Hi Larry et al,

I wanted to take a moment to commend the behavior of your employee, Zac Robinson. Zac runs the drum shop at the Westminster, CA store. He is patient and courteous when dealing with all the diverse clientele. Also, he knows his stuff when it comes to professional level issues and questions. Better still, he can be a bulldog when it comes to dealing with the NAMM elite. Through Zac I had ordered an item from a major manufacturer. The order was placed with a substantial amount of lead time knowing that on my end there was a deadline for when this piece of gear needed to arrive. The company kept making various excuses as to why the order was not being filled. Through my sources I was able to contact the company’s Product Manager who told me he was familiar with various horror stories regarding their timing and that I should try a place that acts as the company’s “outlet store” if I really needed the item by a certain date. Instead I kept my faith in Zac. Sure enough Zac kept up the pressure until they finally built and then shipped the item. Very impressive.