Hi Luis,

Im writing this email few weeks late because I have been practicing, playing and just feeling super estactic with my purchases and my experience at Sam Ash.

It was a dreary Columbus Day weekend and I was supposed to start practicing piano after having had my first lesson earlier in the week. I simply came in to try the keyboards after doing some research on line. I also intended to get a Cheap key board.

Then Jeff Shapiro entered my life incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. Answered all my questions, played a few of the key boards, and even had them bring one up that was not on the sales floor. We spoke about my playing level and what my goals were.

Im not an easy sell and definitely didn’t want to spend more than 100.00 total.

Well Jeff let me ponder my upcoming piano lesson and told me to think about really playing well and investing in myself.

Luis, you came by and also mentioned prepping to play well. You said, you really need to take advantage of the Columbus Day sale and get something you can really learn and grow with.

My intention was to buy a 49 or 61 keyboard cheap and next thing you know after talking with you both and testing the keyboards for feel, listening to them and considering the sale.

I couldn’t help myself the only choice was to take the plunge. I purchased an 88 keyboard the Yamaha 35B. Im beyond pleased with it. I barely fit it into my small apartment but, I am having the best time practicing on it and my instructor says he can definitely tell Im not practicing on garbage when we play on his piano.

I ended up buying a stand, a bench, the digital piano, and two piano lesson books I spent over $600 dollars. HA HA I had the best time and feel it was well worth going $500 dollars over my original budget.

I will be back soon to purchase some head phones doing my head phone research:)

Thanks Sam Ash as you can see I made a big leap I was practicing on my neighbors baby piano