shopping & then purchasing experience at Sam Ash, all thanks to you.

Plus I’m not suffering even a hint of buyers remorse & for a used guitar that I was completely unfamiliar with in both name & concept prior to this unplanned visit to Sam Ash & for that guitar to cost over a grand to take home, that's very, very sweet.

This guitar was meant for me & it will not be back on the sales floor of Sam Ash, or any sales floor for that matter, ever again.

I really dig it & the more I play it, the more I dig it.

It’s so perfect for what I’m about as a songwriter / player …. it has a voice of it own & that voice has both awesome acoustic projection capabilities as well as clear & intimate lullaby type capabilities ……. the sparkly rock n’ roll appearance is perfectly androgynous as it sparkles black, then grey, now blue …. no wait a minute …. it’s silvery with a subtle glowing white at its core …..  wow! …. It feels somewhat like an electric guitar when strapped on & hanging from the neck ……. striking a simple chord to then gently shake this composite beauty & let it ring is a wonderful thing as the guitar resonates out like a papal church bell & the vibrations of that resonation go aggressively both ways & therefore gets intimate with whatever body part the guitar happens to be up against when struck, just wonderful! …... I didn’t even realize it had a built in tuner until days after I got it home …. Once I caught the nuances of this tuner by using it in tandem with my fave clip on, I realized this tuner also rocks ….. & I haven’t even taken the time to put my fave strings on it yet ……

I know for a fact my appreciation for this guitar, as well as your vital role in my acquiring it, is just beginning …...

Thank You, Sincerely,

— Jeff R.

Hey Mr. Ash,

So I wanted to take some time to tell you about Danny and Jeremy, my guitar guys at your Ontario, California store. These guys are awesome. First my story:

One evening I stopped by the store and ended up picking up a guitar from Jeremy. I let him know I was a little worried about running it through my rig at home, and not liking the sound. He informed me of your 30 day return policy...and sure enough it didn't sound like I wanted outta my amp. I brought it back and without question, Danny Rivera took it back...but not without asking what I really wanted. I told him I wanted a EVH Wolfgang Special but they never had them in the store. He said I should go with what I want but we'd have to special order...which we did. He called me regularly letting me know when my dream guitar would arrive. When it did arrive, he had it teched up and ready for me. And last night, my wife said I could get a new guitar for my birthday, so after taking a spin through the internet looking at stratocasters I settled on one I liked. But my first call was to Danny. He looked up what I wanted and found one left in Tampa. He put it on hold for me, and took care of me from beginning to end. It meant a lot having a guy know who I was even after a couple of months, and bust his ass to take care of me. That's the sort of thing that makes me say "Guitar Center who?"

Truth is, Mr. Ash. There are still people who want to talk to other people when buying things. There are a hundred places I could have bought a Fender Strat from, but excellent salespeople like Danny and Jeremy make you return to your favorite shopping places. Sam Ash Ontario is almost a 45 minute drive for me...and there is a Guitar Center about 5 minutes from my home. But Danny and his staff make me feel that I have a friend in the biz. And they'll take care of me when I need it. As you know, relationships in business often edge out over bottom line at times. That said. The strat I bought was a closeout and I saved a ton of money. Icing on the cake.

I salute you and your staff. I appreciate family business that respect the customer and put emphasis on the relationships.

Thought you should know. You oughta give those two guys a raise...thanks for your time.

— Jeremy D.

As a long time customer ( 1953?) i wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to two wonderful people at the Margate Store yesterday May 30th. the new saxophone mechanic ALEX who worked on my horn for two hours making it play like new and Carolyn who works behind the counter who advise me to change my fiber cell reed and see if it would improve my playing .. it did and the horn has never sounded better .. these two people couldn't do enough for me and i want to publicly thank them on your website as extraordinary .. Both Alex the repairman and Carolyn who is always assisting customers demands ..
thank you for hiring both of them

— Robert G.

Dear Landa and DiShawn,

The horn arrived today and it is beautiful! My son is already attached to it. What a huge step up from his Selmer student alto sax. Thanks for the prompt shipment and professional communication. We'll be sure to keep Sam Ash on our radar for any future musical needs.


— Linda B.

Dear Mr. Morello,

I am writing to express my satisfaction with a recent purchase from Sam Ash and to sing the praises of "Big Jim" in the guitar department.

I stopped in last week looking for a Fender Bassman 500 head. Jim greeted me as soon as I came in and offered his help. When I told him what I was looking for he checked inventory, discovered it was not in stock and offered to have one shipped from one of your stores in Florida. He placed the order for me and six days later I had the amp.

As thrilled as i am with the amp. the great service and personal attention provided by Big Jim made the experience even more pleasurable. Its great to know that in a world of online "deals" and shoddy service, the high standards shown by Jim and Sam Ash still exist.

Be assured that my future purchases will be from Sam Ash New Haven and Big Jim. Ive got my eye on a '68 Twin Reverb and a Strat!


— Joe P.

Dj- bassist- band manger from Naugatuck CT.
I am also a long time Sam Ash customer.  This past Saturday I was performing at a charity event in my town , When my amp blew.  I was instantly in panic mode , hundreds of people  there not to mention I had to dj my cousins wedding on the following day.   Knowing that I hadn't  had the Amp for a year I freaked and called New Haven Sam Ash where of course I bought it.  The manager there a very nice man Mr . William Morello , Helped me and saved me. He saved my reputation, my livelihood ( even thought I did both gigs this weekend for free ) and from debilitating stress.   The event that he helped me with on Saturday was a fund raiser for ST. Judes , organized by 2 local high school students to raise funds. On Sunday I had to DJ a Free wedding for my dear cousin .  200 people. If Bill From the New haven store did not help me out quickly and instantly, the word disaster would have been a personal understatement.
I write this to you to give respect, thanks and praise to this man.   He makes me see the heart of Sam Ash.  He is a good man who is a good reflection on this company.  Customer service is the most important thing in business, and Mr. Morello personified this to me.   I will sing both his , and Sam Ashes praise on social media.  If my input as a customer means any thing , then Long live Mr Billy Morello.

You have a satisfied , relieved , thankful customer for life.  I ask that you please relay this message to Billy in New Haven.


— Troy B.

If I could give another star I would 6 stars out of the 5 allowed good everything give all your money to this seller

— Yoallan M.

the mixer was shipped in timely manner, and as advertised, it was in excellent condition. as a first time user i was a bit apprehensive about making my first purchase on such a major one, but i am thoroughly happy about the overall experience, and the price was absolutely amazing compared to anywhere else on the web! i recommend this seller and this website to anyone looking for quality gear at a reasonable price.

— Dan Z.

Dear Sammy and David,

The purpose of this email is to express my sincere gratification for my recent “Excellent Customer Experience with Michael Macias” of Sam Ash Music located in Ontario, CA.

Short and Sweet - Here’s what happened:

About 3 weeks ago I contacted your store where Michael and I spoke about a "Gibson SG Standard 2016 HP Guitar" I was researching.  Michael came across Professional, Courteous and Knowledgeable so I didn't waste anytime traveling several miles to your store to personally meet with him.

Once I arrived at the store Michael further educated me on all the Gibson SG Standard 2016 HP Guitar accessories, pricing, financing options, the 2-3 week special order process and all the steps that followed and my order was placed.  From start to finish Michael provided impeccable follow-up and an Enjoyable and Easy transaction.

Thank you for everything I received from Sam Ash Music:  An Enjoyable and Excellent Customer Experience, a really nice Gibson SG Standard 2016 HP Guitar, Promotional Financing and my new friend “Michael” whom I can trust and count on for all of my future Musical needs.

Please, please, please Recognize “Michael Macias” for a Job Well Done, Exceeding all of my Expectations and Creating a Sam Ash Music Customer for Life.

Your New Raving Fan

— Tom

Hello Mr. Ash,

I recently made a small order from your online store. It was only a couple of packs of picks, just over $10. I am writing this email to say thank you to you and your staff. I was very pleased with my purchase and even more pleased that I got a call to make sure I was happy with my order. I am a firefighter that was injured on the job and I am on a fixed income, I am very selective about what I buy, since I can’t make money like I did before my injury. I am also selective of the places that I do business with. These days it seems a lot of stores don’t really appreciate my business. This certainly was not the case with Sam Ash, I felt like a valued customer and that is rare these days. So thanks again for doing business the way it should be done. I will certainly pass this along to my other musician friends and will try to make it to an actual brick and mortar store when I'm the area.

— Danny R.

Hey Mr Ash, not sure if you check here for messages but I just wanted to share a good experience from your store. I bought 2 packs of picks from online store and I was amazed to get a follow up phone call to make sure I was happy. I thought it was cool on that small of an order. That's how good business is done. A++++

Hi John,

I wanted to let you know about your store at Maryland Parkway and Karen st. in Las Vegas. I have been buying my equipment and general music needs at this store for several years. Your staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and I am always greeted warmly at the door. I've mostly dealt with Justin and assistant manager Eric  throughout my visits. Each of them tries their best to make sure I am completely satisfied with my purchase and any small problems that might occur are solved. If I have questions, they are patience and again knowledgeable, if they don't know the answer, they will find out.  Because of the quality of your staff and their commitment to making sure that I the customer are happy, I will continue to shop only at Sam Ash Music.
Thank you
Warm regards

— Craig T.

Hey Chris,

Just wanted to say "Holy Cow"!

Unbelievably outstanding job on my P-Bass!

I picked it up in the store yesterday around 5 and only played it for a second as I had to be in Bayside for a gig at 6. Soon as I got there I plugged it in and as I said above, "Holy Cow!"

I played the heck out of it, we did a Cinco De Mayo show and it was just out of control with all the Santana stuff that we did. Great tone, sustain up the wazoo and those 62 reissues are da bomb. You did a really great job on the neck, it plays just as easily as my new Jazz!

Thanks so much for a job well done, and I'll see you early next week to bring the G&L in!

All the best,

— Tim F.

I would like to send a review of my most recent purchase of a guitar at the Lee Road store in Winter Park, FL. I have known Wallie for a long time (about 8 years) as a customer.

My wife has been taking uke lessons at this store and I wanted a Fender Strat with a maple fretboard. I came in with my wife's lessons each Sunday. I would play, look, and drool over the guitars and I could not make it work with the right guitar or financially. Finally two weeks ago with the sale and 36 month financing, I found my guitar with Wallie's help. He knows that I am visually impaired and I am not the best player, but he is always encouraging and giving me free advice. He looked in the back and on the floor to help me find my 2015 American Standard guitar. He let me try many models with other pickups or woods and advised me on what the differences were. I was there about three hours. I played and he was patient since you cannot rush this type of purchase. I am a loyal SA customer thanks to Wallie. He is the only staff member in the guitar department I want to deal with.

Do what you can to keep him since he is a knowledgeable person and a good man to boot. I don't usually take the time to write these types of thank you notes, but in this case I felt compelled to. Thank you Wallie and the SA store in Winter Park.

— Steve P.

Hi Luis,

I just visited your store today as I happen to do every few months

I wanted to let you know that It was a real joy meeting Charlie in the pro recording section.

At first I thought he was representing a pro brand, such as Manley or BAE, because he was so knowledgeable and looked the part.

It turned out he was a recording engineer and he gave some totally expert advice, such as the Avantone BV, the Warm Audio gear and the new Icon HUI controller.

I think your  store has a real asset In Charlie and because the experience for me was so out of the ordinary I wanted to do this extra effort and write this letter  to recommend him.

I look forward to my next visit to your store and may even call in before to make sure Charlie is in.

My letter is entirely based on my experience today.
I am not family and have not met Charlie before.

Best Regards

— Andy G.

I Bought an excellent New  Ibanez 5 string Bass Guitar from Sam Ash in New Haven and met an awesome Store Manager Bill that really cares about you and wants you to be satisfied with your Purchase! Great deals and friendly service.., I will be back , Thank You William Morello!

And Back I went again to Sam Ash in New Haven to find a Beat Buddy Drum Machine. Not only did they find one  ( which is a Task ) but I had it in my Hands and Home in just a few Days, weekend included! William Morello store manager and John Taubl III associate made sure I was greeted and given help the minute I walked in their door!

Other music shops need to function like this Store and its Employees do.., the Service is Second to None and their Commitment to their Customer shows in the way you are treated and taken care of let alone by by their Prices and the Quality of their Products which also puts them above their competitors!

Thanks Again & Yes.., I will be Back!

— Al V.


My name is Sara M.  My husband and I have been purchasing instruments and musical paraphernalia at your Queens  NY store for years. I feel compelled to tell you about 2 people in particular- Joe Rodriguez, the guitar tech (and so much more) and Dave Stumacher, the store manager. Joe is leagues above any guitar tech we have previously met. His knowledge base, experience,  professionalism, expertise and sense of humor make each visit an educational and personally satisfying experience. Joe and Dave make you feel so at home that, as per my husband Ari, you want to just move into the store and stay there. There is no question that your Queens store has and is changing for the better. Dave’s honesty, positive attitude, wry smile, trouble shooting ability and a clear finger on the pulse of the different departments in the store is exactly what you would expect from a great manager.
I wish you all the best and continued success in this store.

— Sara M.

Wow ! what a lovely warm experience , Marc and the team at  Sam Ash extended to my daughter and myself.
The plan was to test out and just look at the types of pianos, Marc came over and took the time to show us a few options and advised us on which instrument to go with, for my daughter.

An informed choice we had. And we hope to keep the relations with Sam Ash all the way from South Africa in the future.
Thank you so much for your excellent customer care.

Oh the cookies were awesome.

happy customer!

— Lebo M.

Hi Frankie

I got the guitar today!!!!! I don't know what to say honestly. This thing is just incredibly beautiful!!!! I did not like the sound so much at first but I know the strings that it came with are not my favorites at all. I played it for about an hour then changed strings to the new D'Addario NB 1253. Now this thing sounds so amazing!!!!! I also put in gold plated brass bridge pins just to match the gold tuners. The action is incredibly low and the neck is perfect!!! Dude, I am SO happy!!!!!! This is just an amazing guitar!!!!! You Sir, are my my hero!!!!!!!! Regardless of the guitar and how amazed I am by it, your efforts and your concern and all that you did to make this happen for me is so very much appreciated!!!! I just can't thank you enough and know that you touch people's life doing what you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sir!!!!!! I will definitely
come to you for my future needs.

— Tony

Wow! Wow wow! Best music store I have ever been inside. I wandered around just to soak it all in then got some help from Candice. She was sweet and knowledgable about what Sam Ash Stores offer.
I literally had to run out of there before I started spending money because the plan was just to window shop!
I will be back! Can't decide what to save up for first, but it's a given.

— Sharon H.

Hi Mr. Sam Ash,

My name is Janelle C. I went into your store last week and had the time of my life. The service was more than outstanding the people were on point, friendly and very helpful. When My husband and I walked in we were greeted by a lady who was outstanding and helpful name Katherine. Katherine gave us a brief tour of the areas were we needed to check out things we buy the most, I thank her for the outstanding welcome and knowledge of the store and your supplies. After getting into the Audio department this Cool guy name David and who could ever forget David. David was helpful in every way possible to my husbands question, and needs. David is the smartest ever when it comes to know what a sound and making music is really about. I stepped away because I'm learning how to play the Guitar and went to the Guitar section and this Guy with Long hair name Jason was Perfect customer service was natural, friendly, and knowledgeable to my needs. This is how you treat a customer who is clueless in Guitar area. After getting my personal assistance with Jason a Manager name Steven was making his rounds, and I just had to ask Jason may I speak to the manager and less then a second walking up was a manger available second, I tell you. This Manager Steven had me feeling like I was apart of your store and made me feel more welcome then plenty of other stores I had ever experienced.

Mr. Sam Ash, what you have here is a wonderful family running your baby wonderfully. My husband and I have spend so much money at other stores and have not yet to have the experience of a LIFETIME Sir. This need of service needs to be shown to the world, I have never seen advertisement nor commercials for your store and people look for the service, knowledge and friendliness of your people. I experienced something magical and I am still shocked that people like this still are here to have service like this. I have been WOWED Sir!

Sam Ash will be a name that needs lights, camera, and action. The traffic should be a lot more only because you really have the best family all of music supply and best inventory ever! I enjoyed my first visit and wish all my equipment was purchased with your Sales Team.

I would like for you to personally Thank the names below:

1. Awesome Welcome Katherine, thanks for the store Guide for our needs, very helpful and knows the store Greet!

2. David, I can not thank you enough for your time and Knowledge, you have to be the smartest and a special Artist in this entertainment industry. You make people love Music More! Thanks!

3. Jason, you ROCK Guy, Love the hair and you taking your time to help a new hobby of mine with the Guitar info. You have made me understand what all the facts of being better is all about, also your services Rocks, Thanks!

4. Mr. Manager Steven B. I like how you move, you walk your store, your friendly, and even available for service to your Sales floor, and the customers. You really and truly define a Wonderful Manager. You have hired the Best team and I hope your store is the Biggest success ever. I would like to Thank you for all the time you, and your staff have provided to my husband and me. This first time experience was like going to Disneyland Music Center. You have all the right people in place and they now all the stuff. Thank you Steven for a Sam Ash Wonderland!

Mr. Sam Ash, Thank you for having a value of knowledge, with a selection out of this world. Wonderful people who want to be at work and I happy to service the music world. This was the Best First time experience ever Sam Ash!

Thank you for taking time to read this letter, I just had to take time out my schedule, and Sunday was the first time available for me to write my experience. Please Thank all your staff even the ones I did not work with on my day of arrival! Your store in Cobb County, Georgia is the Best Wonderland ever!

Sam Ash Rock's!

— Janelle C.


I  just wanted to write you to let you know that you should recognize one of your employees, Dana Dechaby.
I recently purchased a Gibson ES-335.  When it arrived, the glue on the pick guard proctective cover had
baked onto the pick guard (this was a 2012 NOS guitar).  As soon as I called about the issue, Dana jumped in and
made the situation right.

When you find a stand up guy in the guitar business, you stick with them.
I've been in sales most of my life and Dana has the right stuff.
He is a good listener, asks great probing questions, knows his products
and builds a great deal of rapport and trust

Because of the great customer service I received, I called Dana back this week and ordered a new
Fender Elite Telecaster.  Dana is an asset to your company and I just wanted to tell you he is the reason
why I came back to Sam Ash for my guitar purchase.


— Dan K.


Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that at this point I am very
happy with the guitar. So far I have put it through its paces at home with
my Blues JR III. Today I will do the same with my Custom 68 Deluxe Reverb
once I retrieve it from church to dial in my tones before Sunday. That
said,  I think that it can only go uphill from there.

Thanks again for all your patience and for  going the extra mile as you did without too much undue pressure. You exemplify a true Salesman with a lot of class. Again thank you. You will always have my business.

— Brian H.

Hey Fred,

Thank you for the update! And a HUGE thank you for the guitar. The packing job was fantastic and the guitar is a dream!! I've shopped at my local Sam Ash in Huntington, Long Island and the guys there were great; but honestly you and your team in Philly take the cake. Thanks for the awesome service, I will shop at Sam Ash more just because of you.

— Jason A.


It's with  great pleasure and my utmost integrity to write this letter commending and recognizing your employees who operate and work for The Sam Ash Music store located on Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As a small business owner and medical professional , I feel my opinions are earnest and truthful.

In September of 2015, a friend of mine recommended to me to compare the pricing of a Gibson Les Paul vs a market competitor - Guitar Center.
My initial desire to begin playing guitar after almost a 35 year layoff was quite surprising as the choices for guitars were abundant .

The Sam Ash store located on Maryland Parkway was close to Sunrise Hospital upon where most of my clinical Anesthesiology practice is located.
I met Brent Powell after calling ahead to set an appointment to discuss the various options and styles of both guitars and and amplifiers.
Not only did I find Brent extremely knowledgeable and extraordinarily patient in answering all of my questions - Brent actually had suggested several Sam Ash music instructors who were available to help me begin lesson programs.
The competitor .. Guitar Center was only interested in selling me a guitar . Brent made me feel as a true customer by helping me find the correct instrument.
Sam Ash was offering a musical concept consisting of:
Individualized guitar lessons and
Group lessons
Packages which included guitar service maintenance.

Brent actually sat with me and patiently allowed me to try various guitar and amplifier styles until we found a proper fit .
I found Brent Powell to be extremely honest. Since I haven't priced musical instruments I was afraid of being taken advantage of.

Vince Hice and Jeff Young  are both sales associates as well as equipment maintenance geniuses. Jeff Young has provided service maintenance for my guitars purchased at Sam Ash. Jeff's depth of knowledge of guitar repair and maintenance is extremely deep. Jeff provides great honest , professional customer service upon which the foundation of Sam Ash begun nearly a century ago.

Vince Hice, a sales associate always takes the time to answer and return a phone call.
Note , I said return phone messages . Vince is very knowledgeable about guitars, amplifiers- the setup including guitar effects pedals.
Vince is very affable and extremely helpful .. And honest . There has never been an issue with an exchange or refund .
Vince, Brent, and Jeff Young have saved me countless hours of frustration by answering my myriad questions , phone calls , and details in setting up my guitars, amplifiers and effect pedals

Lastly , Dana Trueman and Steve Bonacci.

Dana is both a friend and guitar instructor . It was Dana upon which I began my journey playing a musical instrument which was abandoned 35 years ago in 1982. Dana's instruction allowed me to develop the confidence to enjoy a hobby which has provided me profound happiness, commitment,  as well to develop relationships with new friends including Steve Bonacci.

Dana will always answer questions involving instruction - both in person and on the phone. Dana has a unique ability to pair like minded individual together in their quest to play live music- at the novice level.
It was Dana's instruction which allowed me to have the confidence to play live in "Rock Band" March 17 in front of approximately 60 friends, family members , and complete strangers.
With personalized guidance as well as personalized Rock Band instruction by Sam Ash teacher , Steve Bonacci- the Rock Band concept is enjoyable fun- I feel like a 16 year old once again- but sound like a seasoned amateur .
Steve has been paramount to ensuring that our "Rock Band" is well rehearsed and most importantly .. Fun.
Steve actually helps to arrange our practice rehearsals including myself and 2 Sam Ash students - Steve M. Whom plays drums and Lilli K. Whom plays bass.
Steve is very patient, organized and knowledgeable with his participation in our rick band rehersals.

In summary , the sales staff, teachers , and management of Sam Ash are worthy to receive what I feel is the highest accolades in professionalism , instruction , and customer service.
Please feel free to contact me for any further comments.


— Jeffrey E.

Hi Sam,

I just wanted to take a minute to recognize and commend one of your sales associates in the Canoga Park store.  My friend and I have been visiting all the major music stores in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys for the last couple of weeks.  My friend is an avid guitar player and I have decided to pick it up again after a 30 year hiatus.
Not being current with today's models, I had done some basic research to narrow down my choices.  As I’m sure you can imagine, this only provided me with a limited idea as to what I was hoping  to end up with.
We visited your Canoga Park store and were very pleased to see your acoustic room had 3-times the volume and choices of guitars than any of the other Guitar Center stores we had visited.  Although this opened up many more options, I was now completely lost as to which direction I wanted to go!
Greg came in and sat with us for 3 hours (on and off) and reviewed the pros and cons of the 20 or so guitars I was sampling along with some of his personal preferences I might want to consider.  We discussed the differences in materials, manufacturing, tone, and several other aspects that would ultimately affect my decision.  Additionally, he discussed the financing options you provided which really broadened my purchasing range.  Within minutes I now had credit approval and went back into "the room" to see how much more damage I could do.   I narrowed down my choices to about five or so and told Greg I was still going to kick-some-tires and get back with him.
I did still more research over the weekend and determined I would be returning to relieve you of one of your Taylor 314 ce's or a Martin equivalent.  Greg had contacted me several times to help with any questions I had and had also set aside a few "special" guitars he thought were options to strongly consider.
Yesterday we returned to narrow the field a little more and was welcomed with Greg's genuine concern and consideration for my wants and needs. After whittling down my list to three options I was at a crossroads between what I wanted and what I could afford. Again, Greg took the initiative and made a phone call to increase my credit limit.  Ultimately we came to an agreement with a much nicer guitar than I had hoped for at a fair price.  He even tossed in a couple of "cookies" to sweeten the deal
In addition to this, he helped my friend determine that he couldn't live without the used Taylor 315 ce he was deliriously plucking away at in the corner.  All in all, Greg's personal touch, product knowledge and customer service earned him our business and we are now the proud owners of a Taylor 524ce and 315ce.
I want to point out that although I feel I got a good deal, I never once considered comparing prices with competitors as the determining factor in the deal was Greg's personal attention. I felt that we had formed a friendship over the last week and trusted that I was being well taken care of.  He put in the time and effort necessary to help me with my options and I never once considered taking my business elsewhere.
I will continue to use your store as my only source of equipment and gear due to Greg's commitment to me.......the customer.
Being in the service business myself, it is refreshing to be taken care of the way I like to take care of my customers.  Greg did not pressure me into anything but did provide expert knowledge of the products with dedication to assisting me with making "my" decision, and the means to put the deal together. He certainly went above and beyond my expectations and certainly far exceeded the efforts of anyone in the other stores.
I’m not a guy that writes letters to praise employees as I believe quality customer service should be expected, but in Greg's case I feel that an exception needs to be made.
I hope you pass this letter on to Greg and feel free to plaster this anywhere you like.  If you have anyone who is struggling with where to buy their guitars and equipment feel free to give them my phone number.  I'd be glad to tune them up a bit for you!!

Thanks Again!

— Tom C.

Dear Mr. Ash,

My name is Shelayne F.  My husband and I were missionaries in India for 28 years. My husband's fathers health was deteriorating so we returned back to U.S. so he could care for him until his passing 4 years later.

It's a long story I won't get into but we had to leave his trusted Yamaha guitar in India and gave it to a friend's son who wanted to learn to play.

My grand daughter acquired a clarinet from your store that year and some months later it was in your shop for some minor repair. My husband and I went there to pick it up and my heart just melted when my husband picked up a guitar and started strumming.  I personally was mesmerized by all your guitars.  I decided then and there that I wanted to surprise him with one for Christmas.

In early December I called your store and spoke to a Mr. Daniel Moore in the guitar department.  I had noticed you had some used guitars when I was there earlier but he informed me that there no more at that point.  I asked him some questions regarding brands of nylon acoustic guitars. I'm sure I took up a lot of his time but he was very patient taking his time to explain things. I asked him if he would be in the store the next day and he responded that he comes in at 4pm but anyone could help me if I came in sooner.

