Enjoyed our conversation. I met Ben North first week at this store. He really turned it
around. I can not call every name at store 55, but all should be reogonized for their efforts
to do a job of exellence. The open mike night is a real joy for those of us that are not pro
performers and your people are to be commended for making all feel welcome and comfortable.
As a vet, the guitars for vets spearheaded by Sarah Massey (a real doer and hustler) really
touched those of us that did service, oooooraaahhh! Kisha Jackson Brown always on the ball
and a sweet multi-tasker. Colin Sprague (Luthier) always taking time to answer the questions.
Jamie Eure seeing that you are taken care of not rushing things. Retail is not an easy thing to
tackle, but your staff there is excellent. If I had a business, I would make every to rustle these
employees for myself.(get it???). I will miss my 8:00 a.m. conversations with Paul as we really
connected for some reason. I would like to think Ya’ll (southern for Youse Guys) come from
that same cut of pie. Next time we go to the farm, I will send some p-nuts as promised.
(note that these are Southern grown goobers!!!) and after scoffing down you may be heard
doin th Rebel Yell. (pay back time is sweet A’int it???. Wishing all continued success there,
and lunch is on me if you come this way. (Grits ring a bell?)
Acknowledge these people above if you will. May his blessings be with you.
At your service,

Don’t be surprised if I call you at 8:00 a.m. sometime !