Hi Jim,

This is Jeff, the guy from New Hartford who bought the Composite Acoustic guitar over Labor Day weekend.

I wanted to thank you for your sales assistance & for what I consider to be top shelf salesmanship on your part by not really being a salesman at all.

To put it simply, I’m really digging Sam Ash over the others for this reason: I had a great shopping & then purchasing experience at Sam Ash, all thanks to you.

Plus I’m not suffering even a hint of buyers remorse & for a used guitar that I was completely unfamiliar with in both name & concept prior to this unplanned visit to Sam Ash & for that guitar to cost over a grand to take home, that’s very, very sweet.

This guitar was meant for me & it will not be back on the sales floor of Sam Ash, or any sales floor for that matter, ever again.

I really dig it & the more I play it, the more I dig it.

It’s so perfect for what I’m about as a songwriter / player …. it has a voice of it own & that voice has both awesome acoustic projection capabilities as well as clear & intimate lullaby type capabilities ……. the sparkly rock n’ roll appearance is perfectly androgynous as it sparkles black, then grey, now blue …. no wait a minute …. it’s silvery with a subtle glowing white at its core …..  wow! …. It feels somewhat like an electric guitar when strapped on & hanging from the neck ……. striking a simple chord to then gently shake this composite beauty & let it ring is a wonderful thing as the guitar resonates out like a papal church bell & the vibrations of that resonation go aggressively both ways & therefore gets intimate with whatever body part the guitar happens to be up against when struck, just wonderful! …… I didn’t even realize it had a built in tuner until days after I got it home …. Once I caught the nuances of this tuner by using it in tandem with my fave clip on, I realized this tuner also rocks ….. & I haven’t even taken the time to put my fave strings on it yet ……

I know for a fact my appreciation for this guitar, as well as your vital role in my acquiring it, is just beginning ……

Thank You, Sincerely,