I live about an hour away so the next day I drove to Raleigh and found some things to do until 4pm.  I went inside a bit before 4 and found another sale person came in asking if I needed help but I said I was waiting for Mr. Moore.  Another man came in and bit later another young man came in. Shortly thereafter Mr. Moore came in.  He saw the older man by the Ukuleles and went up to him and Mr. Moore answered all of his questions and then the man left.  The young man then jumped up to Mr. Moore and proceeded to ask him a lot of questions.  I am sure Mr. Moore hadn't seen me as I was sitting in the small portion that was sectioned off. The young man was just so exurbanite as it seems his parents were gifting him a Ukulele for Christmas and he was there to get it all arranged, etc. I didn't have the heart to tell him I was next.  Again Mr. Moore was very patient and took his time with this young man.  After about 20 minutes the young man had what he wanted settled and left.  At that point I stood up and introduced myself.  Mr. Moore apologized profusely saying he hadn't seen me, which I knew was true.

Well I got ahead of myself. Right after I arrived I started looking around and there on the stand was a beautiful looking used guitar. I took it off the mount and started strumming. I love the sound!  It was $100 more than I had planned to spend and I had never heard of a Takamine, so I said to Mr. Moore. I am considering this guitar which is more than I wanted to spend. Tell me why I should buy it and why I shouldn't.  Talk me out of it if you can.  He too was so surprised that a used one had appeared since he left the night before. He strummed it and had to admit it had a beautiful sound but he pointed out it had a couple of dings on it.   He started showing me other new guitars of similar quality and lesser quality but in the end we both agreed the Takamine was the best sounding and so I bought it along with a wall mount to hang it. I would have loved to have one that sits on the floor but with a 2 year old Husky in our home, the wall seemed much safer!

Mr. Ash, I'm sorry this is so long but I felt it expedient you understand the history of my trip there and more importantly the valuable sales person you have in Mr. Moore.    I saw him first hand help two other people before he helped me. He gives you his total attention, he goes out of his way to offer advice and is very patient.  He is a valuable asset to your Raleigh store!

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write. I was raving about Mr. Moore's service at the check out counter and the woman there said I should write you and gave me your email address on a card which I promptly misplaced and just now found. Before I misplace it again I decided to write.

Thank you for listening and I hope you see to it that Mr. Moore gets the credit he deserves.


— Shaylene F.

Hi Mr. Ash,

I hope you are doing well.

I went to your Raleigh, NC store today to pick up the 8 violins for my students. I am just so grateful for your help.  I am first grateful that you responded to my initial request so promptly, and then you got your managers involved to help my school.  The violins will make a huge difference in our music program, and we are overjoyed by your compassion to help us.

If you ever need volunteers for anything, please let us know.  I always look for opportunities to show my students how to "give back".

Thank you,

— Roxanne K.

As a customer of SamAsh, I would like to commend your employee Mr.Jackson, for his excellent, friendly and courteous customer service he gave me two weeks before.

I am a newbie to the musical keyboard and don't have much knowledge about the product. He was very patient hearing all my needs about the instrument, and patiently cleared all my clarifications. I appreciate the time he took to explain about the features of the model we wanted to buy. Such kind of exceptional customer service is rare to find nowadays.

I thank him once again for his quality service, friendliness and patience handling the new customers.

— Krishna


I wanted to take a moment to write you in reference to Diego in guitars (Dolphin Mall, Miami). In him, you have a gentleman, in the truest sense of the word. Diego always goes out of his way to help and inform with intelligence, honesty, and  diligence. It is refreshing to deal with him on a regular basis. These  kinds of customer service skills are extremely rare today, thus the reason for my email.

I believe Diego is an asset to your company, and he should be recognized as such. On my part, I will continue to patronize your store for the capable help Diego provides.

Thank you,

— Carlos

Just wanted to say thanks for your great customer service at your Columbus, Ohio store. Our sound engineer from our church came in to see if two of our mic cables were working properly. Your team tested the cables and discovered they were no longer grounded. They replaced the two Samson cables absolutely free and we didn't have a warranty. Thanks for your generosity and excellent service. It's another reason we enjoy getting our gear from Sam Ash!

Thank you!

— Eric M.

Thanks so much for the great customer service and respect. There is a huge void in the sales market for this type of service.You guys make buying awesome. I will definitely send all my friends and Musicians your way. Excellent all the way.


— Richard D.

To Whom it May Concern,

I recently bought a guitar from Sam Ash (on ebay) and that's when I contacted Freddie "G". Freddie was extremely helpful through this process. I emailed him with questions and he responded quickly and professionally with accurate answers to my questions. I even heard from him on a Sunday when I assumed he was not at the store. When the guitar arrived the pickup was not working and Freddie arranged an appointment with John (the techie) at the Franklin Mills store. I met John at that store and he installed a new pickup in a timely manner (while I waited). The service couldn't have been better and Freddie "G" made it all happen. Because of him I have become a Sam Ash customer for life!
Thank you Sam Ash but most especially thank you Freddie "G".

— Robert N.

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how very pleased I am with my purchase. The guitar is fantastic and even better than described. I swear if I hadn't read the listing I would think it's a brand new guitar. Even the gig looks new. What a great buying experience and I will definitely let my musician friends know about Sam Ash. I look forward to more transactions in the future.


Thank you for taking the time to listen to our compliments of Justin on Sunday. He was professional, patient, kind and knowledgeable and really explained and helped me through the process of my aerobic microphone. I work for The City of Las Vegas as a Fitness Instructor. It is not every day you find such a responsible patient young man who loves his job and invests his time with customers.

What a privilege to have a team player on your Sam Ash team.  Great Job Justin!

Thanks again,

— Linda B.

Mr. Goldrich,

I am writing to let you know how happy I am with the service that I received from Geo Pesios on some recent guitar effects purchases made at the Sam Ash store on 34th Street in Manhattan.  Geo was very friendly, knowledgeable and gave me the time and assistance I needed to ensure my satisfaction.  He is a real credit to your staff and also to the Sam Ash name.

Best regards,

— Ted F.

Mr. Ash,

I have been a customer at the store outside Nashville TN for almost a year and have dealt almost exclusively with Stefan Kirin.  He has been excellent at providing top quality customer service to me and my band.  His professional and friendly demeanor makes it a pleasure to be a customer with SamAsh.  We frequent the store often and have made both small and large purchases.  Each time Stefan has been knowledgeable, helpful and a delight to work with.

As in any business it is difficult to find loyal, professional and courteous employees. I commend Stefan to you as such an employee.  We will continue to shop at your store and wanted to share our experience with you.


— Dawn L.

Hi Randy,

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I was with your guitar tech Dave Waldroop's service today. I was in a bit of a pinch and in need of new strings. He was able to accommodate my needs while I took a break during my workday to drop off my guitar and later pick it up. He was so friendly and took the time to listen to my other concerns regarding my guitar. I live in St. Petersburg and don't often get to Sam Ash because of the distance, but it was certainly worth it today.

The employees at the front were also super helpful and friendly.

Wanted to pass it along as I always feel like bosses should know that their employees are doing wonderful work.


— Lara C.

Hello Tod,

I wanted to let you know it's been a pleasure dealing with Nick and Kevin in the drum department at your Lombard store. I've recently been building a new kit piece by piece and Nick and Kevin have been very helpful and accomodating with my purchases ( a DW snare stand, 2 Paiste cymbals, 2 Evans heads, a Tama snare drum, 2 Pearl Superhoops and snare wires ) as well giving advice or just talking about gear in general. I look forward to giving Sam Ash more of my business in the future and wanted to say thank you!

— Mike S.


You hit the nail on the head again! The bass case was perfect! The classical case for my 71 Conn acoustic was a very tight fit, and I mean very tight, but there it is in the case!
I really appreciate you dropping everything to make things work for me, and working a discount for all the auxiliary things I purchased, and especially taking the time to explain about the Martin Acoustic bass!
Your store and managers should appreciate all you do, and all you did not only for me, but for all your customers. You are truly a valuable resource. I am glad to bring my business to you, rather than to an online store, because I don't get the service I get at Sam Ash, and from your personal touch.
As you already know, and your manager will hopefully read, this is a totally unsolicited email, and the praise is not just given, but earned. I am a long time customer of Sam Ash, having spent tens of thousands of dollars there over the years. I am a satisfied customer if I continue to come back time after time and purchase not only big ticket items, but also string, picks, and the little things that make us sound better!

Thanks again and make sure the manager gets  this forwarded to him!!

— Joe K.

Dear Ian,

I am writing to let you know how much I love and appreciate Geo. I cannot express enough to you just how helpful, knowledgeable, inspiring, friendly and trustworthy he is and how invaluable I personally think he is to my purchases and, dare I say, to your store. The right salesperson DOES make the difference. At least to me. He keeps me coming back. Not just the deals. I can get a decent deal from GC, and have been forced to in the past, as you know. But it honestly broke my heart when I had to buy that Neve 1073N from GC. I felt like I lost, because I couldn’t do business with Geo. Regardless of whether or not you value my business, I value yours. I value the goodwill the three of us have built up over the years. I value the inspiration I get from my brand new Les Paul Standard, and all my other pieces of gear that I purchased through Geo, with your blessing.  Geo is THE MAN. And so are YOU.

Thank you!


— Steve


I'm writing today to honor the amazing customer service support of your team member Ben Perman, of the Margate, Fl store. He has re-written what it is to go above and beyond for your customer. His outstanding service is the sole reason I am a customer of Sam Ash. Although Sam Ash has treated me fairly, and I have seen first hand corporate response to a prior email of mine which is a very rare thing, I do have to say if Ben ever decides to move on from your company my business will follow suit. He is THAT good. I don't ever write these types of emails to any other company because no one gives me the opportunity. Ben gives me a lasting good impression, and experience. I always leave with more knowledge than when I entered. Finally, he doesn't stop taking the time until all my questions are answered, and I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase. I work in retail sales, and I know what its like to deal with the customer. This is why I am compelled to commend Ben Perman for his service.

Thank you

— Eric P.

Hi Jordan,

You helped me pick out a sunburst 70s American Special Strat with Texas coils in January, and wanted to let you know it is simply fantastic. I’m very happy with the guitar and it was truly the best one for my playing style and sound.

And thank you for your advice and help with trying out different guitars- you made the whole experience very positive and I couldn't be happier.


— Peter F.

Hello Mr. Infantas,

My name is Etsehiwot A. and I was in the SAM ASH store located on 333 W 34th Steet, New York and I had an unforgettable experience because the Sales Associate was helpful on so many levels(was not robotic), he answered all my questions with a great body language(respectful), he was selling but not to just reach his sales goal for the day but to accommodate me the customer with all I needed to know about the keyboard I purchased. He even answered my question that were related to music not just the keyboard I purchased. I once used to be a Sales Associate before I become a Sonographer and it is not easy to impress customers that they remember their experience and that they develope a clientele with a particular store. I am happy to say that if there is any other musical item I want to purchase, I would definitely go back to SAM ASH on 34th street
because of the awesome experience I had with Mr. Brian Rogers and will encourage anybody to go to SAM who wants to buy musical instrument.

I must say, the manager Mr. Infantas and another gentleman I forget his name(because I failed to ask his nam not because he was less helpful) were also fantastic.

Am sorry I was running on a tight schedule so I wasn't able to express my appreciation but I am extremely greatful for people mentioned above specially in this day of age when customer service is catastrophic. From the bottom of my heart thank you all.

— Etsehiwot A.

There are many reasons to love Sam Ash Hollywood - great selection; talented and eager staff; and of course Mitch Weissman - but lately there's been one very awesome and evolving aspect of this place that has turned it from a retail store to a home-away-from-home: Rick The Mayor's approach to us guitar playing dog owners. It's not just the water bowl outside; the treats he always has on hand inside; or even the awesome 'dog wall of fame' he's created behind the front checkout counter (which now features Sam Ash's CEO with his dog Nellie) - but Rick's overall attitude towards us when we walk in with our dogs. He lights up when he sees a dog come in; and goes out of his way to make sure the dog feels welcomed, loved and appreciated. I don't know about you, but employees like that go a very long way towards influencing my purchasing decisions - and I can attest to the fact that I have made excuses to go in there just because I know how much my dog loves seeing The Mayor.

Today I walked into Sam Ash Store #49 in Franklin mills mall where I met Jason Colucci. I walked in with literally no idea on how to even connect my speakers that I had at home. By the time I walked out of the store, I had extensive knowledge on how to not only connect my equipment but also on how to tune the speakers, amp, and microphone for the best sound thanks to Jason. I ended up buying 2 Ev speakers, Yamaha mixer, microphone and all the cables. Jason explained the credit card you guys offer and I went ahead and applied and got accepted. Jason gave me the best customer service that I have ever received. I told him that he needed to be promoted. So I decided to ask him for his bosses email so I could express my feelings! I would highly recommended your store and will definitely be returning for future business purchases.


— David M.


I rarely send feedback related to my experiences as a customer but, having recently purchased my second "high-end" guitar at a Sam Ash in Buffalo Grove, IL,  I wanted to send a quick note. This was the second time I was helped by Tim ( I can't recall his last name, but he's been there quite a few years, somewhat long black hair, in his 30's). He provided all of the information I needed related to to the guitars I was interested in purchasing, he didn't use any cheesy sales gimmicks to lure me towards the more expensive instrument among those I was trying out, and both times I bought an instrument he appeared to enjoy his job. It's people like Tim that keep me coming back to Sam Ash in Buffalo Grove. On average, I purchase a new guitar every couple years, and having staff who enjoy helping my find a guitar to meet my specific needs (I'm very, very picky and each of my instruments is set up for a particular genre of music).

As a practicing psychotherapist with 18 years of experience, I'm more than familiar with various techniques of influence (NLP and others) and if I ever feel a sales-person is attempting to influence me to purchase the more expensive option even if it clearly isn't the best choice for my needs, the talk is over and I walk out (many automobile dealers have lost a sale due to cheesy sales techniques, and I pay in cash). Suffice it to say, Tim appeared to only have one interest in mind:  helping me find the right guitar that fulfilled my needs as a musician. He did just that and, in a year or two, I'll be back at the Sam Ash Buffalo Grove location for my next guitar


— Jordan S.

Dear Mr. Ash,

I felt like I need to let you know how well I have been treated by some of your group. ..I have had the pleasure of dealing with MR JOHN HENEY, a manager at one of your NY stores...he is an asset to your company and has done a fantastic job in customer service and making sales that turns into repeat business!  If I could force you to give him a raise I would not hesitate.  I will always do business with you and your family of employees because of the pleasure I have had in my dealings with John. Please consider him as one of your best because in my eyes. ..your customer. ..he is! Thank you for having such a great sales team with fair prices and excellent customer service. the most famous words...I'll be back!  Kind regards.

— Tim

Hello Michael. I would like to say that your employee, Colin, is a fantastic asset to Sam Ash! He answered all my questions in a professional manner, provided valuable information about the products I was asking about, brought down drumsets so I could play them and see the conditions they were in, and was friendly and courteous at all times.

I hope you and Sam Ash's management team appreciate how important and rare an employee like Colin is to your store. Because of him, and you, too, I will continue to buy my equipment at Sam Ash.

There was also another employee, a tall thin young man with a goatee, I believe, who sold me the double Pearl drum pedal. He was great, too.

The Pearl Pro DX sounds incredible! A little beat up, but so am I. LOL.  Colin provided me with the name of a metal cleaner and the first drum I cleaned shines like its brand knew!

Thank you. See you all soon!

— Luis M.

Greetings Sam,

I had a great experience yesterday at your San Diego store and wanted to let you know about it.   I bought a Mackie SRM150 but quickly realized I wasn't necessarily going to get the
mounting configuration that I wanted even with all the available stands (for a percussion setup).

In steps audio bubba Jim Sutherland.  Made it look easy.  As I was visualizing exactly what I wanted, he was one step ahead of me.  I'm sure I changed course a few times too, but it didn't
phase him a bit.  Guy knows his stuff.  Very much appreciate the extra mile customer service.  Friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, AND I learned a few things.  I now have exactly what I wanted.
A great ambassador for Sam Ash.  Please pass my comments forward.

By the way, welcome to San Diego!  So great to have you guys here.  You guys are the competition.  Very much appreciate finally having a quality music store in Americas Finest City!


— Mike S.


Just wanted to write a note to say what an amazing staff you have at your San Diego store. I needed guitar strings for a gig tonight, and knew I wasn't gonna make it to the store in time for the 9pm close.

I called with a crazy idea: to purchase strings over the phone and have your staff leave them somewhere outside the store. I understood the risk that they may get stolen, but was willing to take the risk.

Your folks did me one better: staying open an extra 15 minutes for us to get there, and then - on top of that - hooking us up with some brand new DR strings that haven't even been available yet.

They were the nicest people ever. Everyone was smiling and awesome. I can't express how much it meant!

I've been a loyal Sweetwater customer for big purchases for years - GC for smaller stuff. I'll never spend another nickel with either again.

Your newest loyal customer,

— Steve R.

My name is Brandon L. and I live in San Antonio, Texas. I recently purchased a pre-owned 88-key KORG SP-25 digital piano and a very new KORG Minilogue in the past 2 weeks at the 25 NE I 410 Loop location here in SA.

I am very happy to tell you that my several visits over the past few weeks have been some of the best customer service I've ever had. I never do things like this but I just have to- Roland P., Ken ... G?, Mario T. in the keyboard department, and finally Angela Perez (who gave me your email at the customer service desk) were all so nice I even felt a little guilty pestering them with so many questions and eventually a small issue I had with my Minilogue- They helped me every step of the way with big smiles on their faces. I've worked in customer service for a long time and I can confidently say you've got some great people in that store. Maybe if there were a few more on staff they could prevent any more negative reviews. The service was worth the wait times though, and I love that there are plenty of demos to keep me entertained 🙂


— Brandon L.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I've never written a letter of thanks or complement before, but I feel compelled to do so in this case because of the outstanding treatment I revived at your Ontario Mills store located in Ontario California and your exceptional Guitar Manager named Danny Rivera. I purchased a Martin D-28 and Danny was very patient, knowledgeable and applied no pressure on me for this very substantial purchase. After I purchased the guitar I took it in for servicing at your store. Danny contacted me about a week later and told me that my D-28 had a "hairline" fracture in the neck and even though it wouldn't effect the performance, he was going to contact Martin and request a new guitar for me. About a week later the guitar arrived and Danny called me. Upon my arrival Danny showed me the fracture in my old guitar. Only a real professional would nave noticed such a small fraction and Danny presented me with my new D-28 still in the Martin box. Like I said previously, I've never written a letter like this before, but Danny's style, professionalism, knowledge and overall management style compelled me to do so. Danny is also a very nice person. You have a customer for life thanks to the efforts of Danny Rivera. Truly,

— Jim R.


this is to let you know that the sax arrived here today in great shape. (Well, I suppose. Visually it is; I haven't played it.)

But I just wanted you to know not only did it arrive quickly but that it looks fantastic. Whenever I get instruments via eBay, I always expect some kind of wear to be showing. I was shocked when I opened the case. This thing is pristine! Thank you and all the folks working in your system for such a beautiful sax at such an exceptional price.


— Gary S.

I was a customer recently at Sam Ash in Raleigh, and wanted to share my compliments regarding the wonderful service I received.  I returned a keyboard we had purchased for a Christmas present – Andy Cooke facilitated the return graciously and with wonderful professionalism.  He is a great asset to your business, and presents the face of what every service company strives for.    Whenever we need music instruments or technology I the future, we shall return - but will always refer people to Sam Ash, because of Andy Cooke.   Sincerely,

— Jim L.


I my name is William and I just wanted to tell you about the excellent service I received from one of your sales people Rich Keane Jr.
I called a few days before Christmas, trying to locate a guitar which would be a Christmas present for my young niece.
At first I was sad to hear that the guitar that I was looking for had been discontinued.
But Rich went the extra mile and searched the database and found one that was located in Sam Ash in Tampa Fl.
He wanted to make sure the guitar was there and had me hold as he called the Tampa Sam Ash location.
The guitar was there and Rich put a hold on it as I gave him my credit card information.
He even called me back just to let me know there was a slight rip in the original box in came in and asked me if that was acceptable.
He had the guitar shipped, provided me with the tracking number and guitar arrived on time for Christmas.
He gave me exceptional customer service and went the extra mile to make sure I got this on time.
I cannot say how much his hard work made my experience with Sam Ash a wonderful experience.
In this day and age, most customer service is going down hill, but Rich was truly the exception.
As far as I am concerned,he deserves a raise and promotion!!!!!!!
Thank you from a truly satisfied customer.

Thanks again

— William

Dear Mr. Ash:

I am writing to inform you of the extraordinary efforts of an employee at your Sam Ash location in Westbury, Long Island.
I had the good fortune of working with salesperson, Eddie DeCesare in the Drum Department - a relationship that extended from July to mid-October of this year.

The challenge was to restore a 1986 Yamaha record-custom drum set which was missing several original parts which were very difficult to find.
Eddie contacted Yamaha and was relentless in locating every part needed to complete the set over months of effort.  He was knowledgeable, efficient and patient over the months this took to accomplish.  There were periods where I was getting frustrated with certain obstacles that showed up but Eddie consistently responded with comments like "I want to complete this," "I want to make you happy when you leave - and we're not going to stop until you're completely satisfied.

I have been a professional drummer for over 40 years and after frequenting music stores on 48th and 46th Street in NYC, I can honestly say that I have never experienced this level of interest and attention from a salesperson.  I live in Staten Island and it would make more "sense" for me to travel to Brooklyn or NJ so I consider myself lucky to have happened upon the Westbury store where Eddie worked.

This is an employee who is a great asset to Sam Ash, with the organizational and people-skills that make you want to develop a long-term relationship for all of your musical needs.  In my opinion, Eddie DeCesare should be considered for a higher position where he would be able to educate/supervise other salespeople to elicit the same feelings I experienced at the end of our long transaction.

So often, people write to complain about store management or procedure - I felt that it was equally important to praise the efforts of a worker who clearly went "above and beyond" with no expectation and an impressive attitude...I will be back.

— Frank F.

Dear Sam Ash and Management,

My family would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the positive attitude, professionalism, and courtesy of your team members at the Lemon Grove, CA store.  During our first visit, we were amazed at the genial demeanor of every employee - a breath of fresh air based on our previous experience with other national-level music chain stores.  Despite the numerous customers that posed questions which conspicuously challenged the team, each interaction was handled with complete professionalism. We never felt pushed to buy, but were encouraged to try as many models of the instruments. The team skillfully answered all questions and were happy to inform us of equipment options.  Based on our positive experience, we did not waste time to shop around and compare at stores that we previously visited.  Less than 2 weeks later, we purchased intermediate level instruments for our children.  We apologize in advance if we forget to mention some of your stars at Lemon Grove store; we spent our time at the percussion and horns sections:  a. Randy was extremely easy to work with.  His positive attitude, pep in his step, and flexibility facilitated the entire purchase process. When we had equipment issues with the Yamaha keyboard at home, he eagerly prepared a replacement and communicated the solution with his team.  When we returned, everything was ready despite Randy's absence.  b. Keith was very professional and patiently guided us through all of the purchase options. He is an awesome trainer and guided the new team members with complete steadiness. He is very responsive and accurate.  c. Marco easily related to my children's musical instrument interests.  He was able to instantly build rapport with us and our children. It was easy to remember him when we came back to purchase.  d. Kim patiently guided my son in the Trombone selection and allowed him to play in the lesson room during our first visit.  We were disappointed that she was off when we purchased a Conn Trombone during our second visit, but we made sure she got the credit.  We are sure that they possess more positive qualities than what we noticed during our short interaction, but we hope that we were able to clearly convey some of their talents with your corporate team.  The energy at the store speaks highly of Jason Goldin's indisputable concern for the Sam Ash brand, subordinates, and customers.  Please recognize their efforts because they make you look great.  Respectfully,

— Leo C.

Good Morning Richard,

My name is Evan, and I am writing to you to express my positive experiences over the past year, with one of your sales reps at Philadelphia Mills Sam Ash Store #49. In early January of 2015, I made the decision to take my passion for music into a business as a mobile DJ. And after doing some research, I decided that the Sam Ash store #49 was within driving distance from my home. This is how I meet Jason Colucci, who at this point has spent hours thought out the year assisting me in purchasing what I needed to start my mobile Dj business versus selling me random products that are not considered essential to my mobile DJ business. Today, as a result I am averaging 4-6 paid parties a month, all of which I have received positive customer reviews due to simplicity of using the Pioneer DDJSX-2 and the quality sound of the speakers that Jason helped me select.
In short, I wanted to take a minute to highlight your employee Jason, because due to his friendly customer services, patience, and work ethic I have returned to Sam Ash store #49 again and again. And while I must add that at times those prices of online competitors appear to be a better bargain than Sam Ash store prices, it is the personal relationship with Jason that makes it worth paying the extra few bucks for the excellent customer services, hands on approach, and years of experience that Jason provides.  On a side note: something that you cannot purchase online is what Jason did this past Saturday. Jason offered to stop by for a few minutes at the place where I was spinning and he listened to my equipment live and this morning he made some recommendations to further improve my set-up. Now that’s what I call customer service!!
In closing, I want to say that I truly appreciate the quality products that I have purchased at the Sam Ash store #49, and thank you to Jason for his excellent customer service. Hey Sam Ash I will see you during my next purchase of the item that Jason recommended (Dbx goRack performance Processor DGORACKXX-P) Count on it!

— Evan F.

Dear Mike and Dean,

I wanted to Thank you both again for all your selfless help in rectifying my Tele situation.
You guys have the absolute BEST customer service in the area, and always go out of your way to make people happy with their purchases.
If I can ever do anything to help you all out just let me know, but know one thing for sure, that I've told my musician friends to pay you all a visit and see what a real music store is all about.
Your friend, and customer for life,
Happy Holidays to all your staff, and don't work too hard.

— Karl H.

Mr. Colonna,

On Thursday, November 12th I visited the New York Sam Ash store to play and compare various Gibson guitars (L5's, Wes Montgomery, new and vintage). Traveling from upstate New York and new to the city, it turn out to be a wonderful experience. While I did not make a purchase my main objective was to play the various Gibson guitars to narrow down my search of exactly what I'm looking for (L5's of the 70's and 80's in excellent condition) This visit helped tremendously. I would especially like to thank and recognize Bria M. Barfield for her assistance. Ms. Barfield was very knowledgeable about the product, assisted with the various 'side by side' comparison and provided me with time, patience and opportunity to really try each model, yet was readily available for questions.

