My name is Ben. I’ve been shopping at the Lyndhurst, OH location for about 10 years now. I finally had to sit down and write about my amazing experiences. First of all, I LOVE that you guys have sent out the $30.00 gift cards for spending $500.00. Although that’s a steep price to spend, giving back to your customers is a GREAT way to show appreciation. Whether it will be used for strings, maintenance, or a down payment on gear or an instrument, that’s amazing that you guys are giving back. While shopping, I’ve always been helped by an associate very swiftly, and they’ve always been more of a friend than a salesman. As a hungry musician, I’m always learning things from the associates in all the different departments. I’ve shopped at Guitar Center down the road a few times, and their customer service was TERRIBLE and I dealt with complete imbeciles who had no idea what they were talking about. I’ve always had very positive and inviting experiences at your Lyndhurst location.

Secondly, I want to give a special compliment to Senior Department Manager Steve Work(Sheet Music, Band & Orchestral). I can always find him somewhere in the store, and he is always willing to help me out no matter what he’s doing(except when he’s helping another customer obviously). The amount of knowledge and versatility with music that he possesses is AMAZING. Everything from electronics, to help with my upright bass, he keeps up with me no problem. He even helped me pick out a violin at my last visit, and had no hesitation to explain perfect fifths to me. He always has a smile on his face, and shakes my hand at greeting and departure. Steve always goes above and beyond for me. This guy deserves nothing but the best.

Other notable employee mentions are Dane Whalen and Tim(can’t remember his last name but he is in band and orchestra and electronics?). Dane has always helped me in my technical difficulties with the recording software Reason. As a guy who has only played instruments throughout the past ten years, Reason was a little overwhelming for me at first. Dane helped to guide me in a good direction within Reason, but also helped with hardware issues I was having. Very knowledgeable and made my experiences with Reason 8 that much easier. Tim seemed to be a new employee but helped me set up some of my microphones through an interface. I had issues connecting my piano, and he effortlessly picked out a few cords and told me to run it through my interface. Problem solved immediately! Both of these employees are very friendly and are quick to recognize me, and shake my hand at entrance and departure.

I will continue to shop with Sam Ash, and will not go anywhere else. I recommend Sam Ash to all my friends and musical acquaintances. Just wanted to let you know about my amazing experiences with not only the above mentioned employees, but also with EVERYONE(Yes, everyone) in the store.

Thanks for your time,