Hello Sammy,

Just recently I purchased some great high end effects pedals from the Lyndhurst, Ohio Sam Ash store. It had been quite a while since I had last visited this location, as previous experiences were rather poor. I believe I had conveyed to you, via email, what the shopping experiences had been like. Well, I stopped in several times over the last few weeks and it was great. The effects that I wanted were in stock, and the staffers on hand were very helpful. The store really looks good, the gear is easy to see, and the selection is back. Night and day compared to what I experienced a few years back. The associates who took care of me were Graham Wise, manager Mike Robb, and Mike Conner. Everybody was helpful, prompt and made it a pleasure to be back there again. Several years ago I was out in California and I stopped in your Hollywood store. Wow, that was just great and that place was exemplary. I really enjoyed my latest visits to the Lyndhurst, Ohio store and I am looking forward to becoming a “regular” again. I just wanted to say thank you.