I’ll try to make me understood, because my english is not so good.
We live in Brazil and It’s not our first time in USA. We travel every year on vacations.
Since my husband is learning sax, we’ve been visiting your store. First time in Orlando and in last December in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
In Los Angeles I can’t remember the name of the guy who helped us with the reed and so. But he had long hair and was very nice.
But in Las Vegas, we spent four or five hours, each visit.
My son is 9 years old, and your employees always left him try to play on pianos, guitars and drums while my husband was about to by a Tenor Sax.
We went three times in Las Vegas store and in our last time my son was playing so nice the drums that we bought a Yamaha for him.
We had no intention to buy drums or any kind of instrument for him, because he already tryed piano, guitar and sax here in Brazil… we didn’t even dream of carrying that big pack all the way to Brazil…
It was very unexpect, but your employees were so attentive that he was realy playing something.
So, this message is to praise some of your employees, because tey spent so many hours in our behalf.
It was Christmas week.
Erik Ernandez was the guy who helped my husband with his sax peaces. Very kind, praise and patient.
And Brian Hanks really treated my son as a Rock Star. He teached him some beats, always coming to us and telling us to go see him playing.
But with the incentive of Brian we realized tha my son was so good, on the very first moment.
I would like to thank them and tell you the good job they are doing in your store.
We sure will come back, not only to see them next time, but also to buy new things and have other nice experience there.
This message is for you and, if is possible to give them a feedback, to let them know, throught you, that they are doing a very, very good job.
If you please give me the e-mail of hanks, my son will send him a video playing the drums. If not, and if you let me, I’ll soon send it to you and I will be glad if you can send it to him.
Thank you for your time, listening to me