I’m writing today to honor the amazing customer service support of your team member Ben Perman, of the Margate, Fl store. He has re-written what it is to go above and beyond for your customer. His outstanding service is the sole reason I am a customer of Sam Ash. Although Sam Ash has treated me fairly, and I have seen first hand corporate response to a prior email of mine which is a very rare thing, I do have to say if Ben ever decides to move on from your company my business will follow suit. He is THAT good. I don’t ever write these types of emails to any other company because no one gives me the opportunity. Ben gives me a lasting good impression, and experience. I always leave with more knowledge than when I entered. Finally, he doesn’t stop taking the time until all my questions are answered, and I’m 100% satisfied with my purchase. I work in retail sales, and I know what its like to deal with the customer. This is why I am compelled to commend Ben Perman for his service.

Thank you