Wonderful Guitar Repair

This morning, I took my acoustic guitar into the Sam Ash store in San Antonio to get two repairs. The person in the reception area courteously greeted me, asked what I needed, filled out a form, then sent me to the luthier (Michael Canales). When I entered his room, Michael stopped working, came around the counter, offered me a friendly handshake, and said, “My name is Michael.” I reciprocated, then explained that several times, the 3rd string of my guitar broke while tuning. He patiently explained the probable cause, then quickly made the needed repair. I then asked him to install a guitar strap button and that I could leave the guitar for several days for the repair. He said that he would do it right away and that it would take about 15 minutes. I went to ogle the new guitars and returned in about 10 minutes and the job was done and the paperwork was complete. I thanked him and went to the front to pay the very reasonable bill. Michael is profoundly knowledgeable, extremely courteous, and demonstrated exceptionally professional behavior. He is a true credit to that store and the Sam Ash company. I have bought three new instruments from that Sam Ash store over the years and always go there for my musical needs. All of the staff there are true professionals and are always polite and efficient. Thank you for providing these much needed and appreciated goods and services to the music playing community!