Hey Luis,

it was great to see you again today. Bumping into you was a real pleasure, as usual.
I’ve been out the music game for awhile, but now that I’m diving in again, it’s great to see you and the always awesome Sam Ash drum department keeping the quality high in service and product.
I just bought my first dbl bass pedal today (finally!) On Wednesday, your salesman Mr. McClintock helped me go through all the options and answered all my questions with confidence. I was nervous to be dropping the cash I was planning on dropping on the pedal (DW 9002) and did a lot of research and had a ton of questions. Xxx set me up to me try out all the pedals I had in mind, took the time needed to answer any and all questions, and really made the experience painless and fun. I havent been inspired and exciting to play for awhile, but your crew really went above and beyond to get me there.
Just wanted to say thanks and see you soon. Be well, man.