Greetings Sam,

I had a great experience yesterday at your San Diego store and wanted to let you know about it.   I bought a Mackie SRM150 but quickly realized I wasn’t necessarily going to get the
mounting configuration that I wanted even with all the available stands (for a percussion setup).

In steps audio bubba Jim Sutherland.  Made it look easy.  As I was visualizing exactly what I wanted, he was one step ahead of me.  I’m sure I changed course a few times too, but it didn’t
phase him a bit.  Guy knows his stuff.  Very much appreciate the extra mile customer service.  Friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, AND I learned a few things.  I now have exactly what I wanted.
A great ambassador for Sam Ash.  Please pass my comments forward.

By the way, welcome to San Diego!  So great to have you guys here.  You guys are the competition.  Very much appreciate finally having a quality music store in Americas Finest City!