As a retired music teacher, I have always recognized excellence. I would like to continue this tradition hence the letter and reference to Ms. Barfield's ability as an associate. I'll be closely monitoring the store's stock of Gibson L5's as I await a retirement bonus in the Spring. It was a pleasure to visit your store and felt very welcomed by Ms. Barfield during the playing session. In the event that the "Gibson model" that I'm looking for appears in your stock, it would be a pleasure to visit and hopefully make a purchase. I'll just call ahead to make sure Ms. Barfield is working! Great employee.


— Bill C.

Hi management of Sam Ash

Pls let me say tks to your store at route 22 Springfield NJ, to the guitar service guy Brian k ,he super quickly fixed my guitar bought 5 month ago without charge me a penny. And the store supervisor Reggie( maybe i spell wrong name sorry) who set up mixer for me to try . As a frequent customer at your NY and this NJ store, i have to say i will stay with Sam Ash .not even thinking try at Guitar center.

Can you pass my email to them
Tks and happy holidays !

— Clark Z.


Thank you again for the order and thank the manager at CA store. All arrived in good order, at first I was a bit disappointed with the bSamson 100w PA as it seemed very weak, but after experimenting and trying the output of Steinberg UR 22 thru ¼” plugs direct into separate channels in PA, vs RCA stereo out put to the RCA 9/10 channel> It had a lot more punch to it.
Then after bringing the gift of the Cubase and Steinberg to our local HS, a slight disaster struck when my computer STOPPED seeing the drum VST signal plug in from my EZ drummer software. Well I was TOTALLY LOST and ready to scream as I had upcoming gigs etc so I called Sam Ash in CA and spoke with Abraham Parker, REALLY GREA guy who walkewd me thru on phone and spent the time to make sure it was right and got me goin. So PLEASE acknowledge him thru his manager as I may have written his email incorrectly, VERY sharp and helpful.
Thank YOU- I am a Happy Man NOW!

— Frank S.

I am a small business owner and a part-time drummer. I have a son who plays guitar (and clarinet and trumpet for a short time) and a daughter that plays the violin.

I have been a customer of the Sam Ash store in Atlanta for about 8 years where I have purchased drums and drum equipment, guitar equipment, a trumpet, a clarinet, violin supplies and most recently recording equipment.

Every time I go to Sam Ash, I am so happy that there is a store that has knowledgeable and helpful people. I have worked with people in pretty much every department and have always encountered excellent service and wonderful people.

I am not a "gear head" and do not have the time or the desire to research products prior to making every purchase. It is a pleasure to go somewhere and explain my needs and have someone guide me to the right product with my best interest in mind.

Recently, I purchased some recording gear and have been back a few times with questions. The folks at Sam Ash have been really patient and helped me with all my issues.

A few people that have been really helpful are Cheney Brannon, David Dill and Ethan Jones in the recording area, Jerry in repairs and Mike in drums. There are others as well in the band and guitar areas that have been great as well.

Of special note is the store manager, Steve Blacker, who has always made sure that I have had a great experience.

Too many people think that you can just go online and find the best price and end up with the best product. This thinking assumes that musical instruments and gear are commodities and they are not.

I grew up in Brooklyn so I have always been a Sam Ash fan.

Thank you for having a wonderful store in Atlanta with such great people.

— David B.

Had a great experience at the Clearwater, Fl. store on McMullen Booth Rd. today.

There was a very responsive, energetic young man who came from his regular area into the area for rack mounting equipment. He listened to what I was trying to accomplish, then set to work actually building the custom rack I wanted to build…making valuable suggestions along the way.

He even went the extra mile by grabbing the comparable components to the ones I currently own and intend to use in the rack, just to measure for accuracy whether any adjustments needed to be made.

Honestly, there are not a handful of music stores or personnel who will actually go that extra mile for the client. I walked out with the travel rack all ready for mounting my components….done!

Your store has TONY SCALAMOGNA, and he will be by “go-to” guy from now on.

Please let Tony know how deeply I appreciated his excellent service!!

— Dan H.

Hey guys the guitar arrived in the mail today!
Thank you so much for your time and patience
with me and also another big thank you for the Schecter
Case with the strings, strap, guitar pick and stickers!
You guys didn't have to do that and I just can't express
Enough in a email on how happy I am with you guys!
You guys deliver more than just great service! You guys
deliver an abundance of happiness!
Thank you from the centre of my heart and being!
Wishing you nothing but the best and I will be sure to
tell everyone in Australia about the amazing people
who Work at Sam and Ash!
Kindest regards and mates for life!

— Daniel D.

Mr. Sammy Ash,

I wanted to thank you for your recommendation & kind word on my behalf in my recent purchase of a Gibson guitar. I had been under the weather for a short time, thus my delay in getting back to thank you & your staff. Your store manager & Mr. Brett Manjarrez were very cordial & helpful in my obtaining a fair price for my trade-in toward a Gibson. I've always wanted to own a Gibson, & was finally able to afford one with you & your staff's help.

I hope you have a nice Labor Day holiday & I wish you continued success with your business & musical endeavors.

Thanks again,

— John A.

Mr. Ash….Sammy! I have never been so proud of an instrument as I am of this guitar! I know it will be my new best friend for many years to come! It’s BEAUTIFUL!
As I entered your store, at Rivergate, in Madison TN, I stopped to check in at the counter. A man came up to me..whom I have never met, and said, you must be Chris Williams! I’m Nick! The manager. He wanted to shake my hand and tell me I had received a beautiful Hummingbird! He made me feel like a rock star! As I received the new guitar, out of the factory box, your staff was as excited I was with the guitar! I can’t say enough about your store, you, and your staff! I felt that in the past, but, it was proved to me today!
My next adventure, will be to add the accessories! You have a store full of what I want to play, record, and complement my love for music!
I can guarantee you Sam Ash will be MY store! I can only say Great things about Sam Ash on my media! Please let your staff know, their caring, customer service did not go unnoticed!
Fondest Regards,

— Chris W.

Dear Sam Ash Music,

I am writing to share a "great" experience that I had when purchasing a pre-owned Brian Moore Guitar from our local Sam Ash store (Phoenix). Well, by accident, I was in the mood to purchase a guitar with a syn built in. I made a call to Sam Ash (Phoenix) and spoke with a sales associate who I had many years of dealings with; as we spoke, he said that the only one he had was a Brian Moore; as he turned around to find it, a young man had just purchased it. After a week or so, I happened to be in the store and needed to pick up something from the guitar department. I spoke with Grier and told him how close I came to purchasing a Brian Moore from his store and missed it by one phone call. He turned around and picked one off the shelf! The one that I wanted to purchase was never picked up by the young man. I immediately made the purchase and brought my instrument home (after purchasing the "one year" coverage plan). Well, life keeps people busy, and I let it set for a while. Eventually I picked it up to play it and one of the strings (low E) was not responding. I eventually brought in for repair and picked it up at some time later; here again, life is busy and I did not use it. At some point I picked it up and tried using it and it had the same problem. I do not have dates or a good memory about when I brought it in, but, I did bring it in again for repair. Once again, I let it set and did not get around to use it for some time. Once again, it was not working. At some point, I was going to bring it in and the repair man was out with the flu; then upon his return, he mentioned that he was about 2 weeks behind in repair. So, life gets busy and I waited for several months before bringing it in again. Eventually, I brought it in and it became a bigger challenge for the repair department and not possible to resolve locally. It sat there for many months and I called the repair man and suggested to have it sent to the factory for repair. He agreed and involved management; they were extremely pleasant to work with. Brian Moore suggested a rebuild for 450 dollars ( that was a discount to Sam Ash from 750 dollars). The management offered to pay 250 dollars and I would pay for the balance to up-grade other elements of the guitar. It was a done deal! They sent it out to New York and had it rebuilt and I paid (initially) and was given back the 250 dollars. This process took some time but well worth the delayed action on both of our efforts.

I am extremely grateful to the management for making sure that my purchase was one that I felt good about; they had even offered to purchase the guitar back for what I paid for it (before I offered to pay for some rebuild costs). What could be better then a company that stands behind their products and cares about customer satisfaction? I could not think of a better experience than with Sam Ash. Now I have a like new instrument that is upgraded to the 2015 version of Brian Moore guitars. I must share that the factory was a treat to work with (also); they kept me in the loop of rebuild ideas and product updates. In all it was a great experience with a great end result! Many thanks to Sam Ash for all that they have done to promote customer satisfaction and a great finished product!

Very Satisfied Customer,

— Bob G.

Thanx, Freddy, for the postings & updates, and basically, just your letting me know you give a hoot about the people you sell to. That is not so common anymore, as I'm sure you well know.

And yes, I enjoyed our conversation & you also straightened me out on why you have the shipping policies that you do, and why they now have to be so rigid. You just don't know who, or where now, you can trust anyone ? It's really sad that the cons & thieves have to ruin it for everyone else !

I've been a recovering alcoholic for quite awhile now, and one of the first things you have to get, after realizing that you are powerless over alcohol, or drugs, or both, is that you have to be honest w/ yourself, first & foremost ! Once you live that, you can't go back to the 'old ways' of lying & manipulating, etc. to get over on people and stay sober !

But I can thank my folks & those Parochial School Nuns for that honesty !!! lol And they were Sisters of Mercy, in title at least ! lol

Ah, it was good talking to you, Freddy. And I do appreciate all you have done. I wish I had YOUR bosses' name & email or phone # as I would gladly put a good word in for you; you deserve it !!!

Have a great weekend, Freddy !

— Dave J.


I just wanted to give a positive review of the guitar manager Graham Wise, at Sam Ash at 5700 Mayfield Road, Lyndhurst Ohio, 440 446 0850. I purchased and exchanged a couple of products and expected the usual rudeness that Guitar Center can be known for, but the staff, especially Graham, were very welcoming and forgiving of indecision. My receipt was Invoice #081053OJOP , 08/10/15. Thanks a lot!

— Michael R.

Dear Mr. Ash

I'm the CEO of a $45M/year instrument company selling control and monitoring equipment to the process industry. We are gigantic in customer service, probably the result of me working in my dad's deli when I was a kid and having him hammer courtesy and decorum in my head.

You have an employee in your Tampa, Florida Sam Ash direct department named Nick Bernyk. I would like to single Nick out for outstanding service. I ordered a Nord Electro 5D 73 from your e bay web site and you shipped me a Nord Electro 5D 61, 12 keys short of what I needed.

I called Tampa and got Nick on the phone. He immediately checked stock, found none in Tampa, and then checked stock nationwide and found one in LA. He arranged for them to ship me that unit overnight and then sent me a FedEx shipping label to get the original unit back to you.

Nick called me at least three times to verify information and make sure I understood everything. He also split the transaction so I paid for the Nord from LA on my credit card and I would get credit for that amount the minute you put the wrong unit back in inventory.

If I could hire this young man I would. He should be an example to everyone working customer service at Sam Ash how to treat your customers. In this age of voicemail and terrible manners from most retailers Nick was a breath of fresh air.


Dear Mr. Ash,

I am writing to praise in the highest terms - Kevin - who works in the audio department of your fine store in Carle Place, New York.
I pastor the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Franklin Square and soon will be doing more with radio work and its related audio aspects.
Kevin was so very helpful in counseling me regarding the right equipment to get, explaining the features to me (and also helping me with my ignorance without ever making me feel stupid!). He also ordered an item that we needed that was not in stock.
All of my dealing with Kevin have been outstanding. He is eminently helpful, courteous, and his speech is clear and easy to understand. He could not have been more helpful.
Please acknowledge this in some way to Kevin; and do encourage him in his fine service. He is a real asset to your store in Carle Place.
Yours sincerely,

— Bill S.

Greetings Mr. Crews,

I am writing to you with regard to my experience as a serviced customer that recently purchased a guitar from your store.

I had just purchased a guitar from your store; and I would like to extend my commendations to your store and to Mario in the guitar department, the representative that diligently assisted me throughout the entire process. I am a customer residing in California and had tracked down a guitar that I have been trying to acquire for months at your store.

I had called about two weeks ago to start the entire process of purchasing the instrument. Despite some obstacles, a three hour difference in our respective time zones, and having to communicate mostly via telephone, Mario was very patient, expeditious, and hustled to ensure that he would provide excellent customer service throughout the entire process.

It was a pleasure to receive excellent service from this gentleman and your store. If I am ever around New Jersey, I look forward to the prospect of doing business again.


— Jeremy R.

Hey Rodney,

Got your voicemail yesterday. Thanks for calling and checking up.

Indeed, I got the strat and have been very pleased. That 3-year financing deal was hard to resist…and alas, I could not. I had been on the search for a sage green strat…but that jade metallic is close enough!

I didn’t even realize Sam Ash was an online retailer to the extent of Sweetwater, Musician’s Friend and Zzounds. I’ve mostly dealt with and been satisfied with Sweetwater, but my experience with you guys has been top notch as well.

Thanks again for the good experience. I will be back.

— Aaron


I received the most wonderful service from Sam Ash, a few months ago, from a young lady named Sharon. She was a rockstar!

I purchased a music stand for my son and did lots and lots of research. After my purchase I saw her and asked a lot of questions because my son wandered over to check out another part of the store. She was professional, kind and answered all our questions. She even engaged my 12-year-old son. And let's be honest, most employees, kind of a ignore children. But not Sharon. She was an angel. We were most pleased and felt like we made a great purchase. We definitely will be returning.

Thanks again for hiring such fabulous people like Sharon. She was definitely a true find and an outstanding employee. We were pleased and will tell all our friends about the fabulous Sam Ash Music Store on Sunset.

(Also when I spoke to the GM Bill Buffa he was AWESOME and so easy to talk to. It all made sense because I sincerely believe GREAT leadership, inspires GREAT people. And clearly Bill is an outstanding leader!)

Always my best,

— Faith A.


another successful transaction with you and Billy Morello!

Billy is the gentleman you told me he is and it was one of my best Sam Ash experiences aside from dealing with you personally.

you both have a life long customer in me!!

PS- thx again for being a friend!!


— Joseph L.

Dear Mr. Ash,

My name is Gian T. and I am the music department chair and teacher at the Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS). We met briefly at the launch of the WQXR instrument drive a few weeks ago. I wanted to thank you for all the support Sam Ash has to given to our school over the years. Through instruments, repairs, sheet music, and expert advice Sam Ash has helped to keep the music program at WHEELS alive and well. I look forward to continuing and building our partnership with Sam Ash in the future. Thank you again for all your support!


— Gian T.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to take a brief moment to recognize your Cincinnati Store, and in particular the Sales Manager Chrisopher Donnelly, for the excellent customer service they recently provided me in my purchase of a Martin HD-28 Guitar. Chris helped me work through some minor issues I was having after my purchase and I came away very impressed with Chris, and the everyone else with whom I interacted. I left very satisfied and confident that Sam Ash Music would help me work through any issues I encountered throughout the life of my instrument.

My interactions with the Cincinnati store, and Chris in particular, have left me feeling very good about my decision to purchase a high-end instrument from Sam Ash Music. As a result of my experience Sam Ash has gained a loyal customer, and I will look to Sam Ash music for future purchases.

Thank you,

— Ryan M.

Hello Sam,

We were in the K of P store today to buy a keyboard and some music and Matthew Phillips, Dept. Manager (band and orchestra) helped us. The store was busy, we had 3 of our children with us, and he did a wonderful job of helping us with everything we needed in a timely manner (I think he found the books we needed in a matter of minutes). He was friendly, polite, knowledgeable and helpful. In a day when customer service is almost non existent, Matthew's dedication was very much appreciated! My husband and I have not been into your store in years, but we will not hesitate to come back in for our children's music/instrument needs.

Thank you,

— Mersina S.

No worries! And you are correct, that is definitely a rosewood fretboard. I looked up the serial number and the guitar was made on Aug 17th 2011 right around the time of the raid on Gibson but I guess this one slipped by just in time. It's a good looking cut of rosewood too. If it had been baked maple it would NOT have been a deal breaker for me. I've had a few guitars with "torrefied maple" boards and I though they were fine, somewhere between ebony and rosewood. In any event, the guitar is great, thank you for your accurate description and your great service!


Thanks so much. I really consider what you guys at Sam Ash do to be top notch. In the last year I bought an ESP, a Suhr and one of those new Roland Blues Cube from the Manhattan store, and every time the sales staff there have been awesome. Across the board I think you guys are the best of the bigger music retailers. Always pro, and always willing to go that extra step. Thanks so much, again.

— Brian D.

Just want to express how much I enjoy doing business with your Store. JT and the rest of your staff is always kind, professional and knowledgable.
Every visit has been fun and you need to hear from a music lover like me.
I have been a Sam Ash Customer for 40 plus years starting originally in the NY stores.
I have been in the Amity, Ct store over the past 8 years and wish both the store and staff continued success.
I pledge my support to your location and will always shop with you in the future.


— Gerard N.

Hi Luis,

I was in yesterday early afternoon and had a great experience working with Andrew (goes by Andy). I was about ready to throw the towel in when looking for some things I needed for my violin (which I am very new to). If I would have left discouraged I would probably never had returned to the store however with the patient help and multiple tries of various parts from Andy I was able get what I needed and will be back to the store in the near future.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!!

— Katie T.


My name is Joe from East Islip and I wanted to take a moment to commend the superb and personal service I have received several times from your guitar sales rep Joe. I have made several guitar purchases over the years at your location and on at least 2, possibly 3 occasions, I was assisted by Joe. How lucky was I. Joe has a very good skill set that makes me feel comfortable and not pressured in any way. He also is extremely friendly and makes me feel his goal is to get me a deal I will be happy with. It's guys like Joe that make me want to patronize a long standing franchise like Sam Ash. Of course I have made purchases at competitors or yours but I always feel like they could take me or leave me. Music is something people are passionate about, whether you are a pro or a person who plays as a hobby like myself. But one thing any customer appreciates is having a guy like Joe who goes out of his way to make you feel like you are his priority. Please thank Joe for a job well done, again, and I look forward to returning to your fine store soon.


— Joe K.

George, Phil and crew,

Thank you for the consideration with my purchase of the CHAUVET Light Swarm 5X.

Thanks to Phil for recommending it! I used it the next night at a party. Knew not to bring the laser down onto the dance floor. Eight years ago, kids playing with a hand held laser at a Confirmation party at Snuffy's Pantagis, shot it into my right eye. Cost me $700 in Eye Doctor bills. Nine days with a patch. Parents, old friends, refused to pay!! Haven't called, recommended me, since. Not even a Christmas card.

Had the Swarm playing the ceiling! I spent most of the evening watching the various permutations and combinations! Beautiful. Thank you, Phil!!

I was thinking about buying a new AMP! Been having problems with the 10 year old Peavey. Or was I? Thought it might be the Equalizer. Took the whole system apart. Cleaned all the contacts. Opened the amp to check the 1/4 inch speaker contacts. Have a cable check box. All A-Okay! Ran the whole system in my mother's garage at a pretty high level with the door closed for over 6 hours!!! No problems!!!!?????

Gotta' come in and get a new wireless mic to replace my OOOLLD VEGA. I think that may be where the interference/loud static/pink noise may be dropping in.

What I really gotta' do is buy all the materials, interfaces etc. . . to set up my long overdue DAW!!! I have the the Electro-Voice RE20 I bought from youse geis several years ago. I gotsta' Sound Proof and work in the room!! Do you have any idea how many commercials I haven't done because I don't have the proper accustics!! It's amazing how many Professionl Recording Studios have closed because of the Home DAW. I love going to Pro Studios.

If I didn't hate the lack of sound on Mp3s so much I would buy the whole upgrade to computer Pioneer/Traktor system. So much easier carrying a briefcase rather than my monster!
I have all the software. I have the laptop. So hate the sound!! There is nothing there!!!

It's been a lotta' years I have been visiting youse geis at Sam Ash in Springfield. Thank you, the whole staff, and all who came before, for your kindness, consideration, and professionalism!


— Chuck L.

Dear Music Lovers,

I am writing to express my gratitude to Sam Ash for the expert sales support provided by Greg Feo. His customer service and technical knowledge of guitars is of the highest professional quality. Greg's personal attention to a customer is exemplary, and I would recommend him to any and all of my fellow musicians.

Thank You,

— Marc Mann
Oingo Boingo/ Electric Light Orchestra

Happy Friday to all of you!

I just wanted to pass along a pat on the back to a fellow Sam Ash associate.

Earlier this week, Clearwater got a visit by a local Kindergarten class unexpectedly.

James Carney in the Band dept. took it upon himself to not only give them a tour of our Awesome store, but he also gave the young students an opportunity to learn and try out many different instruments.
Some of the students said that this was the best school trip they took this year. Even better than the trip they went on to Busch Gardens!!!

Attached are a couple of pictures.

He is a great asset to our company, and a great inspiration to all future musicians.

All the best and have a great weekend!

— Corey R.
Lesson Coordinator @ Sam Ash

Dear Sam Ash Representative,

I had a wonderful experience at your store in the Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario, CA and I want to let you know about your sales associate named Peter Alvarez. I really can't tell you how it actually happened, but I went in just browsing around. Not too seriously, but I was considering a travel guitar and had set myself a price limit of $100. He immediately assisted and in just a matter of minutes I felt very informed about what makes a good guitar to have. We actually made our way up from a Fender Squier Mini, to the full size, then started discussing the Epiphones that are on sale. He demonstrated how much fuller the Epiphone SG sounds compared to the ones I was looking at, and even though it was more money than I was willing to spend, I could clearly see that this was the guitar for me. I don't even have buyers remorse, as I got a great guitar, I met someone who I will look forward to doing business with in the future, and I had a good time while I was there. It was open mic night and I feel as though I might even bring my new guitar in some night and give that a try.

Peter Alvarez made my experience more than just a shopping experience.
I definitely know why I picked this guitar and I'm happy with it. And don't really feel like I just went to a music store...I feel like I joined a community.


— Julia S.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this email to express my deep appreciation about the service I received from your employee, Mr. Roland Abreu.

I bought a V200 Fishman Violin Pickup and all the purchase procedure was online. Mr. Abreu was very deferent, explained every single step in details and the product arrived right on time.

Nowadays it is very hard to find a good and honest service, and this is why I am sending this email. Congratulations on your professionalism and on your prepared staff.

Best regards,

— Anna H.

Hey there Doug...

I'm the one curious about slide lessons today at your store in Arlington....
Just wanted to extend some measure of thanks for the abbreviated tutorial.
I open tuned my Dean acoustic and experimented with the techniques you had shown....was shocked that I could play reasonably well.
I played a few chords and I knew it sounded like "Mandolin Wind" by Rod Stewart that I wore out as a teen. Within ten minutes I had the tune down fairly helped that I knew the song like it was 30 years ago.
Just letting ya know that I'll be buying my next few guitars from Sam Ash and you, as I assume you receive commissions on sales. I'm bringing in my Dean as well. Maybe you could see if it's beyond being fine tuned or not before you work on it.
Much thanks again Doug.
My best,

— Tom N.

My name is Tom S. I am contacting you in regards to my recent purchase of a Behringer X32. I had some issues with eBay and PayPal and was directed to contact you guys directly. Upon doing so, Evan Schlossberg was the person who I dealt with. He was patient and was able to keep me happy, which I have been told it's hard to do, and get the sale completed. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and ability to have a sense of humor. I would like to extend my gratitude to him and let you know that because of him I will not only recommend your company to people I know, but I plan on purchasing more of my equipment from you. Thanks again.

— Tom S.

Once again I went to your store and had a conversation with a guy named Eddie in guitars . (4-12-15 the store in Madison Tn )he was a huge help for me with my acoustic recording. The customer service is the best there that's why I wont shop anywhere else . If you guys don't have what I need at your store I'll wait till you do. Thanks Sam Ash.

— Randall H.

Good afternoon Luis,

I wanted to take a moment to send some praise about one of your employees, Andy, in acoustic guitars. I called the store prior to my visit and Andy answered some questions for me regarding a new electric ukulele I wanted to purchase. It was a pleasant exchange and he let me know to ask for him when I got in the store. Upon arriving he approached me first and was super cool and friendly. He gave me space to make my decision and when I was ready he assisted me every step of the way during checkout. I was also looking for a specific tuner in addition to my ukulele and sadly Sam ash was out of the one I wanted but he talked me through other tuners and helped me pick one even better than the original one I wanted! He even took the time to tell me about the open mic night on Wednesdays as well.

I left in a great mood and super excited to get home to play. I was really impressed and satisfied with the service I received. THANKS ANDY!!

I'll definitely be back soon!


— Paige S.
Future Ukulele Rock Star

To the incredible employees of Sam Ash,

Thank you so much for your wonderful service!! Yesterday Geo was extremely helpful and knowledgeable on machine heads for classical guitars. After a frustrating and unsuccessful experience trying to get what I needed at Guitar Center, he was able to give me useful information on the topic. By talking with him, I was able to form a plan of action on how to best fix my guitar. I found him to be intelligent, engaging and great at listening to customer needs.

My experience with Luis was also positive. He is friendly, amiable and very approachable.

After my stellar service at Sam Ash, I would definitely return for any future guitar needs.

Best Regards,

— Lauren G.

A brief note to express my sincere appreciation for a quality product at what I have come to find out is an awesome price, and exceptional customer service and follow up from Mike Abbate.

For years I have been lugging around my drum hardware, cymbal stands, pedals, connecting hardware, etc., and was in the area of a competitors store and went in to check out their drum hardware bags. I was shown a short bag without wheels for about the same price of the Kaces 46” bag with wheels I purchased on line from Sam Ash. Buying on-line without seeing a product can sometimes be a gamble but when I received the bag I was extremely pleased with the quality and the size of the bag, plenty of room with much to spare for 4 cymbal stands, hi-hat, floor tom legs and tons of other hardware. I believe the bag I purchased from Sam Ash was similar to the one the competitors sales associate recommended to me but he did not have in stock to show and was almost twice the price.

As if I was not blown away enough after receiving this quality bag just a few days after ordering it on-line with free shipping, only an hour after having received the bag at my door via FedEx I received a call from Mike Abbate of Sam Ash to find out if I was satisfied with my order...what awesome customer service. Mike was very helpful, pleasant and made me feels as if my small on line purchase really mattered to Sam Ash, I am now convinced it does.

