Hey y’all:

I was told by Atlanta store manager Mark Fannin that this email should go to the address I’ve used. However, I am not really sure who will be reading it. Nonetheless, I have recently had a very positive shopping experience that I want to document.

I am a 68 year old white guy from Augusta, GA. I play guitar, my wife plays keys. We have been in bands together for 25+ years, but pretty much retired in 2004. This summer my most successful band, Johnny Hensley and the Red Hots, was to celebrate its 55th year with a reunion concert supporting Press On, cancer research for children. The band was founded in 1958; I joined the band in 1976, my wife in 1993. I was not going to trust our Kurzweil PC88MX to this big show.

I dropped my decades long subscription to Keyboard Magazine maybe 10 years ago, but I remembered that Nord had received high reviews. I wanted to make sure we could audition one, along with the usual suspects from Roland, Yamaha, Korg, and even Casio. I went online in search of dealers to see who might have a Nord Piano 2 HA88. I made some phone calls, all to Atlanta dealers. I might mention here that John Bond at Ken Stanton and I have a very good relationship, but there are no Nords there.

When I called Sam Ash in Atlanta and asked for a salesperson in Pro Keyboards, I was lucky enough to talk to T. This was on Friday June 27. On the way to Atlanta on Tuesday, July 1, I called Sam Ash Atlanta to tell T we were on the way. When I got there T, now known to me as Talib Shabazz, was superb. He escorted my wife to every pro and semi-pro keyboard in stock. He was patient with the somewhat elderly people that my wife and I have become. He helped us properly audition the Nord product in stock, a Stage 2 as I recall. My wife chose the Nord, based on Key action and the assurance that the Piano 2 HA88 would have the same action and the same sounds we wanted (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Steinway, Honer Clavinet, full orchestral strings) as found on the Stage 2. We were assured that a Piano 2 HA88 could be drop shipped to Augusta in just a couple of days. OK, Sold! Transaction completed, great customer service, two happy hours for me and my wife. The Keyboard was in our home by Thursday (maybe Friday). It is a superb product. Way to go T!

But wait, there is more.

It turns out that after I had called Talib on the way to Atlanta, he received word that his storage unit had been broken into. I found out later (I am now a repeat customer) that there were some priceless pieces of memorabilia in that unit. I am so amazed that Talib stayed in the store until my wife and I arrived, and was so cool and patient with us. He must have been churning inside, yet he was giving the greatest customer service to my wife. Unbelievable.

That is the story. Thanks for taking it in. You have a winner in Talib Shabazz at Sam Ash in Atlanta.