My name is Joe from East Islip and I wanted to take a moment to commend the superb and personal service I have received several times from your guitar sales rep Joe. I have made several guitar purchases over the years at your location and on at least 2, possibly 3 occasions, I was assisted by Joe. How lucky was I. Joe has a very good skill set that makes me feel comfortable and not pressured in any way. He also is extremely friendly and makes me feel his goal is to get me a deal I will be happy with. It’s guys like Joe that make me want to patronize a long standing franchise like Sam Ash. Of course I have made purchases at competitors or yours but I always feel like they could take me or leave me. Music is something people are passionate about, whether you are a pro or a person who plays as a hobby like myself. But one thing any customer appreciates is having a guy like Joe who goes out of his way to make you feel like you are his priority. Please thank Joe for a job well done, again, and I look forward to returning to your fine store soon.