Thanks for an awesome on-line purchase experience, a great product at a fair price and exceptional customer service from Mike Abbate.

— Joe S.

You need to know how genuinely professional and helpful Wayne Schneiderman was in my decision to purchase the Roland KV15 drum kit
from Sam Ash. Wayne afforded me sales time, education and follow up telephone calls.

Here’s the thing ... I was in the city Saturday and stopped by your 34th Street store for one more look at the kit. I sat and played,
the kit was in stock; I got caught up in the moment, and bought the kit from Gabriel (also very helpful).

As a business owner I appreciate a true service professional and as a musician I appreciate sincerity, Wayne is the reason I selected this kit and the reason bought it from Sam Ash.


— Peter P.

Dear Mr. Ash,

I want to commend you and your organization for the great job an employee at your Castleton Store in Indianapolis did. His name is Memphis. He really listened to me, was patient and helpful. He ordered a ukulele for me he said he thought would be right. (Skipping details here.) I’ve received it. it is a beautiful instrument, better than I could imagine and the sound is stunningly beautiful, also better than I could have imagined. Because of the time he spent, the fact-finding he did, his familiarity with your products, and musical knowledge, I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend your store and specifically Memphis to anyone I meet.

Thank you so much!

— Liza P.

Today, at the Ontario, California Sam Ash location, I received professional guitar advice and was able to get my new Fender VI bass for much less than the other competitor wanted for it.
Danny, I believe was his name, demonstrates outstanding customer service and has a great approach towards customers.
Sam Ash of Ontario definitely got my business today and will continue getting my business onward!

— Doug D.


My name is Ben. I’ve been shopping at the Lyndhurst, OH location for about 10 years now. I finally had to sit down and write about my amazing experiences. First of all, I LOVE that you guys have sent out the $30.00 gift cards for spending $500.00. Although that’s a steep price to spend, giving back to your customers is a GREAT way to show appreciation. Whether it will be used for strings, maintenance, or a down payment on gear or an instrument, that’s amazing that you guys are giving back. While shopping, I’ve always been helped by an associate very swiftly, and they’ve always been more of a friend than a salesman. As a hungry musician, I’m always learning things from the associates in all the different departments. I’ve shopped at Guitar Center down the road a few times, and their customer service was TERRIBLE and I dealt with complete imbeciles who had no idea what they were talking about. I’ve always had very positive and inviting experiences at your Lyndhurst location.

Secondly, I want to give a special compliment to Senior Department Manager Steve Work(Sheet Music, Band & Orchestral). I can always find him somewhere in the store, and he is always willing to help me out no matter what he’s doing(except when he’s helping another customer obviously). The amount of knowledge and versatility with music that he possesses is AMAZING. Everything from electronics, to help with my upright bass, he keeps up with me no problem. He even helped me pick out a violin at my last visit, and had no hesitation to explain perfect fifths to me. He always has a smile on his face, and shakes my hand at greeting and departure. Steve always goes above and beyond for me. This guy deserves nothing but the best.

Other notable employee mentions are Dane Whalen and Tim(can’t remember his last name but he is in band and orchestra and electronics?). Dane has always helped me in my technical difficulties with the recording software Reason. As a guy who has only played instruments throughout the past ten years, Reason was a little overwhelming for me at first. Dane helped to guide me in a good direction within Reason, but also helped with hardware issues I was having. Very knowledgeable and made my experiences with Reason 8 that much easier. Tim seemed to be a new employee but helped me set up some of my microphones through an interface. I had issues connecting my piano, and he effortlessly picked out a few cords and told me to run it through my interface. Problem solved immediately! Both of these employees are very friendly and are quick to recognize me, and shake my hand at entrance and departure.

I will continue to shop with Sam Ash, and will not go anywhere else. I recommend Sam Ash to all my friends and musical acquaintances. Just wanted to let you know about my amazing experiences with not only the above mentioned employees, but also with EVERYONE(Yes, everyone) in the store.

Thanks for your time,

— Ben M.

I'm no big player or superstar, but I have been involved with music here locally since the late 80's. I've shopped at Paragon Music and Thoroughbred when they were in Tampa back in the day, and since T-Bred took over the Kapok prior to Sam Ash.

With all that time in the stores in mind I wanted to recognize two of your employees who were very helpful to me and felt they deserved your recognition also. Ean and Tony in the Recording section. They were both very courteous, friendly and professional. Tony worked with me through the issues that occurred with my recent purchase of studio monitors, making things right and not once displaying attitude whenever I spoke with him, and Ean for finalizing things during Tony's absence without question or undue delay.
These guys make me want to come back because I know I will get good service. Please give them both a pat on the back for a job well done.

Best Regards,

— John G.

Hello TJ,

Thank you for working with our new school On Stage Music Academy and creating a very positive ongoing relationship with your Westminster store. GM Dan DeHate and Sales Manager Nate Williams have been a pleasure to work with.

We’ve completed our initial gear purchase, and continue to buy more as we equip our school with instruments, amps, mikes, stands, etc., and refer our clients to Sam Ash. Salesman Jeff Livingstone and Drum Manger Bryan Wartelle have been amazingly helpful and professional handling every detail with Nate’s supervision. Additional kudos go to Guitar Technician Travis King, who has set up every guitar and bass before leaving the shop. It is great to have good instruments in great shape. I’ve taken three of my personal guitars in as well – wonderful results.

Richard Rutherford Design referred me to you based on his relationship with you and the family culture of Sam Ash. That family culture comes through strongly with the great people who continue to work with me here near our Long Beach school. Hope you’ll stop in soon when you’re nearby.

Best regards,

— Bill M.
On Stage Music Academy

Dear Mr. Ash,

I'm emailing you to tell you how pleased I was with the service, performance, quality and friendliness of one of your employees at the Columbus, OH location.
Mr. Chad Robinson (Live sound and DJ department) was fantastic with helping me purchase the right Mobile DJ speakers for my needs. He had some great advice on powered speakers to take into consideration. His knowledge, and expertise helped me find the absolute right powered speaker for my application. The checkout process was a breeze. He took time to out of his day to call his manager when the manager was off, to ask for permission to give me a discount on my speaker system. Once again, I was very pleased with the quality and friendliness of Chad.
If you could please email Chad to congratulate him on behalf of his performance, and tell him that I emailed you, I would greatly appreciate it because that man does a very fine job working for you.
Thanks for your time,

— Hunter H.

Dear Mr. Kloska:

I just wanted to share a great experience I had in purchasing a drum kit from Mr. Giliberto.

I called your Lombard store on Wednesday, February 18th. I spoke with a very friendly individual named Dominic. He said I would need to speak with Nick who would be in the store on the 19th. Sure enough, Nick called me yesterday morning. I told him what I wanted to buy. He said he would special order my kit after he spoke with the sales rep. A short time later, Nick called back and informed me that the process was underway. I told Nick that I would come to the store on Friday and firm things up with my payment.

Upon meeting Nick, I was greeted by a warm courteous individual who before starting anything, got me a cup of coffee. He then proceeded with the paperwork. I really appreciated the Veteran's discount I was given. In addition to that, because I am a repeat customer (two other drum kits), Nick graciously included a Zildjian tee shirt in the purchase.

To say that I am a happy customer is putting it mild. Upon its arrival, I will be the proud owner of a Sonor Ascent Jazz kit. Nick (and let's not forget Dominic either) made the whole process smooth and enjoyable.

I would not hesitate at all in recommending this store as a source for their percussion needs.

Thank You.


— Thomas T.

Hi Steve,

I have to say, I love Sam Ash! You guys are my favorite music store because you do it all.
Thank You,

— Marc V.

Hello Mr. Ash

Matthew Phillips, who is the Band & Orchestra Department Manager at your King of Prussia store, gave me your email and suggested that I contact you.

Thanks to Matthew and Clark Mattison, the Brass & Wind Technician -- over $25,000 in donated musical instruments have been given to the students of the Upper Darby School District since last August 2014. That's over 190 instruments in less than six months and I am told there are more coming!

Matthew introduced me to a gentleman named Dr. Paul Nemeth last July. Dr. Nemeth is the Vice President of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs for iCeutica in King of Prussia, PA. Dr. Nemeth also happens to be a huge music and advocate for children. His hobby is going on eBay and bidding on instruments that he feels are of good quality -- then he takes them to Clark who has been fixing them and preparing them for distribution to children who cannot afford to buy or rent quality instruments.

The Upper Darby School District is one of the largest in Pennsylvania with over 12,000 students and 14 schools in an 8.3 square mile area.Serving a largely diverse community of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, there are over 60 birth countries and 70 home languages represented by the students of the Upper Darby School District. More than 65% of the students in the District receive free and reduced lunch.

Here is a recent news link to explain the story a little more:

Before my husband, Brad Schoener (a former Upper Darby School District music teacher) passed away in 2009, he started the Schoener Music Fund with three goals:

provide lessons for talented students who may not be able to afford them
provide instruments for all elementary students who have the desire to learn
establish a summer music camp for elementary students
Thanks to the wonderful employees at your King of Prussia store -- Brad's mission is well underway! We recently honored Dr. Nemeth at our January Gala which highlights the top young musicians in the district and he was able to see more than half of the instrumental students using his instruments!

I can't thank you enough for hiring such caring individuals who are clearly looking out for the young musicians of the future. We are having our 7th Annual Schoener Community Music Festival on Saturday, May 6th and many of those instruments will be being played to raise more money for the Fund.

Since 2009, the Schoener Memorial Music Fund has awarded 78 grants and scholarships totaling $36,500.00. In the 2013-14 school year the Schoener Fund awarded 29 mini-grants to UDSD music teachers totaling $13,500.00 - as well as granting 27 Lesson and MusicMan Camp scholarships totaling $3,000.00.

I just wanted you to know what a difference Sam Ash is making in Upper Darby, PA.


— Jennifer S.
Upper Darby Arts & Education Foundation

Dear Howie,

I very rarely write letters of recommendation for salespeople but wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the professionalism and expertise shown to me by Dave Alford in your Canoga Park, CA store.

In the last two years I have purchased 4 guitars and 1 amp from Dave and he has always given me the best service, pricing when applicable, and expertise. I won't buy anything from the "Kids" at Guitar Center, and will only deal with Dave. He is patient, courteous, and represents the best in a family owned enterprise like Sam Ash.

Thanks for hiring quality sales people like Dave, he is a real pleasure to deal with.

Best Regards

— Steve S.

Hey Luis,

it was great to see you again today. Bumping into you was a real pleasure, as usual.
I've been out the music game for awhile, but now that I'm diving in again, it's great to see you and the always awesome Sam Ash drum department keeping the quality high in service and product.
I just bought my first dbl bass pedal today (finally!) On Wednesday, your salesman Mr. McClintock helped me go through all the options and answered all my questions with confidence. I was nervous to be dropping the cash I was planning on dropping on the pedal (DW 9002) and did a lot of research and had a ton of questions. Xxx set me up to me try out all the pedals I had in mind, took the time needed to answer any and all questions, and really made the experience painless and fun. I havent been inspired and exciting to play for awhile, but your crew really went above and beyond to get me there.
Just wanted to say thanks and see you soon. Be well, man.

— Adam

Over the last several years, your Westminster store has helped in cultivating the talents of my three sons (two guitarists & a saxophonist) ... Here's the first overdue, official THANK YOU to headquarters.
I sincerely cannot think of any other business with the consistent quality, dedication to customer service and corporate character as Sam Ash Music.
But while shopping for a mandolin at Christmas (yes, last minute and final hour!) I was so impressed with the knowledge, courtesy, professionalism and willingness to go, "Above and beyond", by JOHN (store 37 invoice #1224437RKHL).
So a hearty THANK YOU to all of you and again to this young man who is truly, '"Top-notch", and an invaluable asset to your corporation.

Dear Sam,

I usually don't take the time out to write emails or letters like this but I felt I needed to let you know what tremendous "brand ambassadors" you have at your location in Cherry Hill NJ.

I have been a customer of yours for many years and have always enjoyed the service and selection of items in your store. Yesterday I decided to trade in a vintage drum kit that I had not played since my kids (15,17) were born. Traditional drums were too loud and dangerous while the kids were younger and I have been contemplating trading in to an electric kit for a long time.

When I walk into your store in am always greeted by Dan Siri who is consistently a pleasure and always warm and welcoming. After some nice conversation he directed me to your drum specialist Bill Finocciaro who is also an amazing sales person that genuinely makes each customer feel special and important. I had met Bill before and was impressed from the start. Bill helped me with all of my needs and put together a package that was perfect. Besides being an amazing musician he is truly a "great guy" that builds trust and credibility immediately.

I am in the sales and marketing field and know how important it is to have guys like these on the "front line". Even though there is a competitor to yours less than 20 yards away I felt no impulse to "shop" the deal I was getting as I was and have always enjoyed the interaction with both Dan and Bill. I look forward to frequenting your store more often due to these two guys on your Cherry Hill team.

Please let Dan and Bill know how great they are and what a terrific job they are doing representing the Sam Ash brand.

Warmest regards,

— Andrew G.

Superstar Employee

On December 19, 2014 I had the great pleasure of meeting and being helped by Gary Brooks, General Manager of the Franklin Mills Circle, Philadelphia, PA 19154 Store. The previous day I purchased a guitar that was to be shipped to your Franklin Mills Circle Store and was still unsure that I made the right decision. Gary came to my rescue, spent the time with me to understand my music needs and my price range. He recommended an Ibanez Acoustic Parlor Guitar, model AVN1-BS, which I purchased and am very pleased with.

Gary’s demeanor, sincerity and willingness to help went beyond the call of duty. His honesty made me feel like I made a new friend, which I have.

Sam, Gary is a great asset to Sam Ash Quikship Corp. and a mentor not only to his staff and peers but also to the customers who enter his store. He carries on the Sam Ash Legacy; to make a customer’s experience the very best it can be. I am a truly satisfied customer.

My most sincere thanks,

— Larry T.

"Te escribo para agradecerte tu gestion en la compra que realicé" = "I want to thank you for your help with the purchase I made"

”Que bueno que haya gente tan eficiente y establecimientos tan serios en donde el cliente es lo primero. Gracias y si necesito algo mas espero que me puedas nuevamente ayudar" =
" It feels good to have people like you, so eficient and serious business like your yours where the client is always first, If Ineed something else in the future, I wish you are the one to help me"

Good job Manuel!

accept my best wishes for a merry Christmas and happy 2015...i have recommended you to a friend and will not hesitate to do it again..the guitar is terrific and you did a great job!
thank for all

— Pierre R.

My name is Mario B., I'm from Argentina, I was in your store making purchasing instruments, I was attended by Mr Diego sector guitars and basses, which we still care excellence, in terms of the willingness to make the tests that all purchases of this nature requires, we were served with professionalism, where we felt very comfortable throughout which allowed to make a selection that at all times we were satisfied in all and each one of our requirements, they evacuated us doubts, in that operation had to make some moves such as two acquired basses change and then they changed one, which was is by Diego, prior phone call on our part with total clarity and honesty, since not are we added no charge, when it was up since the first two low, were not available in the stock of your shop, the change was made I repeat without any inconvenience personally, or finance charge. By our lack of definition had to again request a change, return the bass and lead the first two that we had bought, that situation to us, put us very uncomfortable, but when we talk to Diego, like the first time it met in the same sense, while it was their day of rest, which shows the dedication to work, while we do not have their presence could make the change we proposed and in the same way that the first time. This is a brief description of what we had to live with Diego, but it is not brief is the appreciation that through this we want to you to get to the and all those who make up this prestigious company, which is not the first time that we buy, the attention was always very good, but this time the truth is that the human element that we attended mainly Diego, is of a quality that does not Diego, is a quality that it is not easy to achieve in the times that we are living; our satisfaction is so great that we can not fail to mention it, why we chose this way to make yourself the receiver and emitter of our appreciation, the said person. We are sure that with people like Diego, things to your company it must facilitate them, we express our satisfaction, take the opportunity to convey a cordial and affectionate greeting.

— Mario B.

Hi Fred

Greetings from Oil & Cowboy country.

I just unpacked the 335 Studio & it’s more beautiful than any of the pictures! And not a noticeable scratch or nick anywhere!

You guys are #1 in my book.

Thanks again for 101% service,

— John L.

I am writing to call to your attention two outstanding employees in your Raleigh, NC store: Matara Calhoun and Lauren Pettit.

They were extremely helpful and worked with me to find a violin on Black Friday. They were very knowledgeable. They made my Sam Ash experience a very positive one.


— Dee S.

Hello friends at Sam Ash Music:

I can't remember Jeff's last name, but he hosts the Wednesday Night Open Mike Night at the Sam Ash Music Cincinnati, Ohio store. I have been a customer with that store for years. But a regular customer for about two years. I have been a student of bass guitar for about four years. BTW, I'm 54 years old. I played percussion in grade school/high school, then also sang in church and in choir at church as an adult.

I was telling "Jeff" that between great instruction from my guitar instructor (a jazz professional himself, great guy named John Toedtman), and opportunities to play on the "stage" at the Cincinnati store, I had the confidence to ask groups and singers at different bars on their open mike nights if I could sit in and play. Man those are exciting times!! I really appreciate the stage at Sam Ash Music store Cincinnati that gave me experience. I would have to encourage you to keep the stage and the evening programs because of the opportunities I'm sure many other people would not have without what you all offer.

Keep up the good work! Sincerely,

— John O.

The other day I was in your Dallas store. I found several items I was interested in in the drum department. Bryan Nicholas helped me out and was awesome! Because of his great customer service, I walked out with $220 worth of cymbals and a carrying bag. That may not seem like a lot of money to SA but it is to me. I used the gear that night in a show and I am 100% happy with the purchase and the customer service given by Bryan. You should definitely reward him in some way as he is a valuable asset to your company. I'll be back because of him and will mostly likely purchase an entire drum kit. Customer retention is 1/2 the battle in the business world!

Chris, Steve,

I was pleasantly surprised by how professional, informative and attentive Ben Perman was a few weeks ago when I called from San Diego asking about a Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335 that your store had for sale. This was a first for me, buying something from across the country without seeing much less playing the guitar. When I initially called and spoke to him he was very eager to help and to find out how this could be done. He went well out of his way to find what needed to be done and then called me back explaining the process. He also provided me detailed pictures as I had requested.

The guitar came in last Saturday just as Ben had described, it’s a keeper and I am glad I was able to work this purchase with his profession assistance.

I just wanted to bring to your attention on how easy and painless this whole experience was. It’s people like Ben that keep us guitar guys going back you Sam Ash over your competitors.

— Adrian R.

Thank you for speaking to me just now about the really exceptional service I received this morning from LARRY BALWIN in your Puente Hills, CA Store. He was such an outstanding example of everything that Sam Ash represents in the music marketplace, I really felt I needed to let corporate know about him.
This morning, I was having warranty repairs done on a Fender Blues Junior III that I purchased in 2011. I couldn’t find my purchase receipt, so the authorized repair center (Paul Morte) called Fender to determine the details which showed the serial number had gone to Sam Ash. At that point I called the store to see if I could find it. Larry Baldwin personally started searching for me and I can't thank him enough for all of the extra efforts he went to on my behalf to help me with a warranty repair problem. The fact that Larry helped me on my initial call was outstanding - looking in all the various databases at Sam Ash to help me locate a 2011 receipt for some warranty amp repair on a Fender Blues Junior III. Throughout the entire process, you continued to try different avenues until you eventually found the unit that I purchased on line in 2011. We initially could not find it because it was my old work telephone number which hindered the computer match. Larry demonstrated outstanding customer service by a dedicated employee that really separates Sam Ash from all the competition. I wanted to let you know at your corporate office and again, thank your team for your support. I will remain a loyal customer to Sam Ash for all my future purchases because of Larry’s dedication & really spectacular customer service. His personal efforts, making my problem – his problem to help solve saved me over $120 in repair costs, so thank you again!

— Glen A.

Larry & Randy,

Thank you all for the great service and fast shipping. Just got the guitar today and boy am I pleasantly surprised. Can't wait to get it home, tune it, and polish it up. Got scared there for a bit, but found the tremolo bar in the front pocket of the gig bag.

Thanks again!

— R. Hinojosa

Hi Luis,

Im writing this email few weeks late because I have been practicing, playing and just feeling super estactic with my purchases and my experience at Sam Ash.

It was a dreary Columbus Day weekend and I was supposed to start practicing piano after having had my first lesson earlier in the week. I simply came in to try the keyboards after doing some research on line. I also intended to get a Cheap key board.

Then Jeff Shapiro entered my life incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. Answered all my questions, played a few of the key boards, and even had them bring one up that was not on the sales floor. We spoke about my playing level and what my goals were.

Im not an easy sell and definitely didn't want to spend more than 100.00 total.

Well Jeff let me ponder my upcoming piano lesson and told me to think about really playing well and investing in myself.

Luis, you came by and also mentioned prepping to play well. You said, you really need to take advantage of the Columbus Day sale and get something you can really learn and grow with.

My intention was to buy a 49 or 61 keyboard cheap and next thing you know after talking with you both and testing the keyboards for feel, listening to them and considering the sale.

I couldn't help myself the only choice was to take the plunge. I purchased an 88 keyboard the Yamaha 35B. Im beyond pleased with it. I barely fit it into my small apartment but, I am having the best time practicing on it and my instructor says he can definitely tell Im not practicing on garbage when we play on his piano.

I ended up buying a stand, a bench, the digital piano, and two piano lesson books I spent over $600 dollars. HA HA I had the best time and feel it was well worth going $500 dollars over my original budget.

I will be back soon to purchase some head phones doing my head phone research:)

Thanks Sam Ash as you can see I made a big leap I was practicing on my neighbors baby piano

My name is Richard V. I visited your Ontario store last night. I am sending this email in to remark on a sales associate you have there - Sean Armendariz. He is an asset to your sales team.

I live in Mentone, seven miles east of Redlands. I was in the market to upgrade my D.J. Equipment and went to the nearest vendor, Guitar Center. My wife accompanied me, and she has a disability and requires a cane to walk. We went in and waited 15 minutes until, someone noticed us and asked if we needed help. I told the salesman what I was interested in, and he went to "go see" if he had it in stock. Well I waited another 10-15 minutes, only to see him working on something else. We left, and drove the 25 minutes out to your store.

We we greeted right away, and were asked if we needed assistance. I informed Sean of what I was looking for. He showed me the equipment and the case for this equipment. Answered all my questions and was very informative. I ended up purchasing the equipment and was very satisfied. The time it took to go in and do this transaction was less than the time wasted at Guitar Center.

I wanted to share this with you and let you know that I will make that 40 minute drive to do business where a customer is appreciated. And I will let my peers know where to go when they are looking to purchase equipment.

Again, thanks to Sean, I am a satisfied Sam Ash customer.


— Richard V.

Dear Sam,

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation to Chris Breedlove’s services at the Canoga Park store during my recent “Yamaha YSV130 electric violin” purchase for my daughter’s birthday.

Chris was very professional, friendly, and easy to talk to. He went out of his way to make sure I am fully satisfied.

I appreciate his help a lot and believe me I will definitely go back to him for future purchases.

I thought I let you know about my appreciation to his great services

Best regards,

— Jack S.


I would like to take a minute to thank your staff at the Amity Rd New Haven store for all their help in selecting a guitar this month. I have been a long time Sam Ash customer and have owned pretty much every make and model electric out there including the very high end range and have been known to walk into a store and leave with a Gibson Les Paul Standard. I don't play as regularly anymore and recently brought in a Epiphone Flying V for store trade after being treated as if I were bothering the assistant manager at the Orange Guitar Center. His condescending attitude resulted in a formal complaint with their corporate office. That said back over to Sam Ash. I was given a quite reasonable trade-in from Jordan and Bill who were quite pleasant to work with. The girl on the desk was also very nice - forgot name but it was a Saturday if that helps. I picked an Epiphone Les Paul as my trade only to realize after a week of playing it that the neck profile bothered the arthritis in my thumb. When I brought it back I was given full credit and finally settled on a Schecter which I am very pleased with. Bill and the team recognized that the long term relationship with the customer is the goal - not cheating them out of $100 like GC. Please take a minute to recognize the team on my behalf.

— Raymond S.

Good Morning,

I am writing today to express my sincere appreciation to Sam Ash and to the Cherry Hill NJ store and their exceptional staff, including Dan Siri, who was my contact, for the quick and admirable solution to my situation. As indicated in my previous letter, I am a loyal Sam Ash customer and this last experience confirms why in the past and now in the future I will continue to buy all my gear and equipment there. I will certainly tell everyone about this great experience and the value it has doing business with Sam Ash. Once again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

— Todd K.

Dear Mr. Ash

I just wanted to give you some feedback on how much I enjoy shopping in your stores, especially the one I went to last week in Raleigh. I have actually shopped at Sam Ash in Goodlettsville a fair bit before and it is a really great store with friendly helpful staff. I don't live in the USA so I drop in whenever I am in Nashville to pick up goodies and it is my favorite place to shop.
Since I like the Goodlettsville store so much I dropped into the Raleigh store after the IBMA World of Bluegrass event last Sunday. I didn't really need anything but I thought I would look around. I was helped by two gentlemen in the audio equipment section. (I am so sorry I can't remember their names but the store manager does remember who was on that day so hopefully he will get the right feedback to them.) The two went out of their way to be helpful even though I was making a very small purchase. They were very knowledgeable and fun and made it a great experience. I'm not sure you are supposed to laugh that much when shopping but I did and it cheered me up for the rest of the week! Since I was browsing I also saw them interact with several other customers who all received the same level of customer care and left with smiles on their faces.
Also, when I called the store just now to let them know how well their employees were doing I had a really great chat with Andy the store manager. He seemed genuinely happy to know that his people were doing a good job and seemed very passionate about customer care. So I thought you might like to know that too.
I will certainly go back next year when I am in Raleigh based on this.

— Ellie W.

Hi, my name is Debbie W. My son and I had a wonderful experience in your Richmond, Va. store last night and I wanted to share it with you. We recently had our house broken into and had three guitars and an amp stolen. { Two of those guitars and the amp had been bought at this store } We reported it to the police and hoped that we would be lucky enough to get everything back, but that was just wishful thinking. After several months of having no music in the house, I couldn't take it anymore. My husband passed away a few years ago so money is tight. We had a man by the name of Jamie help us out. We wanted good quality, but we had to work within a budget. He took time with us and helped us find exactly what we were looking for. When we got home last night my son played for hours and it was music to my ears. I had so missed listening to his talent. Jamie helped us from beginning to end. He found us the perfect equipment, rang up our sales and then loaded our truck. We ended on a hand shake and I felt we had made a new friend. I couldn't let a day go by without letting you know how very much we appreciate your store and the wonderful customer service we received from Jamie. We will be Sam Ash customers for life! Thanks again!

