Hi Sam,

I just wanted to take a minute to recognize and commend one of your sales associates in the Canoga Park store.  My friend and I have been visiting all the major music stores in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys for the last couple of weeks.  My friend is an avid guitar player and I have decided to pick it up again after a 30 year hiatus.
Not being current with today’s models, I had done some basic research to narrow down my choices.  As I’m sure you can imagine, this only provided me with a limited idea as to what I was hoping  to end up with.
We visited your Canoga Park store and were very pleased to see your acoustic room had 3-times the volume and choices of guitars than any of the other Guitar Center stores we had visited.  Although this opened up many more options, I was now completely lost as to which direction I wanted to go!
Greg came in and sat with us for 3 hours (on and off) and reviewed the pros and cons of the 20 or so guitars I was sampling along with some of his personal preferences I might want to consider.  We discussed the differences in materials, manufacturing, tone, and several other aspects that would ultimately affect my decision.  Additionally, he discussed the financing options you provided which really broadened my purchasing range.  Within minutes I now had credit approval and went back into “the room” to see how much more damage I could do.   I narrowed down my choices to about five or so and told Greg I was still going to kick-some-tires and get back with him.
I did still more research over the weekend and determined I would be returning to relieve you of one of your Taylor 314 ce’s or a Martin equivalent.  Greg had contacted me several times to help with any questions I had and had also set aside a few “special” guitars he thought were options to strongly consider.
Yesterday we returned to narrow the field a little more and was welcomed with Greg’s genuine concern and consideration for my wants and needs. After whittling down my list to three options I was at a crossroads between what I wanted and what I could afford. Again, Greg took the initiative and made a phone call to increase my credit limit.  Ultimately we came to an agreement with a much nicer guitar than I had hoped for at a fair price.  He even tossed in a couple of “cookies” to sweeten the deal
In addition to this, he helped my friend determine that he couldn’t live without the used Taylor 315 ce he was deliriously plucking away at in the corner.  All in all, Greg’s personal touch, product knowledge and customer service earned him our business and we are now the proud owners of a Taylor 524ce and 315ce.
I want to point out that although I feel I got a good deal, I never once considered comparing prices with competitors as the determining factor in the deal was Greg’s personal attention. I felt that we had formed a friendship over the last week and trusted that I was being well taken care of.  He put in the time and effort necessary to help me with my options and I never once considered taking my business elsewhere.
I will continue to use your store as my only source of equipment and gear due to Greg’s commitment to me…….the customer.
Being in the service business myself, it is refreshing to be taken care of the way I like to take care of my customers.  Greg did not pressure me into anything but did provide expert knowledge of the products with dedication to assisting me with making “my” decision, and the means to put the deal together. He certainly went above and beyond my expectations and certainly far exceeded the efforts of anyone in the other stores.
I’m not a guy that writes letters to praise employees as I believe quality customer service should be expected, but in Greg’s case I feel that an exception needs to be made.
I hope you pass this letter on to Greg and feel free to plaster this anywhere you like.  If you have anyone who is struggling with where to buy their guitars and equipment feel free to give them my phone number.  I’d be glad to tune them up a bit for you!!

Thanks Again!