My name is Christopher S, I worked with Sam Ash many years ago. Starting in Hempstead I remember being a Guitar salesman and seeing Jerry in the store often as his office was there, it was inspiring to see his passion in running the company. I worked in Huntington, Carle Place, Queens and finally NYC on 48th st with Bob Cappell. It was a great experience.

I left Sam Ash to pursue a technical career which lead me to a great position at Microsoft, I will always remember the great friends I worked with and felt that Sammy and Ritchie treated their employees well.

I have continued my relationship as a customer even though Guitar Center is much closer to my home, usually purchasing the guitars I couldn’t afford as a kid. Fender American strat, Gibson Les Paul std and Flying V and just recently a Martin D-35. I have many guitars on my list and plan to continue adding to my collection.

I just wanted to point out that if it weren’t for Freddy Giovanelli I would have spent my money elsewhere. He still treats his customers the way we did when I worked in the stores. I wish I could say the same for your Huntington Station store. My recent experience there was disappointing at best. I have come to realize that with competition, growth and ecommerce the store has lost its friendly approach to its loyal customers.

I am sad to say that I will not visit your Huntington Station store again after my experience purchasing the Martin D-35. I don’t hold every store responsible for the few unprofessional people however realistically Guitar Center is near my home. I may still reach out to Freddy in the future.