— Debbie W.

I have to give another kudos to your folks at your San Antonio store. I had to drop in today to buy a couple of Dunlop Strap Loks and was waited on promptly by Phil S.

I always notice when your salesmen drop what they are doing and service a customer, specially me, a 60 year old, gray haired old man.

I love going in your store.

— Joe M.

Dear Sam Ash Family,

I would like to share my appreciation for many wonderful purchases at your King Of Prussia, PA store. I have been a long time customer and have had many great purchasing experiences through both the drum/percussion departments and sound/audio departments for over 15 years. Moving up to Barto, PA from Oaks, PA has increased my distance travel time to sometimes over an hour in traffic. But, with the great the staff you have it is worth the travel.

I would like to particularly mention a few in specific that have made a very positive impact over the last several years. Mike from management, Dave in drums, and Ryan in pro audio. All three of these staff personal have outlined the definition to me of the perfect blend of attitude, intelligence, and trust that gives me the warm sense of comfort when entering your store. Being a semi pro drummer for many years has required a large sum of money in the upkeep of my PA system and drum kit. These purchases are very stress free with the help and guidance of your previously mentioned employees and would like to take this time in recognizing their greatly appreciated work. Thank you again for their wonderful help and will keep returning to your KOP branch loyally because of it!

Your Loyal Customer,

— Dean V.

Hello to all,

I want to give a huge shout out to one of your stores, Sam Ash Store# 46 on 912 Lee Road, Orlando, FL, for the return of my guitars that were stolen in a robbery from me. The robbery happened late afternoon on 9/16. The guitars were recovered on 9/17 when the criminals attempted to sell them at the store. Nick Smith and Jeff Bowen were very helpful, aware, and instrumental in this recovery. One of those guitars is a Gibson Les Paul 25/50 Anniversary that has been in my family for well over 30 years inhereted from my father. Please take good care of your employees, they deserve respect.

Thank you for your time.

— Neil

Alan Thomas was very pleasant and eager to assist on the phone. He was an absolute gem, and he made my experience with Sam Ash a great one! Alan gave me his direct extension so that if I had any further questions, I could contact him directly. He even sent me a follow-up email after we hung up the phone with his contact information and his hours! Please extend my gratitude for his excellent customized customer service, pleasant attitude and attention to detail. He made me feel like I was the most special customer Sam Ash has ever had! You have an excellent employee on your hands, and we need more customer service representatives like him out there. 🙂 Thanks again!

— Laura H.

Hi! I just received my guitar last night and have it at a guitar techs shop to get it all intonated and the works. I could not be happier with this purchase! Truly! You handled my delivery issues with great care. I thank you and will recommend your shop to everyone I know looking into musical instruments.


Best Regards,

— Rhett

Dear Luis,

I just wanted to send you an email to sincerely thank you for all of your help. It was definitely a shock to me when I found out a brand new guitar I ordered from a year and change ago had an issue with one of he pickups. I was scared that it would be too late, but I remembered that this was Sam Ash that we are dealing with. You took over, and I knew I was dealing with a great manager.

John, who helped me on Friday, and Davie Phelps who helped me today did a great job as well. They talked to me with respect, and I can see their passion for music, etc. shine through. Seeing Dana was also a pleasure. But you, Luis, you came through for me! I like that you were friendly and got me to a solution, which was to return the guitar to get an upgraded guitar. I'll tell you right now that I can see myself falling in love with this 1993 Fender Stratocaster American Standard Plus. Due to your leadership decision making, ability to acknowledge the customer's concern(s), and your ability to find a suitable solution that is good for both the customer and Sam Ash, I will forever be a fan of store. I remember buying my first Ibanez guitar when I was in high school from the Sam Ash near Kings Plaza Mall, and I will continue to buy from Sam Ash, due to people like you! They need to promote you to a higher position, so you can use your great leadership skills to bring that special something to the customer experience. Thank you again, my friend.


— Toyin O.







— Dr. George L.

Hey Carm,

Thanks again for your caring and attention to this issue, and as we both know all too well, things happen. What’s important is how these issues are handled, and you have been most helpful and professional. This was actually my first order with Sam Ash and because it’s obvious you and the Sam Ash company truly care about customers, I will definitely continue to order from Sam Ash, as well as recommend the company to my friends and fellow members on the guitar forums I’m a part of.

My best,

— Denny C.


I wanted to thank you for helping me out with my cymbal purchase with George Petit a couple of weeks ago. We spent 8 days in Woodstock recording 20 tracks for his album ranging from jazz, to Brazilian, to rock, to surfer beats…I mean, a really diverse range of music and those cymbals absolutely MADE the record. They worked for everything. George will tell you the same.

Kirill was also a huge help and a is obviously a great employee. Very knowledgeable about the equipment.

Thank you again!

— Mark D.

To whom it may concern,

About one month ago our company decided to upgrade our current sound system in our main conference room so I started to look around for a new system. I stopped by the Sam Ash music store in the city of industry met Sam Adame. Sam came by our building a few days later upon our request to give us some professional advice on what system will be the most suitable one for us and later sent us quotes for different budgets. Once we made the purchase of the system, he visited us again for a couple times, helping us to install the sound system and giving our personnel a crash course on how to use the system to get the best sound effect. Overall we are very happy with the new sound system and really appreciated his work for us.
Best regards,

— Joshua L.

Wonderful Guitar Repair

This morning, I took my acoustic guitar into the Sam Ash store in San Antonio to get two repairs. The person in the reception area courteously greeted me, asked what I needed, filled out a form, then sent me to the luthier (Michael Canales). When I entered his room, Michael stopped working, came around the counter, offered me a friendly handshake, and said, "My name is Michael." I reciprocated, then explained that several times, the 3rd string of my guitar broke while tuning. He patiently explained the probable cause, then quickly made the needed repair. I then asked him to install a guitar strap button and that I could leave the guitar for several days for the repair. He said that he would do it right away and that it would take about 15 minutes. I went to ogle the new guitars and returned in about 10 minutes and the job was done and the paperwork was complete. I thanked him and went to the front to pay the very reasonable bill. Michael is profoundly knowledgeable, extremely courteous, and demonstrated exceptionally professional behavior. He is a true credit to that store and the Sam Ash company. I have bought three new instruments from that Sam Ash store over the years and always go there for my musical needs. All of the staff there are true professionals and are always polite and efficient. Thank you for providing these much needed and appreciated goods and services to the music playing community!

— George A.

Dear Sam Ash Customer Service Department

I am not sure how to contact your individual stores by email and as such would be very grateful if you could pass a huge thank you to the staff in your Richmond, Virginia store, from my husband and me.

My son, who is currently living in the US, contacted your Richmond store earlier this week to see if they had a Slash Gibson guitar in stock. He spoke to an extremely helpful sales assistant who explained the store did not have one in stock but could have one delivered to the store for my son to collect on Friday 8 August. My son explained we could only purchase the guitar if it could definitely be collected that day. As he and his family are about to return to the UK this was the only free day he had to drive to Richmond.

My son contacted the store prior to setting off to find there had been a problem delivering the guitar to the store and unfortunately, it was not actually in the shop. To cut a long story short the staff in the Richmond store then went into overdrive, as having promised that it could be collected on Friday 8 August did everything to ensure my son received it on the promised date.

I would not only like to say thank you for what I can only say was absolutely first class customer service but also a big thank you for making my husband and son two extremely happy people as they are now in receipt of one of the guitars of their dreams!

I would like to extend a special thank you to two staff in particular Nikki (apologies in advance if I have misspelt Nikki's name) for her help when we all initially placed the order and for ensuring the guitar was delivered on 8 August and also to Sarah for sorting the problem with the delayed delivery to the Richmond store. Their help really was extremely appreciated.

My husband, son and me would certainly have no reservations recommending your company to anyone.

Finally, I would also like to thank the Richmond store for the courtesy call they made to my son to check everyone was happy with the guitar, I can confirm it is a big yes!

Many thank again.

Kind regards

— Yvonne S.

I would like to take a moment to thank the people at Sam Ash here in San Antonio. I recently purchased a Les Paul at their store and had an issue with one of the bridge posts not being seated properly. They took the GTR in and attempted to repair it, but the post kept coming loose after stringing it up. After three attempts and the repair not holding I took the Guitar back for an exchange. Fully expecting to have to get upset in order to get what I wanted, they completely surprised me by offering to have a replacement guitar "Overnight" shipped from their warehouse in Florida and in my hands by the next day. I have to say that there just aren't many places you can go anymore and find people, that work in retail, that are more concerned about how the customer feels rather than their numbers. Kudos Sam Ash Music . Stores. You now have a very dedicated and loyal customer in me.

— Alan B.

Hello Frederick!!

Finally, I bought the Korg SDD 3000 pedal in last sunday. Brent Powell was not in the shop but no problem.
Thank you for all and congratulations for your shop. It´s great!!


— Ignacio T.

To Whom It May Concern,

I work in the customer service industry, and a rule I live by is to treat every customer, no matter how large or small, equally. I feel that in order to be a success, we should strive to make every customer satisfied. Other companies such as Porsche, Alaska Airlines and Discount Tire will always get my business because they "get it" and deliver the very best in customer service. I will be adding Sam Ash to that list. I will tell all of my musician friends the experience I had and hopefully send more business your way. I am especially impressed with John Montes, who took a problem, that, lets face it, was not Sam Ash's problem and corrected it anyway. He stayed in constant contact with me and made me a customer for life. My cable arrived yesterday, and even though it was not the one I had selected, I am thrilled with it and love it! Hats off you John and everyone there at Sam "get it" and do a fantastic job! (Can't wait until I can afford that Rickenbacker 4003 Bass!)

— Andrew P.

This afternoon I saw an ad on Facebook that featured the COO of a guitar company that I have admired for some time. I copied the ad, inserted in an email and sent the guy a note telling him how much I love his products and how beautiful his featured guitar was.

Seven (7) minutes later, I get a reply from Sam Ash of Sam Ash Guitars.

Twenty years ago this would have been an ad in ‘Hit Parade’ or ‘Guitar magazine’, a pair of scissors, and what would have looked like a serial killer’s ‘cut out’ fan letter to the guy.

It was the 21st century version of writing Leo Fender or Les Paul or Earl Scheib for that matter!

So… What are you doing to ‘Sam Ash’ your way into people’s consciousness? Are you visible to your customers? Do you dare put your email address next to your name in your ads? Are we all missing an opportunity here?

A work of art.

Thanks for the reply, Sam. Thanks for the quick lesson as well.

— Scott H.

To Whom it may concern,

Today I took my family to the Ontario Mills mall in Ontario,CA to shop for school clothes. When we were finished, our last stop was at Sam Ash to buy my daughter new reeds and a book for her clarinet. After we were finished, we took the kids to the drum room. When we were leaving, we walked out the door and realized my daughter left her bag in the drum room. When my wife and daughter returned, they discovered the bag was missing. She asked if anyone had seen the bag, and she was referred to Chris Seifert. Chris went in the back and looked at the security tapes. Then a few minutes later, him and 2 other employees went into the mall to search for this individual. 20 minutes later, they returned with not only our stolen bag, but had the individual as well. Chris contacted the local police, and assisted us and the police with turning over this individual to the authorities. They were extremely courteous, and helpful every step of the way.

I have never in my life encountered a manager go so far out of his way to help out a customer. But to take the steps he did, to help me retrieve my 10 yr old daughters things is beyond any words imaginable. Please take the time to recognize Mr Seifert, and the rest of the staff at the Ontario store. They have not only earned my business for many years to come, they have earned my thanks and trust inexplicably. I don't know of any better way to return my thanks to Mr. Seifert than to notify the corporate Headquarters of his courageous actions and dedication to his customers.

Thank You sincerely,
From myself, my family, and above all, my 10 year old who's day could not have been saved any better. Thank You.

— Cary T.

I had a wonderful sales experience in your Dallas store at Royal/Central this evening. The salesperson was Steven. He was patient, kind and did the right amount of upselling. GREAT job!

Dear Mr. Moore,

I would like to take a couple minutes to "brag" on Dave, ext. 2253. I called Dave on Thursday regarding a tuba and he gave me wonderful information. After speaking with my daughter, we decided to order the tuba. He said he would get it to me by Monday and when I got home on Friday-----the tuba had already been delivered. I am a greatly satisfied customer and wanted to let you know about this GREAT experience. I will certainly "spread the word" around.

Thank you,

— June J.

Mr. Ash,

I have to let you know about an exceptional employee you have working for your company. His name is Mike Maddux in the Cerritos CA store. I recently purchased a new, not so common, Taylor guitar there and he made it a very pleasurable experience. Even though I live more than 3,000 miles from that store he made me feel like it was just down the street. Since he gave me his cell phone number he was always accessible to answer my many questions and requests. He even went into the store on his day off to personally take my order. The day it was scheduled to be delivered he sent me a text to see if I received it. I was lucky that store had the exact guitar I was looking for and Mike was working there. I don't encounter exceptional service often these days which is why I am taking the time to complement Mike. Thank you for having Mike working at that store.

— Tom M.

Hi Jimmy,

I'm sure you're expecting a complaint based on my subject but I'm writing to let you know how exceptional my experience was today working with Matt Stone!

Matt answered all of my questions to the best of his knowledge and proactively made sure he found answers to things he did not know. I was extremely impressed that he called me to give me an updated status on my request and followed up again this evening.

In a time when people are quick to complain about everything, I wanted to make sure Matt got credit for a job well done!


— Josh N.

Dear Mr. Wooley:

I have been a loyal customer of Sam Ash for about 44 years. I started a band in high school and almost every Saturday, my band members and I took a bus into NYC just to visit Sam Ash (and Manny's) dreaming about the day we could buy equipment. As we grew successful, we always bought from Sam Ash, tens of thousands in PA equipment, instruments, 2 leslies and accessories. I bought my first Les Paul from your Paramus store in the early 80's. I have also been in retail for 36 years, the majority as inventory control manager for 900 Toys R Us stores. I have dealt with thousands of customers.

The reason I am telling you all of this is in all the purchases we have made from Sam Ash and all the people I have dealt with in retail, I have never had someone go out of their way as much as Vatche did in your Paramus store for a $150 purchase. Without getting into all of the details, Vatche has been helping me for about 5 weeks now making sure I got the recording item I was looking for. He made sure I was aware of all the alternatives and that I would be happy with the item I chose. In the end, he had to get it from another store in another state, but I feel confident that he will follow up until I am completely satisfied.

I do not write letters often, but I was compelled to do so considering the high level of service he provided. I hope you have some sort of associate recognition, as Vatche certainly deserves it. I will continue to shop Sam Ash because of associates like Vatche


— Jeff B.

Hey y'all:

I was told by Atlanta store manager Mark Fannin that this email should go to the address I've used. However, I am not really sure who will be reading it. Nonetheless, I have recently had a very positive shopping experience that I want to document.

I am a 68 year old white guy from Augusta, GA. I play guitar, my wife plays keys. We have been in bands together for 25+ years, but pretty much retired in 2004. This summer my most successful band, Johnny Hensley and the Red Hots, was to celebrate its 55th year with a reunion concert supporting Press On, cancer research for children. The band was founded in 1958; I joined the band in 1976, my wife in 1993. I was not going to trust our Kurzweil PC88MX to this big show.

I dropped my decades long subscription to Keyboard Magazine maybe 10 years ago, but I remembered that Nord had received high reviews. I wanted to make sure we could audition one, along with the usual suspects from Roland, Yamaha, Korg, and even Casio. I went online in search of dealers to see who might have a Nord Piano 2 HA88. I made some phone calls, all to Atlanta dealers. I might mention here that John Bond at Ken Stanton and I have a very good relationship, but there are no Nords there.

When I called Sam Ash in Atlanta and asked for a salesperson in Pro Keyboards, I was lucky enough to talk to T. This was on Friday June 27. On the way to Atlanta on Tuesday, July 1, I called Sam Ash Atlanta to tell T we were on the way. When I got there T, now known to me as Talib Shabazz, was superb. He escorted my wife to every pro and semi-pro keyboard in stock. He was patient with the somewhat elderly people that my wife and I have become. He helped us properly audition the Nord product in stock, a Stage 2 as I recall. My wife chose the Nord, based on Key action and the assurance that the Piano 2 HA88 would have the same action and the same sounds we wanted (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Steinway, Honer Clavinet, full orchestral strings) as found on the Stage 2. We were assured that a Piano 2 HA88 could be drop shipped to Augusta in just a couple of days. OK, Sold! Transaction completed, great customer service, two happy hours for me and my wife. The Keyboard was in our home by Thursday (maybe Friday). It is a superb product. Way to go T!

But wait, there is more.

It turns out that after I had called Talib on the way to Atlanta, he received word that his storage unit had been broken into. I found out later (I am now a repeat customer) that there were some priceless pieces of memorabilia in that unit. I am so amazed that Talib stayed in the store until my wife and I arrived, and was so cool and patient with us. He must have been churning inside, yet he was giving the greatest customer service to my wife. Unbelievable.

That is the story. Thanks for taking it in. You have a winner in Talib Shabazz at Sam Ash in Atlanta.

— James B.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a musician, specifically a guitar player and singer. My 12 year old son, Kyle is a guitar player, too. I have purchased a Taylor GS mini and an American Stratocaster at your store. I have had excellent service each and every time I have walked in. Every employee is friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable.

Recently, I decided to let my son play my 1964 Gibson ES330. It is a beautiful guitar that I have taken very good care of. I heard a small buzz and thought it would be nice to get it tuned up. This guitar had not been played for more than a decade and I had no idea what I was getting into.

My musician friends told me that I should take my guitar to McCabe's in Santa Monica, that there was a technician trustworthy to work on vintage guitars. When I went there, he was not available. Another employee told me that he would not trust a vintage guitar to ANYONE except Bob Fredrickson at the Canoga Park Sam Ash. He said it was worth the drive to the valley. I laughed to myself, since this is my music store.

I met Bob "the Guru" Fredrickson and like him immediately. His genuine happy personality and love for what he does is quite apparent. He was thrilled to play the beautiful red, hollow body and boy, can he play! I could listen to him all day. His stories about his playing days and all the people he knows should be written in a book. I brought the guitar in on a Saturday and it was ready on Tuesday.

The care and expertise Bob used on my guitar is unsurpassed. He played some riffs and explained what adjustments he made. He made me some string recommendations and told me he had enjoyed playing the 1964 beauty. I can understand why he comes so highly recommended. I will put the word out that Bob Fredrickson is THE guitar technician. And more. Period.

Sam Ash Music -You can TRUST!! Just had a very positive experience with Jamie Jackson, Manager, Sam Ash Music store in Castleton.

— Angelo C.

Dear Mr. Colonna,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to you and to your dedicated staff at Sam Ash in NYC.

Last month we were in a serious jam with a gig just hours away from starting and a DJ controller that had suddenly failed.

My support team called Sam Ash from all the way over in Buffalo, NY to explain our plight and ask if there was some way we could make a large emergency purchase of a new controller so the show that evening would not be a complete disaster.

Normally, it is against Sam Ash policy to deal with credit cards over the phone, especially for new clients that have never been to the store.  Your very dedicated team member, Cassius, really felt compassion for our situation and passed our phone call up to you to see if an exception was possible.  Thanks to his endorsement and your kindness, you not only agreed to make the transaction, but Cassius volunteered to DELIVER the new controller right to the event venue!

Talk about "Above and Beyond the Call of Duty" -- you guys really, REALLY saved the day!

Thank you Mr. Colonna!
Thank you Cassius!
Thank you Sam Ash for having such great people and customer service!

Best regards,

— Laura R.
DJ Lulu Productions

Thanks to Carlos at the Sam Ash Music in Lombard for getting my gear in time for my west coast tour!

— Alex J.

Hello Mr. Moore,

I recently purchased a Ludwig Snare drum. I wanted to email you and let you know what a great experience and successful transaction this was. The reason is simply because of Mathew Stone. This Sam Ash team member really went out of his way to ensure my purchase was successful. After I made the online selection, Mathew emailed me to let me know these snares were discontinued. But also mentioned there may be one available at the main office. Yesterday the drum showed up here via FedEx. Mathew's dedication and excellent follow up made my purchase happen. He keep me in the loop through the entire process. This addition to my drum set which I also purchased via Sam Ash is the cherry on top. Again What a great experience and needless to say I am a Sam Ash customer for life.
Please pass along my message to your team members and I look forward to future business with Sam Ash !

Thank You,

— Bernard T.


I just want to give a customer compliment for Jeff Shapiro at 333 west 34 street.

I have a video shoot tonight and didn't buy everything I needed (I came in only thinking I needed one thing) and I called him back and he brought the extra piece I needed all the way to my work during his lunch break!

I mean - that is way above and beyond. I had never shopped at Sam Ash before - but I will be telling everyone I know about this experience.

I hope this makes it's way back to him!


— Danielle N.


I wanted to take a minute and send you a hearty THANKS for getting me the guitar I was searching for. The 2013 Gibson Frank Zappa Roxy SG is simply wonderful!!!! Your staff @ the 34th street store was extremely helpful and great to deal with. Esp. Jeremy. So many “Music Retailers” today simply look at instruments as a commodity business, my experience with your store was definitely impressive.

Thank you, very much.

— Eric B.

I just received this Gibson SG and wanted to tell you it is absolutely perfect. Thanks for your fast delivery and great price. I will continue to follow more items that you are selling on eBay. Thanks again,

— Cary S.

Matthew & The Sam Ash Team

Thank you so much for going absolutely above and beyond to help us find a very specific trombone mouthpiece. Your impressive level of customer service is much appreciated and you will certainly be seeing us in the future.

Thanks Again.

— Laura
Villanova Music Activities

Hi Chris,

This is Jeff M., you sold me a wireless microphone last Tuesday for use in a local festival and we spoke briefly about a pair of EV ZLX-12P cabinets. Well, I spoke to committee members on Thursday about these, we read reviews, etc. and ultimately decided that we needed to go ahead and purchase a pair for the festival over the weekend. On Friday a.m., I picked up the EV's, a pair of stands and a cable. Friday afternoon I had everything hooked up and ready to go (set up was super easy). I can't tell you how impressed we were with the performance of these cabinets - they were awesome! We had record crowds at our festival over the weekend and will likely get another pair before next year's festival. I just want to take a moment and send you a quick thank you for recommending these - they were exactly what we needed!

Best Regards,

— Jeff M.

Hello Sam Ash friends,

I'm just writing to say that I've received the guitar here in Brazil, that I purchase from mr. Rolando Abreu, who has been so attentive and helpful (invoice number 2086-1869-2450-6108), and everything was perfect.
Thanks for your support and great job.

— Alan

Hi Alan,

I wanted to thank you for all you've done in order to make me a satisfied customer with Sam Ash.
I received the pedal Friday in perfect order as you promised.
I appreciated your efforts to track down a pedal in one of the stores and have it shipped to me ASAP. I realized that it could have easy enough for you to say sorry "I can't find any or I'll put you on the waiting list", but you located the item and communicated the status with me as well as a follow up email.
Being in the home renovation business where customer service is just as important as the product, a good effort does not go unnoticed.
So now whenever I'm looking to purchase musical gear, you will be the first sales associate and the first company I'll do business with.


— Marshall G.

To me, Sam Ash music store at Castleton, Indiana is the Rolls Royce of music stores! They flat kick ass! Looking forward to making a purchase real soon there to get a new Epiphone EJ200CE in black with the gold hardware!

— Keith C.

This is to tell you that your company is to be commended for having Angela, your Store Manager in San Antonio, Texas.
I am in the city from Los Angeles on a shooting assignment and lost my SONY MDR7520 headphones enroute here.
Today, I walked into your store in San Antonio since Sam Ash is my store of choice in Canoga Park, CA., the location nearest our studio.
I was looking for 7520's or at minimum,  7510's. You had neither in stock.
However, as I was leaving to head back to my hotel and contact Amazon, Angela asked me, "Did you find what you needed today?"
Someone else, a less engaged salesperson would have hardly taken notice.
I explained my situation and need and Angela dropped everything to help me. She located the headphones and offered to have them here tomorrow.  Not only that, she matched the Amazon online price.
I was so impressed with her customer service, there's no way I'd go anywhere else.
Angela made the difference in this purchase. SHE is why you got my business.
She's amazing and I thought you should know.
If her passion and initiative could be shared with others, Sam Ash will be an even stronger company.

— David C.

Customer compliments for Chris Knight!

You're the reason I came back to SamAsh and continue to purchase from them. You are always very helpful and got me the best prices. I am never shopping at guitar center again!

— Adam K.

The beyond service support of a manager!

It was July 4th and I bought a American DJ light display and I was on vacation from Hawaii. So when I arrived at my hotel I thought I'd just see how to use it. So as I
Tried using it one of the lights didn't work so I looked online for the Las Vegas Sam Ash hours and phone number and It said Friday closed at 9pm. So I rushed down got to the store and it was 8:30pm and it was closed. So just by chance there were 3 guys in the parking lot and one of them I recognized from earlier so I asked him if they closed early he said because of the holiday they closed at 6. So I explained to him my situation that I fly in the morning back to Hawaii and wouldn't get the chance to return it. Low and behold manager Steve Cardiel came to the rescue. So Hearing on what had happened he reopened the store and exchanged my product. I needed this product and today sunday I use it. My deepest thank you and in Hawaii Mahalo goes to him and his staff and like always ill continue to shop at Sam Ash knowing that true heart felt employees work there. Aloha

— Jason S.

I just wanted to thank you again for this guitar. Tonight I played my second gig with it and we clicked. I've never played a telecaster before this one--being left handed and all. I have a fender deluxe reverb and it sounded so good through it. I'm in love and going to put my strat on the backburner for a bit. Thanks again. This guitar is stunning

Dear Mr. Ash:

Hello, my name is Patricia and I am the Parent of an incoming 5th Grader who is trying out for band this upcoming Fall. I called one of your employees, Leslie Falkowski, Department Sales Manager for Sheet Music, Band and Orchestra.
Leslie was very friendly, courteous and exceptional on the Phone when I called to inquire about an ALTO E flat saxophone. I had many questions for Leslie regarding the differences with purchasing or renting either a used or new saxophone; I also inquired about purchasing Insurance and had a myriad of other questions for her. Leslie answered each question calmly, efficiently and was very knowledgeable of the Instrument and what my best options were; however, ultimately left it up to me to make the final decisions.

