Mr. Ash,

I don’t know if you saw the follow up email I sent on Saturday. I feel it’s content is more important than the complaint you responded to.

Many retailers suffer from a great lack of good salespeople (I.e. Most of your competitors). That growing trend combined with the items in my complaint led to the escalation in emotion that brought about my email. I went to the Charlotte store on Saturday to return everything for a refund. Chris was working and could tell I was upset as I explained things to the security guard (obviously I was also louder than I meant to be as well). He came over to see what I was upset about and immediately had a solution. His solution exactly matched yours (except for the $50 credit:)). His words and actions calmed me down and restored my faith in Sam ash as a company.

Your email goes even further towards convincing of the quality behind your name. I’m not just talking about the fact that you took the time to write back but rather all the things that it implies happened before. The fact that Chris’ solution matched yours means that you have a well known and clearly stated procedure to address such situations. It also means that the corporate office provided leadership and education to the store managers and they in turn passed it on to their employees. I don’t know if most people would be able to recognize that but I do and want to thank you for all you and your management chain did long before I wrote my email.

Please don’t forget the important role Chris played here. In no way did I feel he was personally responsible for the issues that came up. I never would have spoken with him on Saturday if I did. He was an excellent sales person initially and truly shinned in his handling of my complaint. I intend to thank him again the next time I’m in the store.

Thank you for your time and for your efforts to keep Sam ash going as long as it has been. The realization of how long I’ve been shopping with Sam ash was quite painful for me but a testament to the efforts of everyone there.

Thank you again.