Hello Mr. Ash,

I recently made a small order from your online store. It was only a couple of packs of picks, just over $10. I am writing this email to say thank you to you and your staff. I was very pleased with my purchase and even more pleased that I got a call to make sure I was happy with my order. I am a firefighter that was injured on the job and I am on a fixed income, I am very selective about what I buy, since I can’t make money like I did before my injury. I am also selective of the places that I do business with. These days it seems a lot of stores don’t really appreciate my business. This certainly was not the case with Sam Ash, I felt like a valued customer and that is rare these days. So thanks again for doing business the way it should be done. I will certainly pass this along to my other musician friends and will try to make it to an actual brick and mortar store when I’m the area.