You hit the nail on the head again! The bass case was perfect! The classical case for my 71 Conn acoustic was a very tight fit, and I mean very tight, but there it is in the case!
I really appreciate you dropping everything to make things work for me, and working a discount for all the auxiliary things I purchased, and especially taking the time to explain about the Martin Acoustic bass!
Your store and managers should appreciate all you do, and all you did not only for me, but for all your customers. You are truly a valuable resource. I am glad to bring my business to you, rather than to an online store, because I don’t get the service I get at Sam Ash, and from your personal touch.
As you already know, and your manager will hopefully read, this is a totally unsolicited email, and the praise is not just given, but earned. I am a long time customer of Sam Ash, having spent tens of thousands of dollars there over the years. I am a satisfied customer if I continue to come back time after time and purchase not only big ticket items, but also string, picks, and the little things that make us sound better!

Thanks again and make sure the manager gets  this forwarded to him!!