Hello Sam and Howie,

I wanted to send you both a quick note to recognize the excellent customer service provided by Rich Tancredi last week related to my purchase of a Gibson custom shop Les Paul guitar of distinction.

I was travelling on business to the US from Canada and found my dream guitar, Gibson custom Les Paul Standard 1959 historic RI in Bourbon Burst Gloss, on the Sam Ash website the night before I left Canada. I have always wanted to buy a Gibson Les Paul 59 RI and the Bourbon Burst gloss was the color for me– it was very rare and difficult to find in Canada and in the global marketplace online— with a trusted seller. I knew and trusted Sam Ash’s brand and reputation in US retail. When I landed in the US the following morning, I went back to the Sam Ash website to see if it might be available in the Sam Ash store in White Plains NY where I was staying but it was available for purchase online. After a quick online chat on SamAsh.com with Irene she referred me to her manager Rich.

I called Rich and he captured my needs, answered all of my questions and created a solution to have the guitar shipped to the Sam Ash White Plains stores where I could pick it up next day… this was critical as I was only in New York for three days and had a small window outside of business meetings to pick it up. Rich processed the order (did security verification which I appreciate given the value and special circumstances around this order), arranged for expedited delivery and continually updated me on the shipping status throughout the process, advised the store of the shipment was coming and arranged for a store manager to secure and meet with me for the pick up at the store.

I could not be happier with this dream purchase and Rich and the Sam Ash team’s excellent customer service to make this happen–the guitar sounds amazing, is beyond beautiful and it is safely home in the Great White North (although flying with a guitar of distinction is not for the faint of heart but I was able to securely store it in the overhead as a carry on). This is my dream guitar and a family heirloom I will pass on to my kids!!!!!

I would definitely buy from Sam Ash again (online International or in the US retail) and would definitely refer friends who are looking for musical instruments.

Thanks again!!!