Hello Mr. Ash

Matthew Phillips, who is the Band & Orchestra Department Manager at your King of Prussia store, gave me your email and suggested that I contact you.

Thanks to Matthew and Clark Mattison, the Brass & Wind Technician — over $25,000 in donated musical instruments have been given to the students of the Upper Darby School District since last August 2014. That’s over 190 instruments in less than six months and I am told there are more coming!

Matthew introduced me to a gentleman named Dr. Paul Nemeth last July. Dr. Nemeth is the Vice President of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs for iCeutica in King of Prussia, PA. Dr. Nemeth also happens to be a huge music and advocate for children. His hobby is going on eBay and bidding on instruments that he feels are of good quality — then he takes them to Clark who has been fixing them and preparing them for distribution to children who cannot afford to buy or rent quality instruments.

The Upper Darby School District is one of the largest in Pennsylvania with over 12,000 students and 14 schools in an 8.3 square mile area.Serving a largely diverse community of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, there are over 60 birth countries and 70 home languages represented by the students of the Upper Darby School District. More than 65% of the students in the District receive free and reduced lunch.

Here is a recent news link to explain the story a little more:


Before my husband, Brad Schoener (a former Upper Darby School District music teacher) passed away in 2009, he started the Schoener Music Fund with three goals:

provide lessons for talented students who may not be able to afford them
provide instruments for all elementary students who have the desire to learn
establish a summer music camp for elementary students
Thanks to the wonderful employees at your King of Prussia store — Brad’s mission is well underway! We recently honored Dr. Nemeth at our January Gala which highlights the top young musicians in the district and he was able to see more than half of the instrumental students using his instruments!

I can’t thank you enough for hiring such caring individuals who are clearly looking out for the young musicians of the future. We are having our 7th Annual Schoener Community Music Festival on Saturday, May 6th and many of those instruments will be being played to raise more money for the Fund.

Since 2009, the Schoener Memorial Music Fund has awarded 78 grants and scholarships totaling $36,500.00. In the 2013-14 school year the Schoener Fund awarded 29 mini-grants to UDSD music teachers totaling $13,500.00 – as well as granting 27 Lesson and MusicMan Camp scholarships totaling $3,000.00.

I just wanted you to know what a difference Sam Ash is making in Upper Darby, PA.