Hello Mr. Infantas,

My name is Etsehiwot A. and I was in the SAM ASH store located on 333 W 34th Steet, New York and I had an unforgettable experience because the Sales Associate was helpful on so many levels(was not robotic), he answered all my questions with a great body language(respectful), he was selling but not to just reach his sales goal for the day but to accommodate me the customer with all I needed to know about the keyboard I purchased. He even answered my question that were related to music not just the keyboard I purchased. I once used to be a Sales Associate before I become a Sonographer and it is not easy to impress customers that they remember their experience and that they develope a clientele with a particular store. I am happy to say that if there is any other musical item I want to purchase, I would definitely go back to SAM ASH on 34th street
because of the awesome experience I had with Mr. Brian Rogers and will encourage anybody to go to SAM who wants to buy musical instrument.

I must say, the manager Mr. Infantas and another gentleman I forget his name(because I failed to ask his nam not because he was less helpful) were also fantastic.

Am sorry I was running on a tight schedule so I wasn’t able to express my appreciation but I am extremely greatful for people mentioned above specially in this day of age when customer service is catastrophic. From the bottom of my heart thank you all.