Hi Sammy,

Just wanted to let you in on a little something in case you didn’t know. I’m Lou Esposito the guitar player / singer from the Capris. I’m 62 years old, and bought my first quality guitar from your Kings Hwy store in Brooklyn. It was a Mosrite, and it was 1965, but that’s not what I wanted to tell you. I’ve been going to guitar stores since 1959. In all of those years there was only one music store employee that totally impressed me. I saw the way he treated me, and other customers in his store. He was a manager when I met him. What struck me about him was the way he would back up his sales people. If a situation was over their head, he would save the day by swooping in and making both customer, and employee happy. Through the years it was always the same. Wherever he was working, his employees loved him, as did his customers. I’m sorry I’m rambling on, but I just thought you should know he works for you. He totally knows the business, and we have become friends through the years. I just thought you should know that you have a gem on your hands. His name is Eliot Jacobs. Works at your Cherry Hill store. I don’t think he’d like the fact that I sent you this, but I just thought you should know. Thanks Sammy,