Store #95

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Justin P. from Los Angeles, CA. I’ve been involved in music my whole life, and recently started getting into the work “behind-the-scenes”. I went to the Sam Ash store #95 on Sunset/ Hollywood with no idea where to start. I didn’t have any equipment or software. I walked in empty handed with hopes and dreams, and walked out with software that would get me started completely satisfied. The employees that I spoke with deserve your recognition.

Luis Moreno- Went in on Monday, March 4. I gave him an extremely broad description of what I wanted to do and he knew what I needed right away. He took me to the computer and gave me a crash course on a lot of the software and let ME choose what I wanted. He didn’t try to push the more expensive product and didn’t try to make sales every chance he got. The way he explained it was that of a mentor doing all he can to help a stranger satisfy his craving for music production. He also explained everything I would need in addition to that (external harddrive, USB ports, etc) which saved me a lot of driving around.

I loved the product, but I needed more, so I went back the very next day.

Rick Waite AKA “The Mayor”- This man remembers EVERYTHING. He remembers everything, he knows everyone, he knows everything going on. He’s the mayor of Hollywood music! I went in on Tuesday March 5 to pick up Cubase, but sadly, they were out of stock. I told them I would try Guitar Center across the street, and Rick said “Sure, but before you go, let me give them a call and see if they have it.” As it turns out, GC didn’t have Cubase in stock either. The disappointment must have shown on my face because he called two other stores right away to see if they had any in stock. This isn’t just customer service. This is a family member personally helping you out in any way they can.

None of the stores around the area had Cubase, so I turned to another employee for help.

Pierre Paul- This man saved me about $300. After finding out everyone was out of stock of Cubase, he recommended I go with Cubase Artist with the update. Essentially the same thing, with the same price. After explaining what I wanted to do with the software, he went online and looked up a comparison to see if I even needed the update. This is an employee that’s going out of his way to sell me a product that would fit me best. I had no idea he was the manager until I saw it on his card. He works just as hard as everyone else and loves doing it.

The musician’s world is a big place and it’s easy to get lost. The Sam Ash family is a family I want to be a part of. I felt comfortable in the store after only two visits! Customer friendly? Yes. Knowledgeable? Yes. Everything I’m looking for? Yes. Sam Ash feels like your local Mom and Pop’s shop where you can trust them to take care of you whenever and wherever.

Forever loyal