I especially liked when I brought my Son into the Store and Leslie took him through step by step how to assemble the instrument prior to playing it: and how to hold the instrument while he plays it. I wanted to convey to you the wonderful Employee you have for your company.
Thank you for your time and attention regarding this matter.


— Patricia H.

Dear Sam Ash Family,

My head must have been in the sand for the last several months because I did not know Paul Ash died. I frequent your stores at least twice a month and just noticed a sign that was honoring him. Years ago I had a customer service issue at one of your stores and Paul Ash contacted me personally to resolve it. I was shocked that he would take the time to make sure my concerns were addressed. I really enjoyed speaking to him.My deepest condolences to the Ash family.

God bless,

— Craig Y.

Mr. Ash,

I recently purchased a Jackson Soloist from your cactus location in Phoenix Az, I traded 3 guitars in as credit. my sales rep was a young man named Mike. once I got home and started to play it I was not as in love with it as i hoped, I called the location and spoke with dept manager Elias Srouji. I explained the situation and he was beyond helpful, he asked what i was interested in as an exchange, I said what I was looking for. Mr. Srouji took my number and said he would see if he could find what I was looking for. he called back several times with options for me but none that fit the bill. I also have a Gibson Les Paul and thought maybe I would see if he had something in my price range.When I called back and asked about a Les Paul that I had seen on the wall( an Epiphone Zach Wylde model) he said yes they have it, and that it would be an even swap.So when I went back they were more then helpful, even exchanging the new case that I had purchased for the soloist! you have an amazing staff at that location your General Manager Jason Goldin was very pleasant as well. I am sorry for this being so long winded, but I felt the need to express my sincere thanks to you. As a member of Management myself I know the importance of a quality staff! I am going to make SAM ASH MUSIC my first call for anything I may need in the future.

Most sincerely,

— Patrick W.

Sam Ash Music,

I would like to report that I enjoyed a great customer experience at Sam Ash Music.
Rick, the guitar manager at the King of Prussia PA store did a great job in locating for me a Ruby Red Rickenbacker bass, and having it brought to the King of Prussia store.
It was great to talk with Rick and a pleasure to deal with him and Sam Ash.
Folks like Rick make Sam Ash a great place to shop for musical instruments.
The newly refurbished guitar room is great as well.


— Tom M.

I don't write compliments that often, but I received super service from Danny, and Vince at your Ontario store. I bought an Ovation, and I wasn't happy with it. I returned it, and received the most gracious service and assistance. I was overwhelmed.

I have bought various instruments and musical supplies from that store for about 8-10 years. Sam as should be proud of their employees at that location.

By the way I would like to compliment the young man with dredlocks who assisted me on the original purchase when I bought two guitars. I am embossed to say that I can't remember his name, but he was also very knowledgeable and helpful.

Thanks Sam Ash for your excellent customer support.

— Fred P


I received an email on 6/16 from Cherry Hill store manager Dan Siri with answers to my questions. Thank you for your involvement, quick responses, and following up for me. I also appreciate the speed in which you got back to me as well as your professionalism. It’s very rare these days, especially with big companies such as Sam Ash, and this shows you love music and you are damn good at your job. What a great resource! Have a wonderful day! Sincerely,

— Jennifer

Hi Danil,

I'm happy to say that our daughter's horn teacher has given us a very positive affirmation of the V8D. He's been trying to sell us his truly vintage Conn 8D (it looks it, too), but now with his positive critique, we know that this was the right purchase for us. Thank you again. Please know that our daughter will put it to great use. She's already performing with the Greater Boulder Youth Orchestra, and just entering High School this fall, she should really shine.


— Dave C.


My name is Christopher S, I worked with Sam Ash many years ago. Starting in Hempstead I remember being a Guitar salesman and seeing Jerry in the store often as his office was there, it was inspiring to see his passion in running the company. I worked in Huntington, Carle Place, Queens and finally NYC on 48th st with Bob Cappell. It was a great experience.

I left Sam Ash to pursue a technical career which lead me to a great position at Microsoft, I will always remember the great friends I worked with and felt that Sammy and Ritchie treated their employees well.

I have continued my relationship as a customer even though Guitar Center is much closer to my home, usually purchasing the guitars I couldn’t afford as a kid. Fender American strat, Gibson Les Paul std and Flying V and just recently a Martin D-35. I have many guitars on my list and plan to continue adding to my collection.

I just wanted to point out that if it weren’t for Freddy Giovanelli I would have spent my money elsewhere. He still treats his customers the way we did when I worked in the stores. I wish I could say the same for your Huntington Station store. My recent experience there was disappointing at best. I have come to realize that with competition, growth and ecommerce the store has lost its friendly approach to its loyal customers.

I am sad to say that I will not visit your Huntington Station store again after my experience purchasing the Martin D-35. I don’t hold every store responsible for the few unprofessional people however realistically Guitar Center is near my home. I may still reach out to Freddy in the future.


— Christopher S.

I just wanted to let you know that I was treated VERY well by Greg at your Charlotte, NC store (invoice # 5696, 6/9/14). The item I purchased was a bass flute and I was concerned about packing and getting the item in timely manner. Greg got the flute shipped out so that I wouldn't have to wait the weekend and it would not be sitting in a storage facility for two days. When it arrived, I was very impressed with the way it was boxed and padded---excellent! The item was just as Greg described it and I am very pleased with the way this transaction was handled. I have expressed gratitude to Sam Ash in the past directly to Paul Ash, but I am now very sorry to learn of his passing---he was a great guy. Thanks very much for passing this on to the appropriate people so that they can consider giving Greg at least a pat on the back, if not a raise!

Kind regards,

— Don M.

Dear Sammy Ash,

I just wanted to thank you so very much for your outstanding customer service! My flute is back, everything was handled so well, it sounds great, and I shared this with many people, including a band teacher who is going to refer her woodwinds to Sam Ash.

Thanks again for your great service!

All the best,

— Joyce M.

Hi Allan!

I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate all the help you gave me getting my son his new guitar. It arrived at SCI Laurel Highlands in Somerset on 6/3/14 and Christopher received his new Breedlove on Thursday of last week (6/5/14). He is ecstatic! In love would be more appropriate I Your customer service was far superior to any I've ever received and You and Sam Ash rock! You take care and I'm sure we will talk again. There are, of course, more things he wants to order...haha.

Best wishes,

— Sandra H.

Hello Sam Ash,

I contacted Mr. Allan Radin as an international customer to order a bass to Dubai, UAE. I was very pleased by the service I received. Allan sent me all the details with no delays and I also received my bass ahead of time with a perfect condition and an awesome case!

Thank you for this amazing service; you made it easy for me to buy a bass from the US with a great price.

I can surely say that Allan is an essential part of the Sam Ash team and to Sam Ash's customers.

Thank you for making my day!

Best Regards,

— Ghida El Baba

About two weeks ago I purchased a Gibson J-45 from your Buffalo Grove Illinois location. My salesman was Shaun Paul. He was extremely knowledgeable but what stood out more was his enthusiasm. It was infectious. I don't mean the goofy teenage enthusiasm but the love of playing guitar and connecting people with the right instrument. When I purchased my Gibson, Shaun convinced me to include the two year setup package. I normally don't purchase add-ons but he was persuasive. I have arthritis and when I got home I found the barre chords difficult to play. I dropped into the store a couple of days ago to let Shaun know that I was having a problem playing the J-45 and would probably return it. He pointed out that I had purchased the setup package and that Doug Schoenbeck (Sam Ash Guitar Tech) would set up the guitar to accommodate my arthritis. Doug's love of playing and his craft was obvious. When I picked up my guitar today I was amazed at the change in the playability. The reason that I am taking the time to recognize these two professionals is that they did whatever it took to make me happy with my purchase. In the past I have bought my guitars from Guitar Center and Sweetwater. After this experience I will only purchase from Sam Ash.

— William M.

Mr. Moore;

'Just a note of compliment, regarding one of your staff. Between last Friday and today, I was very ably helped by Justin Jones, regarding an inter-state delivery issue. Mr Jones went way above the call of duty to find information and a potential solution to a snag I ran into.

Suffice it to say my opinion is you have just the right person in dealing with the public in Justin. Helpful, resourceful, and diplomatic. When's the last time the guy was considered for a raise? (No, I'm not a relative or friend!)

Anyway, a good man you have there, and I thought you'd like to know!


— Ric B.

Dear Mr. Ash,

It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone a few weeks ago. As I told you I have been purchasing guitars from your family for many years. I wanted to share with you how nice an experience it was buying a digital piano from your Margate store. Michael Bentivenga presented himself in a very professional manner and was very knowledgeable and respectful. He also delivered the piano to my home and set it up which was very important to me. As always thank you for your kindness.

— Arthur G.

Johnny and the great people of Sam Ash Hollywood

Our DW drum set have arrived.

We cannot thank you enough for making this transaction a successful one.

Not only we received an excellent Dream Drumkit, you have also given a 13 years old child a most memorable child hood event that will live forever.

Zidann my son will post videos of him with his new toy on his facebook page

Do watch out for it

Special thanks to Johnny Matlack for going the extra mile to make this sales transaction a perfect journey even though it's a completely new experience for you.

We hope to do more business with you.

Thank you


— Zalizan Z.

Hello folks,

Hope this finds you well. I just wanted to take a second to recognize one of your team who went above and beyond to provide exactly what i needed. I met Rick in your Hollywood store on Wednesday. I had a request from the audio dept working on my truck, so i set out to find what they wanted. It turned out to be harder than i thought to find the stuff. I was going to have to drive far out of my way to get the remaining pieces until Rick went to another location / department and came back with what would have taken me considerable effort to fetch.

This guy is good at his job. I look forward to calling you guys first next time, no matter where it may be.


— Terry O.


Thanks for the email. I am actually a luthier making custom OM Jumbo guitars from my small shop. Sam Ash has been reliable for me since I first visited the small store in NYC back in 1972. On a whim I bought a Martin knock off that SA had make in Japan - and I still have it, and play it often. I think you guys are special, and the personal touch is what does it. Keep it up, and try to touch your customers whenever possible.

All the best!

— Steve H.

To whom it may concern,

'Sam Ash' has become my gateway to stuff that's not easily available at my local music store.
To order such articles locally can often be a time-consuming ordeal. The shop places the order
with their importing agent - which in his turn may have to contact the manufacturer ...

Despite the fact that I live 3.700 miles away, 'Sam Ash' has shown to be able to have the goods
delivered at my front door in a matter of days - and that to a reasonable cost too.

Recently I wanted to purchase a few items from a major vendor's webshop, but that one was for
people living inside the US only, so I wasn't allowed to place my order. An e-mail request to the
company in question brought the case no further. I was simply told to find any music store carrying
their brand and let that store handle the order. Not very impressive, if I might say!

Finally I e-mailed Mr. Allan Radin at 'Sam Ash' asking for his help, and Mr. Radin came to my rescue!

None of my wanted items were in stock, but he ordered them in, had them repacked and
then shipped to my home address without further delay. A next time he will be my first choice,
that's for sure!

Thank you Allan and 'Sam Ash' for excellent service!


— Finn S.

Dear Christian,

As a longtime customer of Sam Ash, I want to thank you for your fine store, and for the help you have been in serving my needs as a customer.

Also, I want to particularly point out an outstanding member of your sales staff, Anthony Delgado! Anthony has been very, very helpful to me over the years through his effort to be of outstanding service to me as a loyal Sam Ash customer.

He has, on more than one occasion, “gone the extra mile” in providing outstanding customer service. Anthony even voluntarily provided help and assistance on his days off, to track missing orders or to untangle confusion in ordering caused by various factors beyond his control. Also, Anthony has been extremely helpful in dealing with returns or trade-ins… that kind of customer service is to be commended!

Anthony has a very good attitude that makes one feel like he really cares about you as a customer. He also demonstrates a very good understanding of the instruments or equipment that I have purchased, or am interested in purchasing, and he provides useful insight and information regarding my questions about various instruments or equipment.

Additionally, Anthony demonstrates an excellent understanding of the computer and finance systems used in completing some difficult transactions he has had to deal with for a number of my purchases, again he is to be commended for this.

Thank you again!

— John S.


I purchased a guitar from your New York store on 05/28/14 while on vacation, I have now arrived back to the UK and after playing the instrument I would like to say that I am very pleased with it but also the way that your staff member Ira treated me with patience kindness and expertise. He verbally gave me his personal email address but I have forgotten it so I would appreciate if you could forward him this email in the hope he will reply and I can thank him personally? Thank you, A very satisfied...

— Kenny D.

Hey Bob,

Just wanted to drop you a short not and say thanks for the great work you've done on all my basses.
Just when I think I have a bass set up perfectly, you seem to take it one step farther to a place I never thought that bass could go!!
Your passion for what you do with guitars definitely shows in your work.
Looking forward to letting you get your hands on my 66 Fender Jazz!!

All the best,

— Steve Z.


Let me tell you about my Sam Ash experience.

I called Sam Ash and ordered the “Kala U-bass rumbler” on a Friday and inquired about one of the “open boxes” discount. It was not available however I was awarded a discount anyway. I received the product Saturday (the next day) although I did not request overnight delivery. I was expecting it a few days after I ordered it. The product was well packed inside a box that was inside a box. The day after I opened the box I was discarding the packaging when about 15 guitar picks and a Sam Ash T-shirt fell out! I guess all that was complimentary. A week later I received a call from Sam Ash asking if I received the product ok. I was very impressed with the perks and great service.

Customer service is getting rare so thank you for the great service! I will be using Sam Ash again.

— Daniel P.

Hi Sammy,

Just wanted to let you in on a little something in case you didn't know. I'm Lou Esposito the guitar player / singer from the Capris. I'm 62 years old, and bought my first quality guitar from your Kings Hwy store in Brooklyn. It was a Mosrite, and it was 1965, but that's not what I wanted to tell you. I've been going to guitar stores since 1959. In all of those years there was only one music store employee that totally impressed me. I saw the way he treated me, and other customers in his store. He was a manager when I met him. What struck me about him was the way he would back up his sales people. If a situation was over their head, he would save the day by swooping in and making both customer, and employee happy. Through the years it was always the same. Wherever he was working, his employees loved him, as did his customers. I'm sorry I'm rambling on, but I just thought you should know he works for you. He totally knows the business, and we have become friends through the years. I just thought you should know that you have a gem on your hands. His name is Eliot Jacobs. Works at your Cherry Hill store. I don't think he'd like the fact that I sent you this, but I just thought you should know. Thanks Sammy,

— Lou E.

Hi Nick:

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know about our experience with Adam at your Hollywood store. My son and I spent most of the day there on Saturday at Chad Faust’s recommendation. Adam could not have been more helpful, knowledgeable and patient as we went through the process of playing the various saxophones. He spend a great deal of time with us and really helped my son with the process. He made us both very comfortable and was a lot of fun to work with. He and his manager also gave us a great deal and made a very high end instrument affordable for me. The on-site repairman was also very helpful.

Thank you for your part in this. You have quite an asset in Adam. While Hollywood is a distance for us, Adam and his team have truly earned our business. Thanks again!

— Ellen T.

I just wanted to send a thank you for your support and sponsorship of the Victor Wooten Center for Music and Nature. I just attended a week-long camp there, and I have returned a better musician and, more importantly, a better person. Your support of Vic's efforts allow musicians of all ages and abilities to be touched one person at a time. You should be very proud of your support.

— Dave D.

Dear Scott,

I have shopped at your Sam Ash store even though I live in St. Petersburg which is a good 45 minute drive plus it costs $2.50 in tolls(round trip).

Recently, I got a great deal on the Sabian HHX xplosions cymbal crash pack featuring a 16" and an 18" cymbal and I also bought a Tama Imperialstar Poplar snare(in the last few months). This is what I wanted to say about your store:

You have some very good employees working in the Drum Departments including: Alex Shames and Vincent Tufariello. These guys are the best!! They offer direct customer friendly service and make me feel as though I'm like one of their best customers each and every time I shop at the Sarasota Sam Ash store. They are outstanding individuals and your store is definitely my FAVORITE place to shop!!

I have worked in sales throughout my career and would have to admire both Alex and Vincent for going "all out" being "selfless" and focused on my drumming needs when I am in the store. No other music store in the Southwest Central Florida area offers the same customer friendly service equal to what I receive consistently at the Sam Ash in Sarasota, FL.

Please share this letter with Alex and Vincent. Those guys make shopping a pleasure. I know when I come to the Sarasota store, I'm going to have a GOOD if not GREAT experience. Thanks again!!

Truly yours,

— Eric K.

To whom it may concern,

On April 2014 I visited your Ontario Mills location in California to check out some drum hardware. I wasn't planning on spending too much, maybe $80-100 or so. As I walked around the drum dept. I got assisted by associate named Mike Associate # MC8624. He sparked conversation and got me looking at some used drums I got interested in. Again I wasn't planning on buying anything fancy especially a drum kit but Mike somehow managed to get me interested in one particular kit. I then considered adding that kit to my set of drum kits I own, given the asking price was well reasonable. I asked about putting that kit on layaway but he explained to me your policy on used items. After 30 minutes talking I then told Mike I was going to give it another day or so to consider. I walked out of the store without the drums but seriously considering getting them. I called Mike a few days later and made arrangements to go pickup the kit. I insisted he sell me the kit as I wanted to give him credit for his hard work.

To make a long story short Mike went in the store on his DAY OFF to meet me (since I drove from San Diego CA) and checked me out with the set. He took care of me and even fulfilled my special request for a drum head. He made my experience hassle-free and extremely comfortable. He went above and beyond what was expected from him. I have shopped at Guitar Center many times before but have always walked out missing "that special service". As you may well know competition is fierce but the way I, like many I know rather go to someone that listens to our 'needs and wants' than someone who wants to sell us what he considers hot stuff or what's appropriate for some. I plan to take my business to that location when I am in the area.

Being in retail sales for a long time and now running a wireless retail store has taught me that we are at a consumer driven era so excellent customer service is an absolute must. Mike proved he has those skills. I would like to congratulate him and your organization for his service.

— Juan


Thank you so much for taking the time to call today, after I left a voice-mail message describing the superb service of both Scott Salyer and Ryan Sudol in Sarasota, Florida. My call was made simply due to the fact that they earned the recognition.

Having been a long time customer of Sam Ash in New York, now in Florida, I didn't have the same expectations of the professional and courteous service I was so accustomed to in NY.

This couldn't be further from the truth. These two gentlemen, exemplify, and further confirm why I've been purchasing all of my equipment for many years from your company. As a professional musician, service after the sale is just as important as product knowledge in selecting specific gear. Ash has always been there for me; loyalty does indeed matter !!

Scott and Ryan , in my humble opinion, epitomizes the highest level of customer service that I've come to know, expect, and appreciate from Sam Ash.

While having known, and feeling a true sense of sorrow over the loss of Paul, I am delighted that you've celebrated your 90th year in business; no doubt due to the unparalleled level of service of representatives such as Scott and Ryan.

Wishing you many years of continued success,

— Peter S.


I'm not sure what I can add to what Paul said. What you are doing at Sam Ash is quite an amazing experience for these amazingly talented kids. My hope is the corporate "big wigs" at the Sam Ash headquarters realize the amount of effort you are putting into this and the amazing results you are getting out of it, which is a huge reflection of your God given talents! You are truly one the best well rounded musicians I know! For all you have taught these kids, I am truly thankful for you and Rocky, and the entire Sam Ash Team!

And now the difficult part of Midnight Run...there are always lessons to be learned in life and I hope we have taken something away from this. But I will focus on the so many great things that have happened over this past year, like today, Midnight Run was just voted by Nuvo Magazine the second highest award for the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon entertainment. "Best Cover Band" out of more than 80 bands!!! Most of which were adults!!! Helping raise over $25,000 at the Pub Theology Mia Strong event at Mo's Irish Pub, other Pub Theology events, The Stacked Pickle, Teddy's several times...and making $$$!!! Their favorite part...good money too!!! And it all started with Ash Rock!!! And the countless amazing shows on the Sam Ash stage! Again, I hope corporate knows this is working! I know the Chaffee's and the Hughes' will write glowing reviews if needed.

But this is a mere "bump" in the road, all these kids are very special to us all. The Chaffe's and Hughes' are one of the best things to come out of the Ash Rock program, a great family friendship. Midnight Run will go has been branded and made a name for itself this past year and Dr. Ew, Brando, & J.D. make a solid core of great music. Finding a singer may take some time, but that's okay. MR has several shows still lined up over the Summer and Fall, we'll just "improvise" for now.

Again, thank you so much for your efforts with Midnight Run, the entire Ash Rock program, and working with my kiddos!!! Midnight Run is just getting started!!!

— Rick

Mr. Ash,

I don't know if you saw the follow up email I sent on Saturday. I feel it's content is more important than the complaint you responded to.

Many retailers suffer from a great lack of good salespeople (I.e. Most of your competitors). That growing trend combined with the items in my complaint led to the escalation in emotion that brought about my email. I went to the Charlotte store on Saturday to return everything for a refund. Chris was working and could tell I was upset as I explained things to the security guard (obviously I was also louder than I meant to be as well). He came over to see what I was upset about and immediately had a solution. His solution exactly matched yours (except for the $50 credit:)). His words and actions calmed me down and restored my faith in Sam ash as a company.

Your email goes even further towards convincing of the quality behind your name. I'm not just talking about the fact that you took the time to write back but rather all the things that it implies happened before. The fact that Chris' solution matched yours means that you have a well known and clearly stated procedure to address such situations. It also means that the corporate office provided leadership and education to the store managers and they in turn passed it on to their employees. I don't know if most people would be able to recognize that but I do and want to thank you for all you and your management chain did long before I wrote my email.

Please don't forget the important role Chris played here. In no way did I feel he was personally responsible for the issues that came up. I never would have spoken with him on Saturday if I did. He was an excellent sales person initially and truly shinned in his handling of my complaint. I intend to thank him again the next time I'm in the store.

Thank you for your time and for your efforts to keep Sam ash going as long as it has been. The realization of how long I've been shopping with Sam ash was quite painful for me but a testament to the efforts of everyone there.

Thank you again.

— Kevin H.


I just wanted to thank you again for all your help over the last couple weeks. I was having a really hard time with some of my purchases and you were truly a breath of fresh air. I will not hesitate to come back to the Manhattan store as long as you're around.

Thanks again!

All the best,

— Derek R.

Hi Mr. Ash,

I want to thank you for responding to my email a few weeks ago. (I never expected to actually be contacted by Sammy Ash). I've since been contacted by George and David Santamaria. I returned to the store today May 11, 2014 and emailed David about 2 hours before I arrived. He was just arriving as I arrived although I didn't know him and he didn't know me. I decided to take a look again at the speakers and amps before asking for David. I wasn't in the department no more than a few minutes before Demetrius (excuse me if I misspelled the name) approached me and asked if he could help me. Demetrius was professional, knowledgeable, and provided the service that I expect at any business serious about good customer service. After Demetrius responded to most of my questions I asked if David was available and David provided even more outstanding service. I walked in unsure if I was going to make a purchase or not but David persuaded me to make a purchase in excess of $2000. I did put the purchase on layaway but the sale was made. I stated in the previous email that there are other options available but your staff has certainly proven that my earlier visit was simply out of the norm.


— Ryan E.


Enjoyed our conversation. I met Ben North first week at this store. He really turned it
around. I can not call every name at store 55, but all should be reogonized for their efforts
to do a job of exellence. The open mike night is a real joy for those of us that are not pro
performers and your people are to be commended for making all feel welcome and comfortable.
As a vet, the guitars for vets spearheaded by Sarah Massey (a real doer and hustler) really
touched those of us that did service, oooooraaahhh! Kisha Jackson Brown always on the ball
and a sweet multi-tasker. Colin Sprague (Luthier) always taking time to answer the questions.
Jamie Eure seeing that you are taken care of not rushing things. Retail is not an easy thing to
tackle, but your staff there is excellent. If I had a business, I would make every to rustle these
employees for myself.(get it???). I will miss my 8:00 a.m. conversations with Paul as we really
connected for some reason. I would like to think Ya'll (southern for Youse Guys) come from
that same cut of pie. Next time we go to the farm, I will send some p-nuts as promised.
(note that these are Southern grown goobers!!!) and after scoffing down you may be heard
doin th Rebel Yell. (pay back time is sweet A'int it???. Wishing all continued success there,
and lunch is on me if you come this way. (Grits ring a bell?)
Acknowledge these people above if you will. May his blessings be with you.
At your service,

Don't be surprised if I call you at 8:00 a.m. sometime !

— Ken K.


My 13 year old son Ash and I have been taking guitar lessons from Rick Pupello at the Tampa store for approximately two years, and are extremely happy with him. Not only is Rick a great guy and a superb salesman, but probably the best guitarist in Florida. About a year ago, he urged us to perform at the Sam Ash open mike night. I had my reservations about it, as it is designed for original material and we had none. Rick assured us that it would be okay, and told us to tell Mike Prichard (Rick's apartment mate and person organizing the open mike) that Rick approved it and to ensure that we received the $10 Sam Ash store credit for participating. Rick has stated numerously that Sam Ash is a family business, and as such, would appreciate father and son participation. So we did a duet, playing the classic song, "Walk, Don't Run".
Afterwards, I approached Mike Prichard to get the two gift cards, only to find that he refused because the music was not original. I explained to him that Rick said it was okay, to which he responded, "Well Rick's not in charge - I am". Later, Rick became irate when he heard the story. He felt that Mike had undermined his authority and placed him in an embarrassing situation. Please understand that we only performed because of Rick's prompting and to gain a little more time performing. As a retired Northwest Airlines captain, I really didn't need the $20 store credit. But to a 13 year old (12 at the time) my son was heartbroken.
About a month ago, I was approached by Eddie Kessel, sales manager at the Clearwater store, during the Hoener harmonica demonstration. He had been working at the Tampa store at the time of the incident and had heard the story. He asked me if my son and I ever got compensated for performing, and when I said no, he said he would take care of it! He returned a few minutes later with two $10 store credits. I was greatly impressed. Not only did he remember the situation from a year ago, but he made good on what Mike Prichard failed to do. Eddie is the type of person that goes above and beyond expectations, who brings credit to Sam Ash, and is just a caring person.
I cannot speak highly enough of him. You can imagine how elated my son was.
I have been a loyal customer at Sam Ash for 4 1/2 years now and have spent thousands of dollars in your store. Except for this one incident, I have always been very satisfied with store personnel. Please ensure that those who earned it get the recognition they deserve.

