I was at the above mentioned Sam Ash store last night with my 15 year old son. He wanted a Launch Pad for his Christmas present.

We were helped by a very nice young man named Phillip Walker. He took the time to really explain the capabilities of the Launch Pad, how it works, and even plugged it into the system they have in the store and showed him the steps.

I was going to buy the mini, but ended up purchasing the larger one. Not because of Phil’s “sales pitch” but because he really cared about my son’s interest in music, and what he wanted to accomplish with the purchase. He stayed with us through this whole process from taking it out of the case, to the actual purchase at the register. He even explained the very large sound boards that are for sale when my son asked how you know what each of the knobs does, explaining the difference between those boards and how a lot of people are going to digital.

It was a most pleasent experience shopping this close to Christmas, finding exactly what my son wanted, and the big smile on his face all the way home with it in his lap.

My son has had a rough year. Our family dynamic has changed drastically, so I like to call out positive male role models when I see them. I don’t know Phil personally, but as an employee, you’ve got a great one in your store here in Richmond, Virginia.

I would highly recommend Sam Ash to anyone.

Thank you for your time,