Mr. Colonna,

On Thursday, November 12th I visited the New York Sam Ash store to play and compare various Gibson guitars (L5’s, Wes Montgomery, new and vintage). Traveling from upstate New York and new to the city, it turn out to be a wonderful experience. While I did not make a purchase my main objective was to play the various Gibson guitars to narrow down my search of exactly what I’m looking for (L5’s of the 70’s and 80’s in excellent condition) This visit helped tremendously. I would especially like to thank and recognize Bria M. Barfield for her assistance. Ms. Barfield was very knowledgeable about the product, assisted with the various ‘side by side’ comparison and provided me with time, patience and opportunity to really try each model, yet was readily available for questions.

As a retired music teacher, I have always recognized excellence. I would like to continue this tradition hence the letter and reference to Ms. Barfield’s ability as an associate. I’ll be closely monitoring the store’s stock of Gibson L5’s as I await a retirement bonus in the Spring. It was a pleasure to visit your store and felt very welcomed by Ms. Barfield during the playing session. In the event that the “Gibson model” that I’m looking for appears in your stock, it would be a pleasure to visit and hopefully make a purchase. I’ll just call ahead to make sure Ms. Barfield is working! Great employee.