— Michael M.

Good morning, Mr. Moore.

I have recently become a first-time customer of Sam Ash, and I wanted to commend the service and above-and-beyond attitude of your sales associate, Matt Stone. He was extremely helpful, promptly returned emails, and ensured my satisfaction right up to and beyond receipt of the product.

Thanks to Matt – and your outstanding prices – I will certainly be a returning customer. Thanks so much!

— Nathaniel R.

Hi Sammy,

I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for allowing us to visit with your Raleigh Store today.

I also wanted to take a moment to brag on the staff at that location. I was thoroughly impressed with the overall quality of the store, the management and the staff. Some of the guys who work there actually had today off work, however, they still came in for our pickup seminar. Kudo's those guys and kudo's to your management as they are doing a great job with keeping the sales team motivated.

We had a blast and look forward to doing more of these seminars as well as getting some well known artists lined up for demos/clinics.

Have a great week!

Kind Regards,

— Andrew S.
Mojo Tone

I would just like to give a big thumbs up to the crew at the Sam Ash San Antonio TX store. I purchased a Gibson Les Paul studio and wasn't satisfied with it. I took it back and exchanged it for a PRS Santana SE model. thanks to the sales rep Shane, and Todd the store manager, I am a very happy camper! They were very happy to work with me and made sure I was satisfied. I have no doubt I will return for any future purchases because of them. Thank you very much guys.

— Philip M.

This note is to compliment Nick Kane, guitar associate, at the Nashville, TN store. Nick in the past year has helped me purchase at least 4 guitars to include 2 gibsons, an old episode elitist and a fender strat. I also just purchased a peavey delta blues amp. Nick's strong points are he is honest, competent, and patient ( he doesn't push just to make a deal) when a potential customer isn't quite sure which guitar will fit the best. For this, I am greatly appreciative.
I want to add the Nashville store provides a comfortable place for musicians of all levels to check out instruments. This is much different than some of the other large music stores throughout the Nashville area. The nature of your front door sign, "come in and play" is then supported by the positive attitude of your employees.
Lastly, whether in the store or on the phone, Nick has been supportive, knows what he is talking about when it comes to guitars and music, and has always shown he really is interested in getting the customer the best instrument for the best price.

Thanks for the way the Sam Ash Family does business.
Appreciate Your Efforts

— Peter A.

Just wanted you to know that The Friends of MHS went into the store today and picked up quite a few incidental items the band teacher had on his needs list. I especially would like you to know that you have one AWESOME employee in the Torrance store by the name of Steven Bowyer. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help us out. It is because of your kindness and his patience that we will be back to Sam Ash in Torrance to purchase all of our other band needs.


— Sherrie S.

Another Satisfied Customer

Just wanted to send a big thanks to the Charlotte Sam Ash for all the help i was given with the purchase of my new Ibanez 7 string and 2 year service plan.
I couldn't be happier.

— Jon P.

Hi Jim,

The bass arrived yesterday. Even played through the low-end bass
amp that I currently have, it still sounds good and is great to play. As
described on your site there is some checking on the finish but, the
instrument still looks good. I'm really pleased I was able to purchase this
bass from you and thanks for your help.

Best regards

— Mark C.

Dear Allan and Benjamin,

Thank you SO much for coming to our Music Career Fair at the Aaron Copland School of Music , Queens College yesterday.
It meant a lot for us to have you and Sam Ash presented at the fair, and I am sure our music students and alumni gained valuable information from you.
So sorry you had trouble with parking. I will definitely guarantee the parking for you next time. Thanks again, and we hope you have a wonderful spring and summer!
Kind wishes,

— Jane C.
Aaron Copland School of Music


My son has been taking piano lessons with Barbara in your Coconut Creek store for just about a year, well sadly she is no longer there so he was switched to work with Adam . After only 2 lessons his whole outlook at learning and practicing piano has change , Adam truly inspired him , Adam should be recognized for his talents in teaching and as a musician , Barbara is also a good teacher and will be missed but having Adam as a teacher has really brought new light to my sons learning , his patience and compassion for teaching a child should also be noted by your company .Adam and Theresa should both be recognized as a asset to Sam Ash .

— Andrea F.

To whom it may concern:

My name is Anthony D. Recently, I visited your Sam Ash store in Tampa, FL, to buy a Yamaha drum set that I had tested out while I was in the store previously. Since the set I had originally tested out was no longer available, I had to purchase another model that was the next size up.
However, when I returned home, I realized that the cymbals were of a different size. I made a few calls to Yamaha, but could not get anywhere with them. Arising from this, I returned to the store and explained my dilemma to Travis Powers.
To cut a long story short, Travis Powers and Danny, the Drum Manager, went above and beyond the call of duty to resolve my problem with the cymbals. It's employees such as Travis and Danny who make it worthwhile being a customer of Sam Ash instead of the Guitar Center that's located just down the street.
Kudos to such personnel who render such sterling customer service!

Sam Ash's customer for life,

— Anthony D.

Dear Sam Ash:

I recently went to Victor Wooten's Center for Music and Nature as a volunteer staff person. This was my 8th time visiting/participating at one of Vic's camps. This letter is to thank you for all you do to support Victor and his camps. These are truly life-changing experiences that would not be possible without your generous support. Thanks again.

— Steve A.

Dear Luis:

I am writing to thank you for your amazing work in assisting me in buying my digital piano last week (Casio Privia PX-150).

Your customer service was impeccable and, along with Chris Flam, you both helped me tremendously in selecting the right keyboard and in delivering the order.

I would like to thank you for your excellent service, professionalism and kindness.


— Ellie I.

I just wanted to acknowledge the great service I have received from Alan Thomas.
There was an error in my order and Alan came up with a quick and creative solution the problem.
Too often now, customer service in general is filled with "I can't do this," lack of knowledge, or the worst - people who act like experts at something they know very little about.
My experience with Alan was like a breath of fresh air.
It's great to feeling when you know someone actually wants to treat you like you matter.

I am the leader of a band at Disney World
I buy a lot of equipment and I can get it anywhere now.
Alan is my first call.

— Tom

Dear Mr. Gillespie,

This past Saturday I and the worship team from our congregation came to your store to purchase sound/music equipment needed for this past Sunday. We were providentially met by one of your sales clerks, Juan Alonso. Due to his expertise and attentiveness, we were in less than 45 minutes able to obtain all that was necessary in terms of equipment need. It is truly a blessing to have an employee such as Mr. Alonso who demonstrates such care and professionalism. He is certainly knowledgeable of what local churches need to not only obtain the necessary equipment, but also to enhance their worship services. Again, thank you for all your help and please commend Mr. Alonso for being an invaluable asset to your business and to the community.
By His sovereign grace,

— Pastor Julio Alves da Silva

A Person in my life who has changed my perspective is my music teacher Mr. Riches. I originally did not like instrumental music, until I came to Sam Ash Music and took lessons with him. I used to hate practicing because I wasn't succeeding, my original mentors were not supportive which didn't help either. When I started lessons with Mr. Riches a new musical beginning unfolded. Before I came there I thought I would never play music again.
I remember my first day there. That day was the day that decided my fate as a musician. The first thing was taking me to an enormous room and picked out a music book to play on. It weird being in a lesson where I got to play what I wanted. Another thing I learned from that day was to let loose a little and enjoy music. In order to teach me this he had me improvising. By the end of the day I realized how much I loved music, and that I wanted to grow up and be a music teacher just like Mr. Riches.
Without his guidance that summer I would have never advanced in music, I also would have never achieved a role as a piccolo player and received piccolo part in my band concert coming up. This shows that many events can change your perspective of something from one thing to another. In the end you many not change or you might just surprise yourself.

— Taylor B.

I was not sure who I was supposed to write this to, but I needed to bring this to the attention of the Head of Sam Ash. Your employee Michael Campbell is nothing but the definition of customer service. Over the past week I have been trying to figure out what speakers to buy. I have had to ship things back and make an exchange, because I was not happy with the original speakers which were not what I wanted. I called your help line to get some insight on what I should be looking for and that is when I spoke to Mr Campbell. He went above and beyond trying to help me. He patiently explained and reexplained different speakers to me. Many times I had passed him of to our IT guy so he could explain it again. Mr. Campbell was so patient and helpful that I am so impressed. This employee needs to be recognized for the amazing job he is doing. I will defiantly be going back to Sam Ash for any of my musical needs and this is because of the wonderful customer service I received from Michael Campbell.

— Jesse A.

Hey TJ,

I wanted to say thanks again… this guitar is it, now we’re talking fine craftsmanship here, and the tone is incredible. I feel complete! I saw this model available in a 7-String version on your site, I'm planning to throw down cash for one once I have enough saved up. I’m currently working on my first solo album which has gain big interest… I grew up inspired by Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, SRV, Gary Moore, Larry Carlton (so many others), a lot of classic rock, metal and hard rock… maybe one day my signature model will be in your store.

Thanks Again

— Gabriel M.


I just wanted to let you know that we have really enjoyed your presence whenever we come to Sam Ash for my children's music lessons. You have always greeted us with a big smile regardless of any situation you might have going on behind the scene. I've enjoyed speaking to you about my goals and my ambition for my children. I feel that you have one of the best personality I've ever met. You have the uniqueness of a leader who represent high quality. You are great with children and thrive to make them more outgoing and open up to you. I think that you are an asset to Sam Ash and they are very lucky to have you.


— Manina B.

Hey just want to let you know the great job David Haley did last week for me

I went to a Sam Ash store in Nashville, Looking for a TV Silver Custom Pro Les Paul Epiphone that was advertised via e-mail. Was not in the store and was told they would order it and call me next week. That did not work out and when I tried to buy the guitar online just 4 days after, it was out of stock. I was very upset.

I called and David Haley found the guitar I was looking for, the very last one, it was an open box, but told me it was opened to take pictures of it, brand new. Got a 30 dollar discount because of the open box.

The guitar arrived very quick and it is awesome, completely new as he told me, accessories and owners manual, could not be happier with it ,I really wanted this guitar and I thought I'd lost the chance to get it. Thanks to David I got it. I also got a t-shirt and stickers. Outstanding !! Let me know if there is a review were I an give him 5 stars.

I own a website called I will definitely recommend to my visitors to buy via over the physical store in Nashville. All their guitars there are open box and they do not give discounts and customer service is not that good, I bought one recently and got the one in display with no discount.
on the other hand my experience buying online was great!

Thanks again and thumbs up for David Haley.

— Enrique S.

Dear Mr. Ash,

I'm a hobby guitar player - have been since I was a teenager in the early 1970s. Used to be, I would cut grass all sumer long to buy a cheap Les Paul or Tele knock-off. Now that I'm older and don't have any time to play, I am finally able to buy the guitars I've wanted all my life. The guys in the guitar department at your Madison, TN store, helped make that dream come true for me this weekend. I'm the very proud owner of a 2008 Gibson VOS Les Paul.

Unlike every other guitar store here in Nashville, the salespeople in your store were relaxed, friendly, helpful, and didn't seem to mind that I wasn't trying to impress anybody with my shredding. It was a very welcome and unexpected break from the usual.I was allowed to play all the Pauls for as long as it took for me to realize that I had found the one. Daniel was very helpful in my selection process. While he obviously knows a LOT about Gibsons, he never made me feel stupid for what I didn't know or couldn't play. His manager, Joe Huettner, closed the deal with me with an offer I couldn't refuse.

Everybody complains, so it's important to me that you know what an awesome job your team did for me. I've already told them. Rest assured, even though your music store is the furthest one from my home here in Nashville of all of them, it is going to be my new number one go-to store for gear.

Thanks for running a top-shelf organization.

Warm regards,

— Robb N.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a drummer that lives in a town about 30 miles north of San Antonio. My music store options are broad - I have a small music store in the town I live in, a Guitar Center very close to your San Antonio location, and a dedicated drum shop, also relatively close to your location. Without question, the customer service I get from your store is the best in this area. Specifically, Jonathon (Drumbo) and James are simply awesome. Always friendly, very helpful, and very professional. These two really represent you well and I have many other friends that are drummers also, and they feel the same way. I will drive the 30 or so miles just to give those two my business.
Best regards,

— Randy M.

Hi Larry et al,

I wanted to take a moment to commend the behavior of your employee, Zac Robinson. Zac runs the drum shop at the Westminster, CA store. He is patient and courteous when dealing with all the diverse clientele. Also, he knows his stuff when it comes to professional level issues and questions. Better still, he can be a bulldog when it comes to dealing with the NAMM elite. Through Zac I had ordered an item from a major manufacturer. The order was placed with a substantial amount of lead time knowing that on my end there was a deadline for when this piece of gear needed to arrive. The company kept making various excuses as to why the order was not being filled. Through my sources I was able to contact the company's Product Manager who told me he was familiar with various horror stories regarding their timing and that I should try a place that acts as the company's "outlet store" if I really needed the item by a certain date. Instead I kept my faith in Zac. Sure enough Zac kept up the pressure until they finally built and then shipped the item. Very impressive.

— Lee K.

Dear Jose,

The guitar is not a beauty, it is a beauty queen!

And your service is 100%. There is nothing more that I could have expected.

Thank you for all your great assistance. It has been my pleasure to deal with you.

Kind regards,

— Shafic

Thanks again for making such a great impact on my husband during his guitar lesson. He LOVED it! He called me immediately after the session and I could just hear the excitement in his voice. He was ecstatic! From the sounds of it, Joel you were an awesome instructor. Anthony absolutely loved working with you! He especially enjoyed working with the electric guitar! Now the countdown to his birthday officially begins! Just 2 more days before he gets his first electric guitar. I'm sure he will be back for another guitar lesson. Thanks a mil for making this scavenger hunt a success!

— Kierra T.

Dear Sam Ash:

I would like to praise the professionalism and customer service skills of rep. David Haley. A couple of weeks ago he placed my order for a Fender Artists Series G.E. Smith Telecaster. Although the guitar arrived in a timely manner, it contained some defects which caused me to return it for a replacement. Sam Ash did not have another G.E. Smith in its warehouse, so Mr. Haley contacted Fender directly with a special order for this model. It arrived the other day and I'm very pleased to say that it is in perfect condition - a wonderful Tele with no issues whatsoever.

Thanks to Mr. Haley's responsiveness in this matter, I am encouraged to continue doing business with Sam Ash.


— Stefan K.

Hello Sam and Howie,

I wanted to send you both a quick note to recognize the excellent customer service provided by Rich Tancredi last week related to my purchase of a Gibson custom shop Les Paul guitar of distinction.

I was travelling on business to the US from Canada and found my dream guitar, Gibson custom Les Paul Standard 1959 historic RI in Bourbon Burst Gloss, on the Sam Ash website the night before I left Canada. I have always wanted to buy a Gibson Les Paul 59 RI and the Bourbon Burst gloss was the color for me-- it was very rare and difficult to find in Canada and in the global marketplace online--- with a trusted seller. I knew and trusted Sam Ash's brand and reputation in US retail. When I landed in the US the following morning, I went back to the Sam Ash website to see if it might be available in the Sam Ash store in White Plains NY where I was staying but it was available for purchase online. After a quick online chat on with Irene she referred me to her manager Rich.

I called Rich and he captured my needs, answered all of my questions and created a solution to have the guitar shipped to the Sam Ash White Plains stores where I could pick it up next day... this was critical as I was only in New York for three days and had a small window outside of business meetings to pick it up. Rich processed the order (did security verification which I appreciate given the value and special circumstances around this order), arranged for expedited delivery and continually updated me on the shipping status throughout the process, advised the store of the shipment was coming and arranged for a store manager to secure and meet with me for the pick up at the store.

I could not be happier with this dream purchase and Rich and the Sam Ash team's excellent customer service to make this happen--the guitar sounds amazing, is beyond beautiful and it is safely home in the Great White North (although flying with a guitar of distinction is not for the faint of heart but I was able to securely store it in the overhead as a carry on). This is my dream guitar and a family heirloom I will pass on to my kids!!!!!

I would definitely buy from Sam Ash again (online International or in the US retail) and would definitely refer friends who are looking for musical instruments.

Thanks again!!!

— Brad G.

Dear Help Representative,

I have had a very good experience with online ordering and also with phone support and I would like to pass along my appreciation.Could you please forward this email to the supervisor for Tyson, who answered my questions about guitars and accessories by phone on 4/5/14? I asked many questions and in the end I placed a small order because I only really needed a gig bag. Tyson was knowledgeable, professional and very patient with all my inquiries, in spite of the fact that I placed a small order.Also, - an unrelated subject - I am very happy with the product I purchased the week before the Ibanez AW 250 Artwood guitar. Once again, thanks very much for all your help
Best wishes

— Maurea L.

Dear Mr. Jerry Ash,

I would like to let you know what an outstanding employee you have in Phil Charles-Pierre. I am the AED of Educational Services at Green Chimneys School and since the first time we decided to use Sam Ash to purchase some electronics, we have dealt with Phil. It has been through my Administrative Assistant, who has been interacting with Phil for the last 6 years, that we decided that his efforts should not go unnoticed. He has always interacted with us with a cheerful disposition and his outgoing personality. Phil has always demonstrated enthusiasm when helping us and always made sure that any of our special needs were met. This kind of service has made us come back over and over for all our electronic needs. He goes above and beyond every time and we greatly appreciate his service.
Too many times, companies are dealing with complaints from unsatisfied customers, but how often do satisfied customers take the time to express their satisfaction? Not too often I would assume. This is why we feel the need to make Sam Ash aware that it is through Phil that Green Chimneys School has purchased all their electronic needs and plan on continuing this relationship with Sam Ash.
Employees like Phil should be acknowledged and appreciated because they are the reason for your success.

Thank You,

— Duncan L.
Green Chimneys Scool

This is to John{guitar repair at franklin mills mall in Philly}From Dave with the yellow Ibanez RG,I am enjoying my guitar,which i call shamus,after a brother i lost to the cancer,I mean John these Zakk Wylde pick ups that you installed are AWESOME,this guitar SINGS!!!my theory behind installing these pickups was that if someone like Zakk has the guts to change les paul pickups{which pafs were always my favorite)then they must be something special,Yeah were rockin the house,the neibors hate me and the cops stop by here and there,they just tell me too turn it down,their cool about it though,my daughter loves it,my girl gives me some hell,But me and Shamus kick it all night long my friend.Thank You for the happiness that you brought me John,I never trusted anyone with this guitar before,i was always installing the stuff myself,as you could probably tell once you openened it up,YOUR THE MAN JOHN.See ya soon,
Love YA Man,

— Dave

Dear Sam,

It was such a pleasure to talk to you this past Friday regarding your company and one of your exceptional instructors…I’d like to expound more if I may.

Remember that feeling when you saw “The Wizard of Oz” for the first time as a child? I remember it was so amazing to see the film turn from black and white to color…I loved that part. I still love the film, but I take away some life lessons these days. Always try to stay away from the wicked witch and her band of flying monkeys…you can still have courage even though you’re afraid…there’s no place like home (wherever that may be)…and Glinda’s very important message about always having the power within.

My daughter Sarah just turned 16. She had been asking to take guitar lessons for quite some time, but I wasn’t sure she really wanted to learn. Her persistence won out and soon an electric guitar was in her grip. Now what should be done? Does she take some lessons online? Do I purchase some DVDs? A trip was made to my local Sam Ash Music Store in Margate, FL and Sarah met Adam Kole. Sarah had never taken a music lesson before so this was brand new territory. Adam immediately made her feel empowered and excited about learning to play.

Adam is one of those rare teachers…he embodies pure talent while remaining humble. He is a bold, confident motivator, yet kind and warmhearted. The connection he creates with his students is very apparent despite their varying ages and abilities. As we leave each lesson and walk to the car she starts to share what her lesson was like with Adam. His passion for music is contagious and he leaves this positive lasting fingerprint on her brain and in her heart to pursue that passion for herself.

Remember in the movie when Dorothy realized she always had the power within herself? Adam shows Sarah every week a glimpse of that power that’s inside her. Adam has the extraordinary ability to be the conduit and help harness that power that every student has to live a passionate musical life.

So Sam, thank you for your time and thank you for employing such an incredible, awesome instructor like Adam Kole.


— Janet N.

I thought you should know that the people working at your Huntington Station location are great. We bought a mandolin for my son and we also got lessons at the store and he loves it. I'm a guitarist and love talking to John Heney Dept. Sales manager who is EXTREMLY knowlegable and very friendly. I would recommend all my family and friends to buy products from your store. I've been playing for 35 years and am a financial advisor, But I would love to work part time at that store because its such a great work enviorment and I love all kinds of music. I wanted you to know that you have a loyal customer for life.


— David K.

Good morning,

My name is Bernie S. and I just purchased a new guitar through Sam Ash Direct. I've spent 10's of thousands of dollar on guitars - left handed guitars to be exact - over the last 30 years and I've never had a better purchasing experience than the one today. To put it bluntly, Paul Winch did an awesome job. I'm a sales consultant and understand the most important thing we can do with any new contact is work to establish a comfortable relationship. Within 5 minutes of talking to Paul, he established the feeling he was working to help me find exactly what I needed without any undue pressure to close the deal. I firmly believe in the maxim, "People don't like to be sold, but they love to buy." Paul made me absolutely love spending money with Sam Ash today.

My hope is Paul will be recognized for his contribution to your companies success. My purchase today was small - less than $1,000.00 - but I can assure you, I will spend much more with Sam Ash based solely on my experience with Paul. I'll also spread the word about the experience I had today. It's great to know there are still companies with professionals like Paul Winch on staff.

Sincerely & Gratefully,

— Bernie S.

To Sammy,

First I want to say I'm sorry about your uncle.
I am writing to tell you about 3 of your employees who go out of their way, bend over backwards, and will do everything they can to help us.
We have many instruments that we have bought from Sam Ash. Also our studio equipment.
Whenever we have questions, problems, or any thing these three men, Max, Zach and Oscar work had to make a customer happy.
Max and Zach work in guitars, Oscar works in orchestra, they are amazing and I thought you should know.

— Nila D.

Dear Mr. Lee

I am writing to you today to recognize Ryan Kelly, your Pro Audi Manager for his exceptional customer service. I was in your King Of Prussia store looking at Yamaha keyboards for my son several weeks ago and was fortunate enough to be assisted by Ryan. I had a number of questions regarding which keyboard would work best for my son. I also had questions about how to integrate the keyboard with our Mac and GarageBand. Ryan spent nearly an hour with me answering all of my questions in great detail. It was evident that Ryan has a great passion for music and truly loves his job.

When I got home, I discovered that the keyboard did not come with an AC adapter. After speaking with Ryan, I was under the impression that the keyboard came with one but apparently did not. I called the store and Ryan apologized and said he would get me one at no charge. I expressed my sincere thanks and said I would come by to pick it up. Well a few days past and I hadn't made it down to the store. Ryan called me several times to let me know it was there and ready to be picked up. He then offered to mail it to me and I was fine with that.

On Monday evening my doorbell rang and I thought it would be some door to door salesman. Sure enough, it was Ryan at my door with the adapter. I was absolutely blown away that he would go out of his way, on his own time, to drive the adapter out to my home in Malvern. Ryan is an exceptionally dedicated employee and is truly an asset to the Sam Ash organization. Please forward my sincere thanks on to Ryan as well as senior management. It is extremely rare in this day and age to come across someone who is as dedicated and committed to customer service as Ryan and he deserves to be commended.

Many Thanks,

— Douglas S.

People's Court Taping

Good Afternoon Sam,

I appreciate you allowing Mike Rock to be my expert witness at the recent taping of “The People’s Court.” His representation with an authentic Gibson Les Paul vs. the counterfeit was excellent, and it helped me to win the case. Also, I wanted to thank you for Jim Agnello and Matt Michalsky at your Columbus, Ohio store in their effort to connect me with Mike Rock. You’ve got a great team on your staff! I hope this adventure proves to be a good Sam Ash promotional. I am sure Gibson Guitars will be pleased. Thanks again for everything Sam, and have a great day!

Thank you,

— Dave R.

Good Morning Sammy

I just wanted to send you a message to THANK YOU for allowing me the opportunity to purchase the Rickanbacker 360/12 Guitar of Distinction and to give me such a great price on the instrument.

Being that I am a big fan of the Beatles Music, yes, I'm no kid anymore, lol, when I saw that guitar and read that it is a replica of the guitar used by George Harrison in some of the songs that I am attempting to master, I really wanted to buy it.

Before I retired I was with the Anheuser Busch Theme Parks for 23 Years as a Purchasing Manager, stayed retired for about three years, then was bored so I took a job with Lowes Home Improvement for 14 months until the lifting got to be a bit too much.

After leaving there I was looking to get into something that I really enjoyed, that being the music industry.
Even though I am only in the customer service aspect I want to let you know that I am really enjoying working for Sam Ash and appreciate that I have the opportunity to do my small part to assist in the continued success of this company.

All that being said, I just want to again thank you and although with my career encompassing companies like Miller Brewing and Anheuser Busch Theme Parks and that monetarily they were very fair with compensation, it is extremely enjoyable to now be working for a large company like Sam Ash, that treats their employees like family. In my eyes that is what has helped in making the company successful and why Sam Ash has been in business for 90 years

— Carm N.

Hello Sammy,

Just recently I purchased some great high end effects pedals from the Lyndhurst, Ohio Sam Ash store. It had been quite a while since I had last visited this location, as previous experiences were rather poor. I believe I had conveyed to you, via email, what the shopping experiences had been like. Well, I stopped in several times over the last few weeks and it was great. The effects that I wanted were in stock, and the staffers on hand were very helpful. The store really looks good, the gear is easy to see, and the selection is back. Night and day compared to what I experienced a few years back. The associates who took care of me were Graham Wise, manager Mike Robb, and Mike Conner. Everybody was helpful, prompt and made it a pleasure to be back there again. Several years ago I was out in California and I stopped in your Hollywood store. Wow, that was just great and that place was exemplary. I really enjoyed my latest visits to the Lyndhurst, Ohio store and I am looking forward to becoming a "regular" again. I just wanted to say thank you.

— Sid S.

