Just wanted to follow up with you guys regarding my purchase of the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-565. It was great having 5 people to help load it into the truck but I could have used you guys to follow me home! We moved it into the small garage and moved it into the house Xmas eve. Have you ever tried to find 3-4 sober guys on Xmas eve? Let’s just say it’s not possible. We got it in and all set up. He woke up and saw it in the corner with the big red bow. He just about died. Just wanted to thank you and Emily(? I think that’s the cool lady in wind section that made this all possible). All he does all day long is just sit down and play. I hooked up that Bluetooth thing but have NO IDEA what the heck it does. I probably need to call customer support and have them talk me through some of the options. I have attached a small video of him playing on Xmas morning. Thanks again!