I would like to take a minute to thank your staff at the Amity Rd New Haven store for all their help in selecting a guitar this month. I have been a long time Sam Ash customer and have owned pretty much every make and model electric out there including the very high end range and have been known to walk into a store and leave with a Gibson Les Paul Standard. I don’t play as regularly anymore and recently brought in a Epiphone Flying V for store trade after being treated as if I were bothering the assistant manager at the Orange Guitar Center. His condescending attitude resulted in a formal complaint with their corporate office. That said back over to Sam Ash. I was given a quite reasonable trade-in from Jordan and Bill who were quite pleasant to work with. The girl on the desk was also very nice – forgot name but it was a Saturday if that helps. I picked an Epiphone Les Paul as my trade only to realize after a week of playing it that the neck profile bothered the arthritis in my thumb. When I brought it back I was given full credit and finally settled on a Schecter which I am very pleased with. Bill and the team recognized that the long term relationship with the customer is the goal – not cheating them out of $100 like GC. Please take a minute to recognize the team on my behalf.