Hey Rich,

I wanted to say thanks for your help on the replacement guitar (PRS Bernie Marsden). It's more than I wanted to spend originally, but a darn good price from you guys!
You made the customer happy and satisfied with the Sam Ash purchasing experience!
I'll be writing a review on the guitar (which I'm sure will be good based on the PRS name) and writing one on Sam Ash as well with some pretty good stuff to say!

Oh yeah, happy birthday! (a week late. Hopefully you're not as old as me!).

— Jim O.

Hello Sammy!

My name is Joe M., I am a professional drummer in Tampa Florida.
I have been a long term customer of Sam Ash Music and have often turned to Mike Aurigemma for advice when it comes to pro gear and audio !
Last week I walked into The north Tampa Store and proceeded to bump into Mike who had just returned home from the road and had driven directly there after landing at T.I.A.
I know he was jet lagged and wanted to get home to his sons birthday but he spent over an hour of his time helping me select drum gear and accessories !

I know he didn't have to do that and was extremely tired but he hung out and made sure i was getting the customer service he wants professional cats here to have !!

Just wanted to share this with you and let you know how much i appreciate his help !

— Joe M.

Hi Allan,

I received my order today and I would Like to Thank You and the Team for the effort that has my order Precise. Great Job and satisfied customer....Thanks Again!


— Nathalie B.

Hello Mr. Ash,

I would like to take a moment to compliment the “Magnificent” customer services I received during my visit at the Sam Ash Music Store located on Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas Nevada, from the following SAM Ash employees:
1. Mr. Steve Cardiel
2. Mr. Jason Laboy
3. Mr. Gary Williams
They were truly professional, courteous and above all very knowledgeable about the products I selected and purchased. I have shopped at Sam Ash Music Stores in the past and I will continue too and I will also encourage my friends and relatives to do so as well.
Again, I want to thank your establishment for all my musical needs and your professional work group located at the Las Vegas Sam Ash Store location.


— Robert A.

​THANKS so much.... btw...Morgan was a very GOOD salesman and really took care of me.

— Peggy R.

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for handling my guitar dilemma this week in such an expedient manner. I love my new Martin! Sam Ash is very lucky to have you. You really know how to take care of your customers. I'll be back for new speakers and more guitar gear in the months to come.

— Tony B.

Dear Ryan,

The premier 71 arrived this morning. Very fast. Getting used to controls for optimum harp sound at the moment. .

I was going to take it straight to a tech guy but, when I saw the amp cover which I didn’t expect and the expert packing I just put it in a step down transformer and presto all good!

And the tremolo works which with these amps is an added bonus. I have the premier pedal here for it.

Thank you once again for a beautiful amp, promptly and safely delivered at a good price.

It has been introduced to its premier brothers I have here.

A 120
A 90 reverb
A 88 sewing machine model with extra extension speaker.

They’re all around the same age and they’re currently in my living room talking to each other and complaining about how in Australia its so hard to get breakfast in a diner at any time of the day.

They’re all getting ready to go to the beach though!

Thank you once again


— Broderick S.

My name is Ron P. I am a business technology provider in East Central Florida. I was working in the Orlando today and decided to stop by your Sam Ash location on Lee Road on my way back to the coast. I had heard many good things about Sam Ash, but today was my first visit to one of your locations. I saw it on my last trip to Orlando and made a mental not to stop in. Today was the day.

I must say, I am amazed at the amount of stock on so many different types of instruments in your store. The store is large and everything is very well displayed. What I had heard about Sam Ash was accurate.

But the real reason I am writing this (and to the HQ at that) is to let you know about the young man who took care of me today; Jeremiah Bennett. Jeremiah was very cordial and took all the time needed to allow me to try multiple guitars. Because of the outstanding service I received from this young man, I have found a new music store even though it is almost 50 miles from my house. I wanted to make sure your were aware of Jeremiah's efforts and that he is a real asset to your company. I am susre he will help gain Sam Ash more new customers and that is good for your brand.

Even on my way out, another young man near the entrance asked me if I found everything I needed. I had just put two guitars on layaway, so thanks to Jeremiah, I surely did find everything I needed on this trip.

It was a real pleasure to browse and shop your store. I will surely become a regular browser/shopper on my frequent trips to Orlando. The great price I received was an additional bonus.

— Ron P.

I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks. My experience with Sam Ash has been excellent.

As a first time buyer - out in Kenya, no less! - I was apprehensive but Allan was stellar and responded with the knowledge and confidence I needed before placing my order.

I'll be ordering from you again soon!

Thanks again.


— Muhammed H.

Hey Sammy –

I want to say a few words about Angel. I called the 800 number, got him on the phone, and told him what I was looking for. He got right back to me after speaking to Gretch, which then raised another question. Although he wasn’t able to get the person at Gretch back on the phone that day, he left me a message saying he tried and would call me the next day. The next day was apparently his day off. Maybe he had things to take care of at work other than my request. (I hope) Either way, he called me back on his day off with all the information I was looking for. (BTW, this vibrato is not listed for sale anywhere.)

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that you have one good, conscientious employee at Sam Ash. He has no idea that we’re friend’s, so I know this wasn’t special treatment. He was professional, responsive, and friendly. Just wanted to let you know.

— Fred R.


I would like to leave a comment for Brooks at the Westminster location for the Friends of Sam Ash area of the website.

Here goes:

Recently before a gig, I was experiencing some technical difficulties with the PA. I called Brooks, and he helped me sort it out in less than five minutes. He is a life saver!


— Christina A.

To whom it may concern

Hello! My name is Alice. I am currently eleven years old. I'm a student at South Woods Middle School. In my computer class, we a re typing a complimentary letter to a company.

Thank you for supplying a NYSSMA manual and NYSSMA music for all musicians who come to your stores. Instead of buying a NYSSMA manual every three years, we can just go to your store. It has also been very convenient to buy separate pieces of music for NYSSMA instead of buying a huge, thick, and heavy book filled with other pieces of music that you might never use. You also supply musicians with a wide and varied selection of music for a wide range of instruments. The type of music you supply also varies.

The instruments that you sell are also of great quality, The prices are also very reasonable. When you are choosing an instrument, you allow the customer to try it out to see if it suits the customer. This service you give to the customers is very convenient.

The customer service that you have is great. I have personally had no trouble searching for what I wanted when I asked a worker. The attitude the workers have towards customers is very pleasant. Recommendations that come from your workers work to what you want and what quality you want.

Thank you for taking your time to read this letter. I hope that you will reply to my letter.


— Alice W.

My Experience with A Sam Ash Store

I just wanted to share my wonderful experience with Sam Ash. My wireless microphone was not working properly and Mark Hans was assisting me. He working on my system for over 30 minutes and was not able to fix it. Unfortunately, I did not have my receipt; however, he was able to find and print a copy for me. He saw that I was a little perplexed and recommended I contact EV directly because it was still under warranty. After all, of my dilemma, he was able to sell me another EV wireless microphone with ease. The store manager, Surendra Ramdehal, was very helpful and accommodating as well. It was just a good experience.

— Robin R.

To whom it may concern,

It is late and details aren't necessary... suffice to say, Chris Konys
helped me today. I am a professional musician and Chris listened to my
problem and my circumstances, analyzed his options and proceeded to
solve my problem. He went above and beyond to do so. This I know.

I had a 30 year career in sales management before music as a VP of
sales and marketing for two different companies. I have hired and
trained dozens of managers. As a management professional I can tell
you with absolute certainty that Chris Konys will always conduct
himself in a manner that is in line with your corporate objectives
while handling people with respect and showing his sincerity in
satisfying yours and his customers.

I commend him and Sam Ash for enabling Chris to solve my problem today
as it is not only Chris' desire to help me but the flexibility of your
systems that made it possible.

He and Sam Ash now have me as a Customer For Life which was always my
goal when I was in management for whatever firm I was with.

Please make him aware of my admiration for his management abilities.



— Gary K.

Thank you so much! This number is all that I need to track. My condolences again. I love your store, I will always be your customer! I wish you success and prosperity, and once again many thanks.

— Tima L.

Thank you again Howie and everyone involved. Everything worked out wonderful. I appreciate it so much! Andy at the Castleton store was very helpful and very polite. You guys went above and beyond what should be expected in a situation like this so thank you again.

— Chris H.

Happy Customer!

Hello Matthew!
How are you?

The package arrived perfectly on Thursday! The FedEx guy is superb he talks to me like he knew me all my life!
I'm writing to thank you for your great service with me. The company should be proud to have someone like you with them!
I wanted to also thank you for the free Sam Ash 90th Anniversary T-Shirt! It was really unexpected and a great surprise!
I'm highly grateful and will wear it proudly!

It will be a little while since I can make a new purchase, but I will buy again from you soon.
The next ''BIG'' item on the list is a Cordoba C10 Guitar. I need to start saving all over again to make the investment.
Some items may be purchased along the way but that would be the main goal.

I express you my gratitude and hope to maintain in touch with you across time.

Take care Matthew!
Good health and best wishes for you always!

— Osvaldo

Education and Special Events Department

I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank you for the Gift Certificate to Benefit the Three Rivers Saxophone Quartet’s 24th Annual Saxophone and Woodwind Workshop that will be held 23 - 27 June, 2014 at California University of PA. You have supported us in the past and we really appreciate all you have done for us these past few years. Happy 90th Anniversary. Congratulations to you for all you have done for the musicians in the world.
I will send you an official thank you package after the event is over.
All the best to everyone at Sam Ash Music

— Marino G.
Three Rivers Saxophone Quartet

Hi Fred:

Guitar arrived safely today. Looks fantastic. Been warming up so I'm going to play it soon. Thanks again for a great transaction. Great communication - fast shipping. Left you good feedback. If you guys ever need a reference for someone hesitant about buying from you online, just let me know.

— Bob H.

I just wanted to say how well Sam Ash Music at Franklin Mills in Philadelphia's repair man named John has treated me and my guitar and yellow Ibanez piece of crap so well I've just had Zakk Wylde pick ups installed in my yellow guitar and I love it and he's trying to get my action correct and I appreciate how he treats me and everyone in the store treats me . Because me and this guitar have been together for a long time at least 5 years . And I really appreciate how much he knows I love my guitar , I never trusted anyone with this guitar and I just wanna say he's the man and I'll be back .

— Dave

Great Staff

Hello, my name is Charlene K. My son is a 16 year old guitar player who loves your store and it's staff. He is always begging me to bring him there to see what is new and try the merchandise out. Through the years we have bought several things from your store and have always had great experiences with them.

I just wanted to let you know that Shawn has always gone above and beyond to be very helpful to us. He is extremely knowledgeable on all things guitar and anytime we have a problem he is fast to resolve it. I had a problem with a fender guitar case we bought a year ago and he helped me every step of the way and now fender is replacing it for me. Thanks Shawn. Cooper also had a problem with one of his guitars and Doug was so good at explaining how to fix the problem to him. He is extremely good at his job and such a wonderfully nice guy.

Could you please let the guys know what a great job they are doing. They have certainly been big factors in creating loyal customers!!


— Charlene K.

Store #95

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Justin P. from Los Angeles, CA. I've been involved in music my whole life, and recently started getting into the work "behind-the-scenes". I went to the Sam Ash store #95 on Sunset/ Hollywood with no idea where to start. I didn't have any equipment or software. I walked in empty handed with hopes and dreams, and walked out with software that would get me started completely satisfied. The employees that I spoke with deserve your recognition.

Luis Moreno- Went in on Monday, March 4. I gave him an extremely broad description of what I wanted to do and he knew what I needed right away. He took me to the computer and gave me a crash course on a lot of the software and let ME choose what I wanted. He didn't try to push the more expensive product and didn't try to make sales every chance he got. The way he explained it was that of a mentor doing all he can to help a stranger satisfy his craving for music production. He also explained everything I would need in addition to that (external harddrive, USB ports, etc) which saved me a lot of driving around.

I loved the product, but I needed more, so I went back the very next day.

Rick Waite AKA "The Mayor"- This man remembers EVERYTHING. He remembers everything, he knows everyone, he knows everything going on. He's the mayor of Hollywood music! I went in on Tuesday March 5 to pick up Cubase, but sadly, they were out of stock. I told them I would try Guitar Center across the street, and Rick said "Sure, but before you go, let me give them a call and see if they have it." As it turns out, GC didn't have Cubase in stock either. The disappointment must have shown on my face because he called two other stores right away to see if they had any in stock. This isn't just customer service. This is a family member personally helping you out in any way they can.

None of the stores around the area had Cubase, so I turned to another employee for help.

Pierre Paul- This man saved me about $300. After finding out everyone was out of stock of Cubase, he recommended I go with Cubase Artist with the update. Essentially the same thing, with the same price. After explaining what I wanted to do with the software, he went online and looked up a comparison to see if I even needed the update. This is an employee that's going out of his way to sell me a product that would fit me best. I had no idea he was the manager until I saw it on his card. He works just as hard as everyone else and loves doing it.

The musician's world is a big place and it's easy to get lost. The Sam Ash family is a family I want to be a part of. I felt comfortable in the store after only two visits! Customer friendly? Yes. Knowledgeable? Yes. Everything I'm looking for? Yes. Sam Ash feels like your local Mom and Pop's shop where you can trust them to take care of you whenever and wherever.

Forever loyal

— Justin P.

My New Guitar

Hi Fred,

My 2012 used Fender Strat arrived today and it is BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you so very much for your kind help and making a good deal for me. I hope you have a wonderful day as you have certainly made my day wonderful.

All the best,

— Bob L.

Hi Ira

You called me yesterday to follow up on my purchase of my Zoom G1 pedal. I just wanted to tell you how great of a feeling it is to not only know that a company can put so much effort into its customer service but also how great of a feeling it is to have an expert that you can go to if you're not sure about something.

I really appreciated your call and my family will be purchasing from SamAsh for years to come.

Thanks again,

— Bill B.

To Whom It May Concern

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Bob Fredrickson.
I own an expensive Martin guitar and it doesn't not play 1/10 as well as another guitar; which, I bought at this store more than 10 years ago whom, Bob himself, worked on for me recently.
As a working musician for the 40 years, I appreciate how capable he is and the fact that he is a really good guitar player; I feel it gives him an added insight to his work on my instruments!
I thing it's a credit to Sam Ash, a family run business, to have someone like Bob here who demonstrates a high regard for their customers, my hat is off to them for that. Most of all. I want to thank Bob for the special care that he gives to all of us string players and benders that are fortunate enough to have encountered him at Sam Ash.
Thanks Bob!!

— Robert H.

Dear Mr. Ash,

I would like to make you aware of the following experience with my local Sam Ash store (Store 02 in Huntington Station, NY), earlier this week.

Back in the late 80's I had purchased a Takamine acoustic electric 12 string guitar. The 9-volt battery was hidden under the sound hole and required loosening all the access/change the battery, I wound up having this modified and was able to have a battery box installed on the side of the guitar, Forgetting about the battery that was installed and going into guitar hiatus once the wife and family came proved to be a costly mistake,

Coming out of hiatus recently, I discovered the battery had leaked and rendered my guitar unable to be plugged in an played "electrically",

I took my guitar to 3 local guitar shops, all of which were closer to me then my local Sam Ash. However NONE of them were able to correctly diagnose the problem, none were willing to take on a modified job, and none could provide a cost effective solution to repair,

Fortunately I brought this guitar into my local Sam Ash a last resort and am very glad I did,

Thanks to the Guitar Tech there, John "JJ" James, was able to correctly diagnose the problem, repair it making an innovate modification of his own, and was also able to perform the work at a reasonable cost.

A well done job and much KUDOS to John for his excellent trouble-shooting, customer service, and literally thinking "outside the box"as to how to deal with older gear.

I have made sure to let John's managers, John Heney and Jim Small, know that I am very appreciative and highly pleased with JJ's work.

Being that management too often only hears criticism from customers, I wanted to make sure that a compliment go up to the top,

Next time I need guitar work done, I will drive a little further and go to Sam Ash as my first stop.


— Steve S.

Dear Sam Ash,

Rick Waite is the personification of the human side of business. As long as there are humans, the need for humanness will always be. Not minimizing the professionalism that is so desperately needed in the 21st century. He has mastered them both.
Thank you Sam Ash for the experience.
Best Regards

— Tim T.
D.O.E. Productions

Just wanted to touch base and say thanks for helping me with the details of the acoustic bass for our band, ACIDIC. You're an excellent resource and you and my bro Rick were superb ambassadors for the Sam Ash folks if I do say so myself! You made my boys and me feel welcome and cared for - and cared ABOUT. We're sold! And impressed! We're coming to see you guys every time we need something!

Really appreciate the effort you guys made and how at home you made us feel. And now I will be listening even more closely to the music on the Food Network and the History Channel, both of which we watch A LOT. You have a new fan!


— Mary L.

just a quick note to say how very happy i am with the marshall dsl15 you got for me! this little thing roars like a beast!! no pedals needed! just tweak the knobs for endless tones!!!!
you're a bro !!!!!! thanx

— Max

Thank you SO INCREDIBLY MUCH for paving such a smooth way for us into Sam Ash. Scotty was terrific, the guy in the drum department (Nick, I think) was great, and whoever helped Michael with the cello bow was tremendously helpful, too!

You really know how to take care of people and make them feel at home - and cared about! No wonder they love you over there. Sounds like they just might have a sense of the valuable asset they've got in you. You richly deserve to be treated as beautifully as you treat everybody around you!

We appreciate it very very very very very much!

MUCH love

— Mary L.

Happy Customer

Hi there,

I'd just like to extent my gratitude towards Sam Ash Music Stores and the Sales consultant, Allan Radin for assisting me with the order of a very sought after electric guitar that is only available in the United States.

Allan was patient and very helpful throughout the entire process, especially towards the end to get the product to my colleague in New Jersey in time before his departure on the 21st of February.
He made the effort to get the special ordered case(out of stock at the time) down from 2-3 weeks to a mere few days in order for this to happen.

This is customer service at its best and I am a very happy customer.

Greetings from South Africa.

All the best!

— Louis H.

I'm sure that practically all the emails you receive about service in your stores are negative. People will tend to complain when something is wrong. In this case I want to do the opposite, that is, I want to let you know how pleased I was by the helpful actions and general behavior of the people in the guitar area of your store in Huntington Station Long Island, specifically, the wonderful help I received from the manager, John Heney. I live in West Islip and there are many music stores closer to my home, but from now on I will drive the extra distance to your store in Huntington and do all my purchasing there. I'm sure that there are a lot of other customers who do the same, but you never hear about them.

— Charles E.

Great Customer Service


— Wayne M.

Mr. Moore,

I want to compliment a person that sets an example that I hope me team follows when helping customers resolve problems with our bank.

I ordered a guitar from Sam Ash on 02.15.

It was set to be delivered on 2.19 by FedEx and to signed for at my home at approximately Noon.

My wife was home all morning and I came home at 11:30am to make sure I available to sign for it.

FedEx came at 10:16am , did not alert my wife who was in the house and left a door tag that it would be delivered the next day.

Neither my wife or I were available on Thursday the 20th.

I called FedEx to arrange to have it held at their Huntsville AL pickup store and was told that you the shipper would have to request the delivery change.

So, I called Sam Ash and got Mr. Angel Pons - I explained my situation and was very impressed at his show of genuine concern for my dilemma and his pledge to resolve the delivery situation.

He told me he would need supervisor approval , that he would get it immediately and contact me to let me know the change was effective.

Within an hour I received a phone call from Mr. Pons with very clear instructions of where to go in Huntsville and what documents to have available for the FedEx store.

In addition to this he sent me a text from his personal phone with the tracking number and order number for FedEx.

Angel Pons is a 5 diamond customer service professional in my experience and opinion and I hope you will express my sincere Thank You to him !

I will always consider Sam Ash as a vendor in the future because of this kind , professional, service with prompt and accurate follow up to help me !!

— Bruce P.

Good Afternoon,

I just want to commend you for having such a wonderful employee. Cory, from the Sam Ash in Westminster, is a great asset to your company. She is very patient, flexible, and caring. She helped my husband and myself with our ancient violin. This violin has a very high sentimental value because it was given to me by my grandparents about
30 years ago. My goal is to learn to play on this violin and play a special song at their gravesite with it to thank them for that wonderful gift and so much more. I was unable to take lessons for decades, so now at 42 years old, I am very happy to have the possibility to learn and have my personal dream come to fruition. Wish me luck.

Thank you Cory, you are now a part of making this dream come true.

— Rebeca and Jonathan

If you are still on I want to personally tell you a story of how your employees saved a bad situation. My son was drum captain in his band in high school. They were going to New York to participate in the St Patrick's Day Parade and the bus was loading at 8am. As he was practicing, his drum head broke. No one had a new one that fit. We rushed to your store hoping it was opened. Of course it wasn't. BUT, there was a clerk in there that hadn't yet opened for the day. I knocked on the door, told him the story, he got the drum head, handed it to me and told me to come back and pay for it after I got my son off on the bus. I did. 8 years later and I still remember that and would never shop anywhere else. Thank you and thank your Orlando store for being awesome and helping a frantic mom out.

I just want to let you know what a great experience I had working with Stan last week.

Stan helped me from start to finish while I was troubleshooting an issue with our sound.
He made himself available on his cell phone (even on his day off) and had my order ready to go for pickup.
He took the time to discuss resolution with our City A/V vendor on the phone and provided outstanding follow-up.
He assisted in making a great recommendation to us pertaining to products selection to resolve our audio issue.

Stan went above and beyond in every aspect of our purchase.

I have over 15 years of experience in sales/retail/customer service and found working with Stan to be a pleasure.

He is a real asset to your team!


— Jeff M.

Dear Mr. Ash,

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to commend three of your employees for their outstanding work at the Sam Ash store in Huntington.

Their names are John Heney, Larry Fitzgerald and John James.

It is difficult to translate into words an evaluation of their super performances either in sales and/or repairs.

They are extremely knowledgeable, polite, patient and always give you their utmost attention and time.

Over the years they have played a major role in assisting me in purchasing equipment/repairs for my college music program and for my private performances.

I can truly say through my observations that they treat all with the same professional demeanor, courtesy, respect and high quality of service.

Please convey my deepest thanks and appreciation to these extremely talented and hardworking gentleman for the wonderful work they are doing -

Well done/Bravo!!!

— Professor Craig B.
Suffolk County Community College


I'd like to take a moment and express my satisfaction with a recent purchase I made at the Buffalo Grove Sam Ash. I recently found myself in the market for a keyboard. After doing some research online I settled on the Korg Krome 73. While I had a few options on where to buy this keyboard, I settled on Sam Ash because of their low pressure sales approach. In the past I've bought a guitar or two and an amp and have been happy with the transactions, as opposed to the Guitar Center, used car salesmen approach.

I came in on 1-24 to see the keyboard and solidify my purchase decision. Michael was there at the time and gave me a general overview of the keyboard and showed me some other units in the same price range. Never did he try to push me into a more expensive model. He asked me what I was looking to accomplish and saw that the model fit my needs. The issue was that you had stock of the smaller 61 key version and the larger 88 key version but not the 73 key model that I was looking for. I had planned on going home and ordering off of Amazon as they had it in stock and, being a Prime member, I could have it delivered in 2 days for no extra cost. Plus, I wouldn't pay tax.

This is where Michael got creative. Knowing that I didn't want to wait for an order to come in and didn't want to pay more for buying it from you (the tax), he let me take the floor model of the 61 key version home (I paid for it in full) and he ordered the version I wanted from Korg. Once the keyboard arrived, I returned the floor model and bought the one I wanted at a competitive price.

The transaction wasn't without it's hicups. It appears that Korg didn't actually ship the keyboard when they said they did. The tracking showed that a label was created but the product never shipped. Michael worked with the Korg representative to fix the issue and got the keyboard in transit. If not for me having the "loaner" I would have been upset but Michael took ownership of the issue and resolved it.

I buy products for a living as a Purchasing Manager for a national imaging supplies wholesaler. It's not fun stuff like guitars and keyboards but I deal with a lot of companies and salesmen and wish that I got this level of service in my professional life that I did buying this keyboard. Knowing that you employ people like Michael will ensure that my next musical purchase is done through Sam Ash, instead of Amazon.
Thanks again

— Mike H

Sammy hi. We need more ukuleles from you guys. We purchased about 40 Carlo Robelli's from you. The children and music therapists love them. They fit into what we can afford at the foundation. We are exploding and can use many more as we grow. You have been incredible about this. Kudos to Richard Bordeau in your Hallandale store. His customer service has been exemplary.
We need you ....and Carlo Robelli ukes for hospitalized children. Please visit our facebook page. Thx

— Corey B.
Ukulele Kids Club Foundation


Hey there,

Just wanted to throw out a quick note telling you of the amazing guy you have working for you at your Paramus location. His name is Dave and he's the coolest music store sales guy I have ever met. Super chill, attentive and all around great guy. Answers every question, takes needed time whether in the store or on the phone. This store is WAY out of my way but having dealt with the White Plains location (way closer) and the LACK of attention given there, they need to take some lessons from this guy, and the Paramus location. I will continue to go out of my way by about 50 miles to deal with him.

All too often, people write emails when there is much to complain about... but having dealt with Dave a number of times and he's just so magnetic it makes ya wanna hang there.
It shouldn't go unnoticed. He's awesome and you are lucky to have him.

— Chris M.

Great Customer Service

On January 11, 2014 I contacted your store via phone to ask questions regarding the purchase of drums, I was privileged to speak with Sammy who was knowledgeable, patience and extremely professional I explained to your employee that I purchased a set of drums for Christmas for my son who is 10 years old, upon opening the box I was unable to assemble them because there were no instructions. I contacted customer service and they were unable to assist me only stating the company was cutting back on paper and to look at youtube for instructions. The next morning (New Years Day) I contacted the store and they were unable to assist as well, I returned the drums an hour later. I shared this information because i was asking him so many questions.

Sammy made sure he explained everything about the drums he gave me somethings to look at and compare before I came in to make my purchase, and assured me he would have the instructions in case there weren't any in the box.....

The next day my son and I went to your store and purchased a set of drums. Sammy was extremely helpful, professional and patient along with the rest of your staff. He printed the instructions and gave some pointers to my son about his grip on the drum sticks.

I was able to assemble the drums and my son seems to be enjoying them.

As a parent my focus is to nurture, protect and enhance my child's life, even with his interests changing every other month. If he is happy I am happy.

I think Sammy should be commended for a job well done. It was my first time to your establishment and I am very pleased with my experience.

Sammy seems to be a delightful young man and a great representation of your company since your staff is a reflection of your company.

— Garnette G.