I’m not sure what I can add to what Paul said. What you are doing at Sam Ash is quite an amazing experience for these amazingly talented kids. My hope is the corporate “big wigs” at the Sam Ash headquarters realize the amount of effort you are putting into this and the amazing results you are getting out of it, which is a huge reflection of your God given talents! You are truly one the best well rounded musicians I know! For all you have taught these kids, I am truly thankful for you and Rocky, and the entire Sam Ash Team!

And now the difficult part of Midnight Run…there are always lessons to be learned in life and I hope we have taken something away from this. But I will focus on the so many great things that have happened over this past year, like today, Midnight Run was just voted by Nuvo Magazine the second highest award for the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon entertainment. “Best Cover Band” out of more than 80 bands!!! Most of which were adults!!! Helping raise over $25,000 at the Pub Theology Mia Strong event at Mo’s Irish Pub, other Pub Theology events, The Stacked Pickle, Teddy’s several times…and making $$$!!! Their favorite part…good money too!!! And it all started with Ash Rock!!! And the countless amazing shows on the Sam Ash stage! Again, I hope corporate knows this is working! I know the Chaffee’s and the Hughes’ will write glowing reviews if needed.

But this is a mere “bump” in the road, all these kids are very special to us all. The Chaffe’s and Hughes’ are one of the best things to come out of the Ash Rock program, a great family friendship. Midnight Run will go on…it has been branded and made a name for itself this past year and Dr. Ew, Brando, & J.D. make a solid core of great music. Finding a singer may take some time, but that’s okay. MR has several shows still lined up over the Summer and Fall, we’ll just “improvise” for now.

Again, thank you so much for your efforts with Midnight Run, the entire Ash Rock program, and working with my kiddos!!! Midnight Run is just getting started!!!