Hey Mr. Ash,

So I wanted to take some time to tell you about Danny and Jeremy, my guitar guys at your Ontario, California store. These guys are awesome. First my story:

One evening I stopped by the store and ended up picking up a guitar from Jeremy. I let him know I was a little worried about running it through my rig at home, and not liking the sound. He informed me of your 30 day return policy…and sure enough it didn’t sound like I wanted outta my amp. I brought it back and without question, Danny Rivera took it back…but not without asking what I really wanted. I told him I wanted a EVH Wolfgang Special but they never had them in the store. He said I should go with what I want but we’d have to special order…which we did. He called me regularly letting me know when my dream guitar would arrive. When it did arrive, he had it teched up and ready for me. And last night, my wife said I could get a new guitar for my birthday, so after taking a spin through the internet looking at stratocasters I settled on one I liked. But my first call was to Danny. He looked up what I wanted and found one left in Tampa. He put it on hold for me, and took care of me from beginning to end. It meant a lot having a guy know who I was even after a couple of months, and bust his ass to take care of me. That’s the sort of thing that makes me say “Guitar Center who?”

Truth is, Mr. Ash. There are still people who want to talk to other people when buying things. There are a hundred places I could have bought a Fender Strat from, but excellent salespeople like Danny and Jeremy make you return to your favorite shopping places. Sam Ash Ontario is almost a 45 minute drive for me…and there is a Guitar Center about 5 minutes from my home. But Danny and his staff make me feel that I have a friend in the biz. And they’ll take care of me when I need it. As you know, relationships in business often edge out over bottom line at times. That said. The strat I bought was a closeout and I saved a ton of money. Icing on the cake.

I salute you and your staff. I appreciate family business that respect the customer and put emphasis on the relationships.

Thought you should know. You oughta give those two guys a raise…thanks for your time.